Big O, Season 2 (2003 Anime)

51x0ze2cd6l Big O, season 2, is where things get REALLY weird. Season 1 was all about meeting the characters and finding out the mystery of Paradigm City. Season 2 is trying to make sense of the amnesiac state of everyone and what the future holds.

While power plays are exposed left and right by various high officials and new megadeus are revealed like candy in a five and dime store, it all comes down to the fact that Paradigm City is a virtual reality and in the end is reset. But we never find out why it was created, or who actually created it  or what its purpose might have been.


mystery-clipart-question-mark-17-transparent (Medium)

Back when I first started watching anime, I enjoyed mystery, unanswered questions,  unresolved situations. It provided for an incalculable amount of speculation fodder. I’m no longer in that place and questions put forth simply to confusticate no longer amuse me, but annoy me instead.  And this whole season was trying to be one mind bender after another. It would have been simpler to just use the followering on yourself. With about the same results is my guess.

The “Mind Bender!”

The other change, in myself that translated to not enjoying this as much, was the almost unstated romantic angle between Roger Smith and R. Dorothy Wainwright.  As a single guy in his 20’s, this “destiny” between 2 disparate entities was something that spoke to my very essence. Yeah, I was one of those “romantics” as a young man. I never descended to writing bad poetry, but it was a close thing at times, hahahahaa. Now, viewing things from the other end of the telescope, it came across as heavy handed and about as subtle as a baseball bat to the kneecaps.



Other than those 2 issues, this was still a fantastic watch.  The various battles between the megadeus was everything you could ask for in a mech battle.  The animation is as slick as the first season and from my casual watch, I couldn’t tell that 4 years had passed between seasons.

While I didn’t feel awash in confusion, or that I had wasted my time, I have to admit that I’m not sure I’ll ever watch it again. A very different reaction from my watch of Season 1, that is for sure. Upon this re-watch, I have to say that I think if season 1 had ended things, we’d all be better off.

Crap man, I’m watching my 20’s really slipping away. This gets a solid thumbs sideways 😉





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37 thoughts on “Big O, Season 2 (2003 Anime)

    1. Nope, even back then I knew it was rubbish and would toss it as soon as the mood had passed. I’m sure there is some in my old journals, but I’m not digging through 14+ volumes to look for that 😀

      It was really bad, Bonnie Prince. No one should have to suffer through it, even in jest 😀

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        1. Well, is you use the phrases “agonies of the mind”, “constant heart” and “eternal, unchangeable love”, that should be enough to get the gist of things 😀 Make it as sappy as possible and voila!

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          1. ‘This statue commemorates the living legend of Lord Bookstooge, a man who suffered the agonies of the mind with constant heart, may his words ring through the ages as a monument to enter all unchangeable love’. I’ll get a price from my local engraver.

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            1. Engraving stone is expensive! We have a granite monument place down the road from us that does gravestones and man, I had no idea how much it cost.

              It definitely helped us decide that creamation (with a scoop of sugar, mind you!) is the way for us.

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                1. I’ll try to hang on *coughs weakly* but Lord knows, it’s hard.
                  If I can just make it to New Constitution Day, then I can pass on happy, knowing we made the world a better place…

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                    1. How long did it take them to knock up the old constitution? We could do one on PowerPoint to make it easy for people to digest. Maybe with a pic of Linda Hamilton with big hair, something people can relate to.

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                    2. That is a good question. I’m going to be doing an Old Constitution Day on the 17th, so I might look into the history of it’s creation. I’m pretty sure it took months.
                      But we’re such obviously brainy fellows that I don’t see why we couldn’t knock it out of the park in just a couple of days. With your ideas from the Independence Day post, I’d say we’re sitting pretty.

                      I’d like to try to bring Big Hair back all by myself, but what with having a shaved head, I’m afraid I’m not quite the poster boy for that cause…

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                    3. Ok, we’ll organise wigs and be ready for All-New Constitution Day; I figue we should add ‘all new’ in case people think we’re just ripping off the old one. This one will be entirely of our own composition; no-one will be hung up on the old constitution when they get a load of our new-fangled one!

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                    4. Hmmm, what else is new-fangled that we could work into it?
                      I’m wondering about vcr’s. Those babies are going to revolutionize the movie industry. Or pogs. I’ve bet the farm on pogs becoming the next big collectible thing…

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                    5. VCRs! Yes! That kind of cutting edge tech would dazzle our readers! And it goes without saying that Pogs would be essential to our credibility moving forward. Maybe pagers as well, to show we have the comms angle covered. Let’s face it, the old constitution has none of these innovations, we’re winning already!

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                    6. Pagers. Wow, we ARE on the cutting edge, aren’t we? This is why a collaboration is good, pagers are just too new for to have run across my radar yet.

                      I bet ol’ George Washington wished HE’D had a pager….

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                    7. I’m getting pretty excited about this. I guess my last remaining question is, do we want our new country to have a new, or should we leave it blank, so if we change our mind we can fill it in later?

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                    8. A new name!? Perhaps. Look, if we’re stuck, we can just photocopy the old one, score out some of the boring bits, add references to Airwolf and pogs, and then unleash it on the world! I’m putting ‘writer of the constitution’ on my next resume, and so should you! It’s money in the bank…

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  1. I used to write bad poetry. I think I’m still a fairly romantic fool. I said goodbye to my twenties many years ago 😲 “Subtle as a baseball bat to the knees” 😂 I like that.

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    1. I think a lot of men have a streak of hidden romanticism. And as teens it needs some sort of outlet. While I “did” write some stuff, I also realized even back then that poetry just wasn’t my thing.

      I wish I could claim that phrase was my own, but I’m 99% sure I heard it somewhere else and appropriated it for my own uses 🙂

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    1. I don’t really know. I’ve never rated the movies I’ve watched (as I always wanted my movie posts to be different from my book reviews, even as they morph into them, sigh) but I saw the symbols over on IrresponsibleReader’s site and liked the look of them.
      If I do continue to use them, I’m definitely going to be shrinking them. That is just too in your face…

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      1. They are definitely noticeable 😂 but it’s a cool rating for a re-watch, just a quick score on whether you liked it, and whether your opinion changed – it’s got my approval (not that you need it)! 🤣

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        1. whenever a graphic is bigger than my end of post self-portrait, I begin to wonder who’s more important on this blog, the picture, or me?

          I appreciate your approval, as I’m sure you know I really do suffer from a lack of opinionatedness and confidence. I’m just a wee little field mouse trying to survive the big bad online world filled with eagles and owls and lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


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  2. On the main cover there seems to be a guy who has a design VERY similar to Joker, does he also act like him??? This really does seem to draw a lot of inspiration from Batman hahahah Still sounds solid enough to try someday. Is there a third season or an OVA you plan on watching next? 😮

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    1. Yes, I’d say that character was definitely heavy on the Joker vibe. He’s an insane killer who ends up seriously over-reaching himself though, so unlike the Joker, he gets what he deserves 😀

      After season 2, there is only the 6 volume manga series. It wasn’t popular enough here in NorAm nor in Japan to warrant any more investment…

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