#Music Monday – ♪Winterborn♪

Back in 2013 life was hard, for quite a variety of reasons. A cousin of mine had introduced me to the band Cruxshadows. I was listening to their discography as much as I could.

Came across a reference to this particular song on an old blog and thought I’d share. What better way than a Music Monday post. This is the acoustic version. You can search out the regular version on Youtube if you so desire, but this is just so much smoother.

19 thoughts on “#Music Monday – ♪Winterborn♪

    1. This group is pretty talented. I just wish they had done more of this classic style instead of their more percussion oriented style.

      Of course, I haven’t listened to them since then, so I don’t know what they’ve done recently, if anything.

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  1. I also like symphonic rock and added this one to my playlist. My top favorite group is the German band Lacrimosa (my wife hates it, so I can only play either with headphones or when she isn’t around). Their music has a little Gothic, sometimes Wagnerian feel. About half of their lyrics are in German. Here you have a sample of their album Stille (which means silence in German) an English song called “Not every pain hurts”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OS7iEdYTPM

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      1. In this genre, my wife is adamant that Frank Zappa was the greatest. I find his music a little difficult to access. It was mostly instrumental music, performed by the 37-piece Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Symphony Orchestra.

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      1. I mostly listen to music on Spotify, and I organized my favourites into a few thematic playlists (and one “mega list” for all kinds of songs)… on the “fantasy” one there’s all kinds of stuff, Krauka, Faun, Wardruna, Stravinski, Grieg, music from Witcher games…

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  2. Stooge shares a musical Monday? And features an actual really nice song? A song featuring knights and pretty pictures to look at while the song tugs at the heartstrings? What whitchery is this? I smell HERESy!

    Naaah mate just joking. Its a good song. Makes me think of Blind Guardian, but gone acoustic. The parts where the guy sings he is Winterborn you can really feel the loneliness in hos voice.

    I hope there will be more of these musical posts man. Enjoyed this one more than what my brain tried to rebel against it.

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