33 thoughts on “A Quote from: War in Heaven

  1. Don’t think that it’s great, sorry. Could have been “The sun was shining through the window but didn’t warm up anyone but the corpse” or any similar description which doesn’t bring anything new beside of adding a corpse to the scene and a small bit of urgency.

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    1. My feelings are hurt! 😉

      hahahahaa. Quotes are a very personal kind of post. 99% of the time, whenever someone does a quote post, it is because it touches them. Very rarely do people do quote posts to impress others.

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    2. I do like it, Bookstooge 🙂 but Andreas is right, it doesn’t say anything but ‘there’s a corpse’. Yet maybe that’s all that’s needed for a first line?

      But then again, it does offer the info at least one person doesn’t know the corpse is there: the caller

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    1. Nothing springs to mind, but I am sure it has happened. Of course, with something being that quick, I’m not sure I’d even count it as being dnf’d.
      I have been turned off by first lines, that is for sure. And it usually sets the tone for the rest of the book…

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    1. Thank you. After all the doubting Thomases above 😉

      If you ever did check it out, I’d be interested what you make of his extreme (imo) mystical Christianity, coming from your thoroughly Reformed perspective.


    1. Hey Aditi,
      just as a bit of blog etiquette, most bloggers frown up going up to random bloggers and asking them to follow you. It is kind of like going up to total strangers in real life and asking them to come over to your house.

      Thank you for the follow though and I hope you stick around. Best of luck on your new blog…


      1. Hey Bookstooge,
        Yes I understand that and that’s exactly why I didn’t ask for you or anyone else to follow me, I just simply asked for them to check out my site.

        Thank you so much for your views though. I really appreciate it 😊

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