June ’20 Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

Books – 11

Pages – 4912

Words – 1337.5K

Average Rating – 3.64


The Less Good:

In all honesty, I can’t even call these mediocre, because they weren’t. They just weren’t as good as the rest of the books I read this month.  Which is a fantastic problem to have!

Harrigan – 3 Stars

Sabbat Martyr – 3 Stars


The Good:

Princeps’ Fury – 5 Stars

Gulag Archipelago – 4 Stars



Karas left me reeling like an amnesiac drunk in a hurricane. I simply had no clue what was going on in that anime and had to wonder why I ever picked it up back in the day.  Not a good experience.


Miscellaneous Posts:

Once again, I’ll just bullet point these if you happened to miss any during the month.



Summer is here.  Which means it has been getting into the 90’s. All I can say is thank goodness for central air and air conditioning!

Church is back open but I’d estimate about half the people aren’t comfortable coming back yet and so have still been watching on facebook livestream.

Our bluray player got stuck in an on/off cycle that put the kibosh on using it. Thankfully, it was cheap enough to pick up another one at Target, so my anime watching plans didn’t go off the rails.

WordPress has pulled back from forcing everyone to switch to the new block editor until at least 2021.  I remain pessimistic though 😦


Plans for Next Month:

Hoping to take a vacation at the end of July, beginning of August,  so not exactly sure how that will impact the blog.  Probably hardly at all for July. I suspect August will be where things might get off the rails. Or I end up doing such an excellent job of scheduling things that nobody ever notices. But who believes in best case scenarios?

I am planning on making Sundays all about anime that I really hope turn out better than Karas. If it works out well for me, I might try to do more in future months. Problem is, anime series are just that, series. Consisting of 6-26 episodes, they are much more of a time commitment than a single movie. So I guess July will be another experiment on my part. If it ends up impinging on my reading time, then forget about it. But if I can fit it in where I would normally watch amazon prime or something, then sure.

See you all tomorrow!


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47 thoughts on “June ’20 Roundup & Ramblings

  1. 11 books in a month is quite heavy.
    I‘m currently on vacation and things are going very well. Breakfast organization in hotel is quite different than usual, but nonetheless very good. I hope that the cleaning habits will stay after COVID-19, I like my seat and table scrubbed and desinfected thoroughly. There are currently zero sick people in this state, so I feel safe enough.
    Hope it gets better in the U.S. but it seems to be the other way round there. Stay safe, stay home!

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    1. Low double digits are my goal each month, so I’m pretty happy with that number too.

      That’s the problem with the draconean lockdown we’ve had. Covid19 has to be dealt with and the best way is get people with antibodies. But you can’t get antibodies if you never get it. This has gone from “flattening the curve” to “prevention”, which is just not realistic. We’ll have to see how the rest of the year goes…

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  2. Congrats on another great reading month!

    I’ll second the thanks for air conditioning. I do like summer best though, mainly because I enjoy the longer sunlight and I enjoy being able to sit out on the deck comfortably and read. Comfortably when my west-ish facing deck isn’t being bombarded with direct sunlight, anyway.

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    1. Thanks. I’ve been VERY pleased these past couple of months at how my reading has turned out. Fingers crossed it keeps on staying good.

      We’re actually going to be visiting GA for our vacation. Part of that is so I can see just how hot/humid it gets around my folks place. Sadly, I suspect my northern blood can thin fast enough in one week 😀

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      1. I hope you have a great vacation! Are you flying or driving? As part of your scenic Georgia tour, I would recommend spending a few hours in the Atlanta area driving the major highways during rush hour. Either 7am-10am or 4pm-7pm should work. Unfortunately, I imagine you wouldn’t get the true picture right now since there are fewer of us commuting, but it took me long enough to get to the grocery store pickup I foolishly scheduled for 5pm today!

        It didn’t take me long after moving from Ohio to start moaning whenever temperatures reached a mere 50 or 60 degrees. A lot of it is clothing, though. In Ohio, I dressed more appropriately for the temperatures whereas here I usually don’t bother with layers and bulkier clothes, especially if I’m just running from my car to a building.

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  3. Dude, it snowed here yesterday.

    And I’m looking forward to Sunday anime. I’m curious to see what kinda anime you go for (it’s mostly late 80’s through early 00’s stuff for me). Also, I remain optimistic in your pessimism!

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    1. Really? Man, I would kill for some snow temps right about now.

      And I’m the same for the anime time frame. I got into anime in 2001 but was watching all the old stuff on toonami/cartoonnetwork and amassed a large collection of series by 2010, when I stopped being so hardcore into it.

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    1. Thanks! I’ve been wicked pleased with my average rating for the last couple of months. I guess I’m going to ride that train as long as I can.

      Most of the hard stuff is out of the way for our vacation. Now it is just incidentals like what places we will visit and stuff. Considering very little is actually open, well, that makes it even easier 😀

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  4. I think it’s fine for the way I write my review posts as a block is just a paragraph. It didn’t hinder me at all when using it. I just don’t see why they’d change it to something that’s so restrictive on most people. Makes no sense.


    1. Glad you enjoyed them.

      This weekend is Independence Day here in the US, so I have a long weekend and I’m hoping to read a bunch and get a bunch of posts scheduled for July. I suspect this month is going to fly by and my vacation will be here before I know it.

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        1. The guy who got me into scheduling recommended not posting for X amount of time and saving stuff. But to still write everything. Then after X has passed, post your already written stuff, but schedule it for a week in advance. That gives you a week buffer to start. Then you go from there. It really helped me and I’m usually at the 3week mark, which gives me plenty of time to deal with anything that life throws my way…

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  5. Well done on your June reads mate. Even though the WH novel got a 3, I still see it as a win especially coming from you. Good luck with July and does Sunday Anime mean we will see more Manga Monday posts as a result of it?

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    1. I’m seriously thinking about reading my Big O manga. I read it when I bought it but never recorded it, so while I remember not particularly enjoying it as much as the anime, I just don’t know.

      I do have 2 graphic novels lined up for mondays, so maybe the other two I’ll fill with manga. We’ll have to see. Not a bad idea…

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    1. Thanks 😀
      One thing about the new job is that it has forced me to pick my books a little more carefully, so my ratings have gone up. I’m ok with that 😀


  6. Ahhh a good ol’ fashioned Summer break sounds good. Hope you make the most of it. Looking forward to the Sunday Anime feature. It should be fun to see you react to the things you might have seen in the past with your new perception of life. 😀 Happy reading, good sir. May July be filled with excellent reads and shows!

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  7. Why can’t these blogging platforms just listen to the users? There has been a ton of negative feedback from users of WordPress and Blogger so they are both delaying when you have to switch over-but that is ‘still not listening’. If Blogger force the issue, I’ll just quit my blog and move operations over to full time on Goodreads or something.

    I could do with a holiday too! But the place we usually go is a beach resort that is already packed with people so I’m staying home a bit longer! I don’t see a holiday until next spring. I hope you enjoy your trip though!

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    1. I noticed that about Blogger too! Wish they’d just leave well enough alone.

      I think our vacation is going to be spent doing a lot of sitting around at my folks place 😀


    1. And blogger is trying to pull the same crap too, sigh.
      It seems like WP is abandoning the idea of being a platform for writers and to become a platform of mini-websites. I just don’t know and I need to stop worrying about it.
      Maybe 😉


      1. Oh dear! I don’t like that :/
        I guess I’d just try to roll with it if/when they do that… But I’m not happy about it. I’m just relieved it’s not happening for a while (I just don’t have the bandwidth to deal with learning how to use an entirely different system right now)

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