Captain’s Fury (Codex Alera #4) ★★★★★

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Title: Captain’s Fury
Series: Codex Alera #4
Author: Jim Butcher
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 656
Words: 175K



From Wikipedia

Two years have passed after the Night of the Red Stars and the Battle at the Elinarch (in book three of the Codex Alera, Cursor’s Fury). Rufus Scipio/Tavi had been repelling attacks from the Canim forces for two years and the war against Kalare raged on. Senator Arnos, who is in charge of the war committee, is pushing for the destruction of all of the Canim forces in Alera. Isana is faced with telling Tavi who his father is and confronting her own abilities. Tavi must find a way to end the conflict between the Canim and Alera or it may mean the destruction of all of his forces. Gaius Sextus and the Count and Countess of Calderon take on a secret mission to stop Kalare.

Senator Arnos comes to the Elinarch to take over military command against the Canim. Senator Arnos is working with Invidia Aquitaine to remove Tavi as the leader of the battle and to eliminate him entirely. Arnos is accompanied by several singulares, who are a constant threat to Tavi and who attempt to eliminate him throughout the book.

Isana, after several attempts of trying to tell Tavi that she is his mother and that his father was Gaius Septimus, was unable to do so. Araris delivers the message instead.

Tavi has a meeting with the Canim leader, Nasaug, where he tells Nasaug that he knows that the Canim are trying to build ships to get them back to their homeland. He strikes a deal with Nasaug that he would help them but Nasaug says that the only way that a deal can be struck is if Tavi returns Ambassador Varg to them. Arnos spies on this meeting and through the plotting of Arnos, Invidia and Marcus/Fidelias, Tavi is removed from his command as Captain for conspiring with the enemy. Prior to leaving, Tavi places Crassus in charge of the Alerian forces.

Tavi escapes from the prison and with Isana, Kitai, Ehren, and Araris, they board a ship to take them to Aleria Imperia. During the voyage, they are attacked by Arnos’ singulares and the group uses furycrafting to board the enemy ship and kill the witchmen that are hiding their presence from the leviathans. The enemy ship is destroyed by leviathans but Arnos’ singulares escape. During this battle, Isana’s powers grow and she is able to heal Araris who was seriously injured without a bathtub, a feat usually performed only by the most powerful healers and high lords and ladies.

Gaius takes Amara and Bernard into Kalarus’s lands, as he tells them that Kalarus has woken one of the Great Furies in the Kalare mountains and if Kalare is killed, the mountain will erupt and kill everyone in the region. Gaius intends to disarm the Fury. During their journey, Gaius cannot use his powers as this will signal Kalare that he is on Kalare’s lands and ruin their mission. Gaius gets an infection as his feet blister from walking 300 miles to the mountain and he must be tended to along the way. As they approach the mountains, the group is discovered by a legion of Immortals led by Brencis Minoris, Kalarus’s son. Gaius heals himself and destroys the legion. He then releases the great fury which destroys Kalare and all who reside in the area. Amara, who is angry at the First lord for lying to her, throws her silver coin in his face and leaves him.

At the same time, Tavi is able to free Varg from the Grey Tower and returns him to the Canim forces. He then announces his identity as Gaius Octavian and challenges Arnos to a Juris Macto. Phrygiar Navaris, who is the deadliest cutter/sword in all of Alera, represents Arnos in the duel. Marcus (Fidelias) is instructed by Invidia to kill both Arnos and Tavi after the duel, using a balest, to make it look like a Canim attack. Marcus aims the balest and is able to strike both Arnos, as he tries to escape after Tavi wins the duel, and Invidia who Arnos grabs for protection. Invidia survives the initial injury but has the poison of the garic oil in her system.

Tavi is able to strike a deal with Gaius Sextus allowing the Canim to return home and to send a cohort with them to ensure their safe passage and assist them in destroying the Vord that have taken over their lands. In the end it is also revealed that Tavi is now able to furycraft.


My Thoughts:

Another fantastic entry in the Codex Alera series. By this point I hope you all realize I am hopefully biased in favor of this series (this is my 3rd read since 2010) and I simply cannot find any faults. I enjoy my time reading this and while I acknowledge it isn’t at Dickens level of character development, it fulfills every expectation that I have for an Epic Fantasy.

