#6Degrees — What I Loved to …


This month we are starting with the book What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt.


So, this book.  The author’s name is Siri Hustvedt. I’m no apple user, but I’m sorry, Siri only suggests one thing to me: invasive robots who will eventually control everything we do. The Rise of the Machines has to start somewhere, right?


Obviously, Siri is the direct progenitor of Skynet, everyone’s favorite psycho-killer AI. Rise of the Machines gave us more details than we cared for about that. This book was written by David Hagberg. All I can see in his name is “HAG”.

howlsmovingcastle (Custom)

Sophie, the main character in Howl’s Moving Castle, is turned into a hag by a jealous witch. Sophie is a real trooper though and doesn’t let her circumstances get her down. She’s no crybaby! You know who IS a crybaby though?

attackoftheclones (Custom)

“Wah”nakin Sky”Wah”lker is the universe’s biggest crybaby. In Attack of the Clones it seemed impossible for Darth Vader, the meanest, most bad-ass villain ever, to have come from this pile of pustulent poo. However, George Lucas waved his magic hand and “made it so”. George is hard on franchises.


Willow was a fun movie, but this sequel in book form, Shadow Moon, which has George’s name PLASTERED all over it, was bad enough that I stopped at page 3. The knight on the cover is pretty cool looking though. A Knight who isn’t cool is John Ross.

knightoftheword (Custom)

John Ross is A Knight of the Word. What that means is that he eats whatever shit is given him with a little sad face and then asks for more. This series, The Word and the Void, showcases the absolute worst of the philosophy of Dualism. Ross is no hero.

onceahero1 (Custom)

Once A Hero. I think the title speaks why I chose this.  While Esmay doesn’t think she’s a hero, that doesn’t stop her from acting like one.

And that is how you go from What I Loved to Once A Hero in 6 easy steps!

If you’d like to participate in the #6degrees series of posts, head over to #6Degrees Meme to find out the starting point for each month. They’re not always punctual, so sometimes you have to wait until a week into the month.

bookstooge (Custom)

49 thoughts on “#6Degrees — What I Loved to …

        1. Cyborg’s are the melding of man and machine. Since I’m one of the beginning units, but not the first, I figured it would be a bit arrogant to call myself Number 1 Cyborg
          😀 😀 😀 😀

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          1. I’m getting a retinal scanner that uploads 700 pages novels to my brain, then my war on the illiterate will begin. Will head back in time to stop tv and cinema from being invented, and booklovers will rule with an iron robotic fist! Call me T-2000, that’s my Dewey Decimal number!

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            1. Yeah, but if you put yourself out of a job, then we’ll never have met and then this whole idea won’t have happened and PARADOX!

              you’ll somehow become your own great-great-great grandfather. Time travel is just bad stuff…

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    1. I suspect part of my issues with that book was that it WAS book 5 (or whatever) of a larger series, even while being Book 1 of the specific character? I hate when authors’ universes get so big that that happens. Unless I happen to love the universe of course, hahahahaha 😀

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  1. This tag was a lot of fun to read. It remind me of the wikipedia game we used to play when in school. There were several versions but in general six clicks from one random item to another one. Strangely, it often worked.

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    1. I saw someone who would occasionally do this tag on their blog and I enjoyed reading it so much that I started doing it and I enjoyed doing it so much that I made it a monthly part of my blogging.

      Plus, it helps me to get old reviews into their posts 😀

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        1. I have to admit, while not as disappointed as I was about Genysis, I enjoyed Salvation more. John Connor is fated to destroy Skynet. Changing that was more than I wanted to deal with in the franchise.


          1. I don’t rembember much about Salvation, but I was disappointed by Christian Bale, and iirc I also I thought the story didn’t really fit with T1 & T2 storylines, but I forgot the details. It did have some really cool scenes though. Genysis was abysmal.

            What I like about Dark Fate is simply that’s it’s a good old fashioned action movie, without a lot of stuff in the future. I really like the original Terminator concept: a few guys on the run from a future robot in the present. Dark Fate restores that. That’s what I also liked about the series. I also think it’s nice it’s a sequel to T2, my favorite in the series.

            I agree the “new John Connor” in Dark Fate did not convince. She has practically no back story, and her transformation from a girl next door to resistance leader is unbelievable. But all things considered, that was the movies only weak point, and it didn’t outweigh all the positives.

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            1. I’ve read enough various Terminator books (novels and comics) that I have almost zero thoughts about everything fitting together. Time travel just screws up everything and I count on that 😀
              It is probably why I liked the Sarah Connor Chronicles tv show so much.

              I only liked Skynet taking a human form about Genysis. Other than that, I just wasn’t a fan. I think I liked Salvation because it was the future and everything, all the timey wimey issues in the past, were done.

              With your explanation, I can see why you liked Dark Fate so much. I just couldn’t get past John’s death and the profanity. Also, without Schwarzenegger and Hamilton, that movie would have been practically a B- movie in terms of acting. And don’t get me started on the “new” terminator. He was as scary as a bowl of fruitloops *eye roll*

              So we’ll just have to agree to disagree about it’s qualities. I am glad you enjoyed it, because I thought Genysis was going to be the death of the franchise. The next movie needs something iconic to happen, to tie a young actor into a role that they can potentially use for years. Like Schwarzenegger has done.

              If you ever feel the need for more Terminator, the T2 series by SM Stirling has been my favorite Terminator read to date. Don’t get it confused with the Terminator 2: the New John Connor Chronicles though.

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              1. I don’t remember a thing about the series, except that I liked it a lot and was sad that they cancelled it.

                You are right about Salvation: it was nice to see the future as fact, but it didn’t fully convince for other reasons. Still enjoyable for sure.

                I agree on the acting. As I said, Joanna Connor didn’t convince. Maybe with a bit of better backstory and a better actress, you could’ve gotten over John’s death. I did like the concept of the new Terminator though, but the actor wasn’t good at all. Hard living up to Robert Patrick, I guess.

                You’re right about the next one: Hamilton & Arnold need replacement as icons. Maybe those icon days are simply over. Could happen though, but I guess they need more money then, for overal better actors, and a script that goes beyond cheesy Marvelish action pulp littered with plotholes. Nothing wrong with a one line joke now and then, but the foundation needs to be much more.

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                1. SCC: I couldn’t believe they ended the series where they did. It did teach me a valuable lesson about how tv shows work, ie, don’t expect anything 😦

                  In regards to the new terminator and Patrick, it made me realize that Patrick was not physically intimidating like Schwarzenegger had been, but my goodness, his “presence”? He was a bad guy and a bad ass and you never doubted it for an instance. I don’t know enough about movies to be able to tell if the new guys problems were because of himself, or if that was the way the director made it happen. Even the terminators in SCC were scarier than him though.

                  I don’t know if a movie franchise can survive as a franchise without some iconic characters. Even Transformers had that stupid kid and then Wahlberg. I mean, who even remembers Bumblebee (the movie)?

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    1. I just have so much fun doing these. I don’t know why, but I enjoy both reading them and doing them. If you do start doing them, just be aware that it takes a bit of work.


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