[Calibre] Word Count, Here I Come!



I use a free program called Calibre to manage all my ebooks. Not only does it manage my ebooks, but I also use it to store my reviews offline so I’m not dependent on the internet. The developer is a fantastic guy from India who is active, my age and has been going since 2008 or so. Which means there is very little chance of the program just suddenly stopping (barring him dying of course). Even then, I could export everything into a csv file and export it into a spreadsheet, so I’m covered even that way.

Not only does Kovid Goyal maintain the program, but it is open sourced and a lot of other fantastic people have written plugins that can enhance what Calibre can do. I use several plugins, one of them being the Page/Word count plugin. I’ve only been using the Page Count part of the plugin, to keep my numbers consistent but since I decided to start keeping track of words as well, I was using a combination of Kobo.com and Readinglength.com, completely forgetting that the second half of the Page Count Plugin was for WORDS.

Now there will be some internal consistency to my page and word count numbers. I highly doubt any of you will notice a change in my reviews but this is mainly for me anyway. Instead of some of the highly questionable “guestimates” based on audiobook length, etc, etc, I will have the same formula so when I compare Book A to Book B they are using the same metric and it has actual meaning. That “means” something to me, hahahaha.

If you use ebooks a lot, I highly recommend Calibre.  It has its own Support Forum on Mobileread which is a great place, barring one person from Massachusetts. Don’t expect to babied along and spoon fed though. You are expected to have done your own homework and to DO the work yourself.  I lurked there for years before joining and learned alot. I still visit daily just to keep up. It is amazing what people can do with Calibre, even while I have no need of whatever it is they are doing.

I guess this was just a huge Calibre plug (in), hahahahaa. But I tell you, I use it so much that I’ve donated to show my appreciation. Free program, free help (and let me tell you, sometimes the threads for help get wicked involved and go on for pages and pages), and it does what I want it to. I couldn’t ask for more.

If you have any curiosity or need, go lurk at the forums and see. However, the best way to learn about Calibre is to USE Calibre.


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21 thoughts on “[Calibre] Word Count, Here I Come!

    1. It is the best ebook manager ever.
      You can also store “empty” books (ie, a record with no actual ebook file) and that is what I use to store my book reviews offline.

      A bunch of people over on the Mobileread forums have tried to use it for other uses, but with little success. But it really does excel with ebooks 😀

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    1. I don’t know how people with ereaders manage without it. It’s a real life saver and has so many options. I visit the forums every day and the things people get up to using it incredible…


  1. Calibre is great! I use it for my ebook needs, although I don’t read much ebooks lately. It’s a very friendly piece of software, I heartily second your recommendation 🙂

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    1. You CAN use it to catalog your paperbooks, if you so desire. Since you are already doing that in librarything, you can export librarythings file, then import it into a new library in calibre using one of the plugins. That is how I got the majority of my reviews into calibre without having to manually enter all 3K+ of them…

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  2. Your praise for Calibre has been omnipresent on your blog for a very long time now and every time you mention it, you definitely make me want to try it out. I know I’ll always have it on my mind for when I have time to work my collection into it though! 😀

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    1. Calibre is for those who read their books digitally. If you’re reading half and half, it might be a good thing. All depends on if you want to get involved in another program. Nice thing is, once you get it setup, that’s it. My use of the program has only changed a little over the years and each new release (it’s up to 4.xx) has never made me feel like I had to learn a whole new program. Mr Goyal is an excellent programmer that is for sure.

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    1. The plugins are fantastic. The only problem is that sometimes a plugin developer fades away and then either some other person has to take it over or it fades away. Which is why I tend to use a very small set of plugins.

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    1. Actually, I’ve been getting them from kobo.com or from readinglength.com but now with the calibre data it will be consistent and relative to itself. Won’t matter for about 2 year though until the data starts to pay personal dividends, but hey, I like data 😀

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