If I HAD to choose something to complain about (because really, when don’t I complain about anything online?), it would be the whole sub-story with Gaius, Bernard and Amara. Just like they were slogging through miles and miles of marshes and swamps, reading those sections was a slog too.

I really liked reading about Tavi though. You know what though? It took me until this time around, with the author shoving it right under nose, that “Tavi” was short for Octavian. Sigh, sometimes I wonder how I put my pants on in the morning and drive to work. Tavi is smart, kind, empathetic, charismatic, mentally pliable and above all, most competent. He is the wish fulfillment of all my dreams for myself.

On the story side, the Canim make for great antagonists. As a race they are 9ft tall bipedal wolves. Individually, Butcher has done a great job of creating some really interesting characters among them. Nasaug, Varg, etc are fun to read about and the interactions between them and Tavi gives me that feeling you get when going down a slide, one of fun and wonderment. The scene where Tavi and friends break Varg out of the maximum security prison was fantastic.

Finally, Tavi learning that Isana is his mother and that Septimus was his father hit the emotional side of things just right for me. Couple that with the continued assassination attempts by Senator Arnos and his fury-assisted Assistants and you get a perfect combination of action and emotion. I enjoyed it all.



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34 thoughts on “Captain’s Fury (Codex Alera #4) ★★★★★

    1. Thanks 😀 It would certainly explain why I’m so drawn to this series, lol.

      Oh man, mornings. I’m only a fan of Saturday mornings, when I can sit on the couch and peruse the online world at leisure. During the week though, ugh….

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  1. You really got my attention with your constant praise of this series! But I can’t get any of those blasted books until my library opens – and when that will happen is anyone’s guess 😕

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s very sweet of you, Bookstooge! (You do prefer to be called Bookstooge, right?) Thank you! 😊
        I’ll wait for the library to open, I still have some ebooks to read and I finished my first Jeeves yesterday 😉 – but the Codex Alera series is definitely high on my “Wanted” list right now 😀

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Emperors usually end badly, Your Autocracy 😜

            The Inimitable Jeeves, as this was indicated as a good starting point. Not sure, honestly, if I’m going to write a review, even though I enjoyed it – I’m so much behind with my reviews already… We’ll see, I guess! 😉

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            1. Well, when I’m Emperor, “things” will be different. Better you know, so obviously my reign will be glorious, last 300 years and go down in history as the golden age of mankind.


              If you like one Jeeves book, you’ll enjoy them all. Even if they’re not worth a review. No pressure. I was just wondering if the humor grated on you or not.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh yes, like Warhammer 40k, huh? 🤣

                I really enjoyed the fact that the narrator was the butt of most of the jokes and was mostly too thick or too “whatever” to care 😀 At the same time, I actually rooted for poor Bertie! He’s a good soul, if a bit slow.
                Ah, I guess I might write that review after all… 😉

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                1. Well, there will be no writhing of arcane energies around my living corpse! Of that I guarantee. That’s just bad taste after all.

                  Yes, Bertie IS a good soul, which makes all the stupidity bearable 😀

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  2. Sound really good. Funny, my old neighbor had an Australian cattle dog named Octavian, and they called her Tavi for short. ☺️ Excellent review and glad you’re enjoying the series.

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  3. I think your indisputable love for this series makes this a must-read for any fan of fantasy hahaha Sort of like how you sold Malazan for me, I think this is going to be another one of those coup de coeurs. I’ll have to hunt down a copy of Furies of Calderon now hahaha Hope the final 2 books continue this streak of epicness!

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    1. When a series grips me, it just grips me. At least should be easier to get a hold of than the Malazan books. Not sure about in hardcover though. Several of my copies are old library copies because I couldn’t find anything else online…

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Seriously? I just looked and I bought my copy used back in ’14 and even then I paid $40. But I just looked on ebay and I only found a couple of non-library copies available. Talk about severely under-printed.

          Man, what is with big fantasy series and the hardcovers being astronomical in price?


    1. And do you like Dresden? I have this theory that Alera and Dresden reach out to completely different fan bases that don’t really meet.

      I will say, if the first 2 didn’t work for you, don’t bother with the rest. It’s more of the same 🙂


    1. If you’re going to check out dresden, might want to wait until he gets closer to actually wrapping up the series. It’s getting ridiculous in my opinion. But I’m not a dresden fan, at all, so take that with a grain of salt…

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