The Complete Dreamsongs ★★☆☆½

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Title: The Complete Dreamsongs
Author: George Martin
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SFF
Pages: 1146
Words: 494K



Combining Dreamsongs I and Dreamsongs II into one omnibus, this collects the majority of Martin’s short stories from the beginning of his career to its publication date in either 2003 or 2006.


My Thoughts:

I really liked how Martin talked about the stage of his life when he wrote each story. It gave some background and made him a person. Even in his own words he comes across as an arrogant jackass and anyone who thinks he’s going to finish Game of Thrones had better look at his own self-proclaimed track record. With that out of the way….

This was some of the best writing I have read in a while. Martin has talent and he’s spent the time honing his skill and it shows. Based on the writing alone, this deserves 5 stars. If you like good story TELLING, then you need to read this.

However, WHAT he writes about is what took this right down to its current rating. Almost every story is sad, melancholic, depressing, horrific or down right twisted. While Sandkings is a fantastic horrorific short story, 1100 pages of that kind of things wears you down. These stories also gave me vivid bad dreams, to the point where I stopped reading this in the evenings.

I read this in small doses (I started in mid-April) and I cannot imagine the affect of trying to read this straight through. I would not recommend that to anyone, no matter how much they might enjoy Martin’s writing. While I plan on re-reading Sandkings every decade or so, I think that will be the limit of my Martin reading. I will assiduously avoid all his others writings.



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56 thoughts on “The Complete Dreamsongs ★★☆☆½

  1. Reading the comments abobve, but I don’t think I would have the patience to take on one story at a time; I wouldn’t be able to stop myself binge-reading them. Wonder why there’s such a gap between style and content here?

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        1. Absolutely.

          The last time a book gave me bad dreams I was 5 or 6 and had gotten a picture book from the library that had a scary witch in it. I was up all night and kept my parents up too…

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    1. A story a day takes the boredom away, that’s my motto. I read just one story and have a main read additionally. Otherwise, I tend to forget the stories instantly and they wear me out. Libido Economy is a thing 😁

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      1. I forget almost all of what I read pretty quickly too. Hence why I review every book.
        I’ve thought about trying to do what you do with reviewing every story in collections, but I simply don’t care enough 😀

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        1. That’s true for some stories. But then, when I reread stories, I kind of discuss with my old self which is surprising quite often. It also helps to not rush through them and think a bit more which is sometimes worthwhile, especially with the better ones.

          But then again, it’s not everyone’s style and I just do what I do. Think of diversity in blogs 😁

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  2. Just two months ago, I read Sandking (as part of Dozois‘s ultimate best of anthology). I‘m glad that it was mixed with other stories of different authors because I hate horror. But THIS story is just great, from a literary point of view but also from its characterization and plot arc. I think it is a must read and not totally deep into horror. Can’t say much about the other stories, though. My review of sandkings is here:

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        1. Yeah, I received the same comment on 2 out of my 3 whole blog posts, despite that those posts are from late 2016 and there’s a rather clear indicator at the top of my page that I don’t have an active blog here.

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          1. You can always tell when a blogger is desperate for attention, young or trying to monetize their blog or some combination *eye roll*

            I just prune my followers each month so it doesn’t bug me 😀 ….. as much, ha.

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              1. Yeah, I had a quick look too. I also saw the same comment on a few of the blogs we interact with regularly.
                Btw, if someone follows your blog do you usually return the follow? Commonalities or not?

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                1. That sounds like someone trying to jumpstart their blog again :-/

                  I hardly ever follow back. I NEVER auto follow back. And even once I start following someone, I reserve the right to unfollow for any reason whatsoever. Like is someone resorts to name calling in one of their posts about a serious issue (not in the funny way, you know what I mean?). A perfect example would be someone telling their readers that someone who does/doesn’t X, Y or Z is a dick head and an asshole. Because what if I do/don’t X, Y or Z? I get disagreeing with people, even very strongly. But insults of name calling show me that the person isn’t someone I want to associate with.

                  The flipside of that is that I don’t expect anyone to follow me just because I follow them. With my strong conservative Christian views, I know I hold opinions and beliefs that a lot of people don’t.

                  Wow, ended up writing a lot more than intended 😀

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        2. I figure politeness never hurts. Even if I never see the person again (I’d say that 3/4 or more of new followers fall into that category).

          I always check out people who follow me. 95 times out of 100 it doesn’t pan out.

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          1. I just went and looked again. The blogger has hundreds of likes/comments on their posts, so they appear to be simply dragging their net as wide as possible to get more followers.
            Thanks Wakizashi for making innocent little me into a hard, bitter cynical grump 😉

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  3. I think you liked the writing better than I did, but I only read “Part I” which had a lot of his earlier stuff. I imagine I might have liked Part II better. I did like several of the stories though, especially Sandkings! And that Monkey story (can’t remember the full title, but the bizarre diet story) has stuck with me.

    I agree with you that Martin’s personal background was interesting to read. I laughed about your first paragraph because I think I do remember reading in his personal background sections some comments about him having trouble finishing things!

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    1. I didn’t notice when it changed from I to II, so I don’t know that you would have liked Part II any better.

      That monkey diet one was grotesque! Sandkings was supposed to be the start of a 4 novella series about Wo and Shade, but obviously, that has never happened. To bad, because that is just an awesome story on so many levels.

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        1. But Jordan had the ending written down from the beginning. I highly doubt Martin knows his ending :-/

          So while Jordan dying was a setback, it wasn’t the end. If Martin died tomorrow, the books would never get written and everyone would just accept the tv show as the ending. Which is what I think most people are doing anyway 😀

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  4. I had a friend who loved Game of Thrones (the books) recommend Martin’s writing to me… until she found out that I like hopeful — or at least not constantly depressing — stories. Then she told me that I should just read the Wikipedia synopsis instead of Martin’s actual works. Thanks for the confirmation on that. 😉

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    1. I haven’t touched the GoT books and never plan too, even if they do get completed. Nothing I’ve heard about them endears them to me and after reading these short stories, there is no way I’d read a monster series by Martin :-/

      Glad you dodged that bullet.


    1. Thanks for letting me know. I would ask that you remove the reblog as after I browsed your site you appear to have some adult content that I don’t wish to have associated with my name or site.

      Thank you.


  5. I’ve loved the ASOI&F books-I like the humour in amongst the betrayals and deaths! I’m beyond irritated waiting for The Winds of Winter. I don’t ever think we’ll see the final book and that really bugs me!

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  6. Well, knowing GRRM it’s no surprise that his stories are not exactly a boatload of fun! 😀 Still, I enjoyed most of the stories – not all of them – and also the personal snippets that Martin shared along the way. And since I came to own these two books after listening to some of the stories narrated by the awesome Claudia Black, they will remain in the 4-star range for me… 😉

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  7. Hmm, good to know that the overall tone is downbeat. I have the first volume of Dreamsongs kicking around somewhere … I’ll remember to take the stories a couple at a time when I get round to it. Thank you! 🙂

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  8. haha love your opening paragraph to your review! I don’t know if GRRM might complete GOT- although with lockdown he might have been forced to- but also given how rubbish the conclusion to the tv series is- and that the worst bits were confirmed as GRRM’s intentions- I’m not sure I care anymore. Part of my problem is how depressing (and in my opinion nihilistic) he tends to be. I think I’m going to limit my GRRM reading too.

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    1. You nailed him with the words “pessimistic” and “nihilistic”. Most of these stories fall into those categories perfectly.

      I think a lot of fans of GoT are starting to stop caring as well. I feel bad for them but I don’t see martin caring or doing anything about it.


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