Record of Lodoss War OVA (1990 Anime)

lodosswarFor those who don’t know, OVA stand for Original Video Animation. It is shorthand for “not quite a full length series” and may consist of either 13 episodes (just like the Tenchi OVA) or 2-5 episodes that are longer in length. 

The Lodoss OVA follows the adventures of Parn, Deedlit, Etoh, Slayne, Ghim and Woodchuck. The first couple of episodes deal with them trying to stop Emperor Beld from conquering Lodoss. Once that is accomplished they must next rescue Deedlit, who has been kidnapped by the wizard Wagnard. Deedlit is a High Elf and has eternal life. Wagnard wants to use said life to resurrect and control a slain dark goddess of destruction. Former allies of Beld help the group. In the end Deedlit and Parn ride off into the sunset to have more adventures and to create their own legend.

Much like the manga, I came away from this viewing realizing that I had gone past it. I was now the master and the anime was the student.

It also didn’t help one bit that the anime episodes weren’t linear for the first several and we’re bounced around a lot, trying to figure out WHEN we are. It isn’t until the 4th episode that things settle down. I remember it confusing me when I first watched it and it still confused me this time around.

Also just like in the manga, the romance between Deedlit and Parn is understated way more than I had remembered. Turns out that every “romantic” bit was in the opening and closing songs. I did a Music Monday post for those last week but didn’t want to talk about them until I was writing about the anime itself. The songs are sickeningly saccharine sweet. Yet even now they make me go “Yes, that is what I want”. Weird huh? They appear to be from Deedlit’s view and talk about wanting to be loved and cherished. As a man, wanting to encompass, protect and love slots right into that. To a 20’s something single guy with a broken heart, it was the Song of the Siren, ie, irresistible.

I watched this with the english dub and it was pretty bad. There was a reason a lot of early anime viewers preferred to watch stuff sub-titled.

Once I had watched this OVA back in the day, I went on to buy the Chronicles of the Heroic Knight series, the Legend of Crystania movie (it deals with Ashram and Pirotess, badguys turned good from Lodoss) and Legend of Crystania: The Chaos Ring OVA. I don’t remember much, but considering I thought the Lodoss OVA was the cream of the crop, I think I’m going to pass on watching them again. I also ended up buying 2 cloth wall scrolls and several of the OST’s (original sound tracks).

Now that I’ve watched 4 different seasons of various anime this month, I am left wondering, what do I do with the stuff I don’t care for any more? Most anime is a younger person’s game and I doubt the stuff I own that I don’t want would appeal to a younger group of people. It would appear that my options are either to try to sell them dirt cheap on Craigslist or to donate them to the library. This is why I am collecting less and less “stuff” the older I get.

22 thoughts on “Record of Lodoss War OVA (1990 Anime)

    1. Poster sized and I’d say about the same vividness as a poster. However, I like the plastic sheathing on the top and bottom (for weight purposes), as it also gives it a different stylistic look from a poster. Also a lot more durable, as you don’t have to worry about tearing a corner or accidentally ripping it 🙂

      The only downside, imo, is that there is usually a cord on the top plastic sheathing to hang it by and that forces you to take up extra vertical space on the wall, unlike a poster where you can pin it right at the corners.

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        1. Sure. Let me go find a McDonalds wrapper and I’ll staple that to it. That’s pretty authentic 🙂

          I don’t even know where you’d buy wallscrolls today. I haven’t bought any since ’06, so I don’t even know if the place I bought them from online even exists anymore.

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              1. The poorhouse beckons? Why no, I’ll be your anonymous Dickensian benefactor, and will send you a monthly cheque for ten guineas until you are back on your feet! Will that not bring a smile to your countenance?

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                1. 10 guineas? Dude, what century are you living in? And I’ll take a lump sum all at once. I’m thinking a cool 10million dollars, american, should about do it.

                  somehow, with just 10mil, I’m sure we could avoid the poorhouse 😀

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  1. Just started playing a Dragon ball PS4 game and that’s made me hunger for more anime. Now seeing you make a post about anime has me wanting it even more.

    I think I’m going to dedicate a few days a week to a bit of anime 🙂

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    1. I don’t think this was ever on tv in the west. I’m pretty sure it went straight to video. I think it was on tv only in Japan and to be honest, I’m not even sure of that! 😀

      Anime is a weird beast and the further you go back in time, the odder it can be 🙂

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