A Quote from: The Gulag Archipelago, Vol. 1 (5)

Shut your eyes, reader. Do you hear the thundering of wheels? Those are the Stolypin cars rolling on and on. Those are the red cows rolling. Every minute of the day. And every day of the year. And you can hear the water gurgling — those are prisoners’ barges moving on and on. And the motors of the Black Marias roar. They are arresting someone all the time, cramming him in somewhere, moving him about. And what is that hum you hear? The overcrowded cells of the transit prisons. And that cry? The complaints of those who have been plundered, raped, beaten to within an inch of their lives.

We have reviewed and considered all the methods of delivering prisoners, and we have found that they are all . . . worse. We have examined the transit prisons, but we have not found any that were good. And even the last human hope that there is something better ahead, that it will be better in camp, is a false hope.

In camp it will be . .. worse.

~ page 703

Talk about cheery stuff eh? I just got shivers reading that final sentence.

21 thoughts on “A Quote from: The Gulag Archipelago, Vol. 1 (5)

    1. When it comes to inspirational, uplifting, positive content, I deliver!

      I’m actually considering becoming one of those Inspirational Blogs who do nothing but spout nonsense and get a bajillion hits. Then I can leverage that into some serious money and become so rich that I can quit my job.

      Phhhhh, I don’t think I could live with myself if I turned my blog into something like that….

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  1. Reminds me of Corrie ten Boom’s The Hiding Place. After spending some months in jail and then being transferred from one holding camp to another, Corrie and Betsie kept telling themselves, “Things will be better when we get to Ravensbruck. There will be beds. We will be warmer.”

    He is right, it is such a human tendency to tell yourself that just to get to through what you are currently going through.

    I recently ordered this book, BTW. Can’t say I’m looking forward to reading it, but it is starting to seem extreeeemly relevant for some reason …

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