The 10th Kingdom, Disc 3 (2000 Mini-Series)



This final episode starts immediately after the previous disc ends. Virginia and Tony are stunned with the realization that the Evil Queen was their mother and wife. This leaves them distracted so the troll siblings manage to capture them, again. They escape, into a swamp, only survive because Wolf rescues them. Prince Wendell’s coronations is about to happen and they all sneak into the castle, to be betrayed by Wolf to the Evil Queen. The backstory of the Evil Queen is given and she’s shown to be just a mentally ill woman who tried to kill her daughter (Virginia) and was recruited by the previous Evil Queen in the 9 Kingdoms.ย  Virginia is devastated, as she had suppressed that memory and Tony falls apart.

Lots of twists and turns, the Evil Queen dies, Wolf is a good guy, Wolf and Virginia get hitched, Wendell and Dog go back to their proper bodies and Tony is hired by Wendell to start a new company making Bouncy Houses in the 9 Kingdoms. Wolf and Virginia go back to New York and the movie ends with them saying that this had been only the first adventure they were to experience in the 9 Kingdoms.



You know what is funny? After watching Disc 2 and my complaints about how long it felt, this time around it felt like everything was rushed and happened in a flash.ย  There was also a LOT of emotionally laden scenes that unfortunately didn’t do a thing for me.ย  While the Evil Queen as misunderstood crazy person was supposed to tug at our heart strings, the fact that she tried to drown her child negated it all in my eyes.

flamingskull (Large)
Bookstooge’s Pro-tip: Parents, don’t kill your kids…


Of course, I did like how everything wrapped up nice and neat. That is how I like my stories to occur. Most people don’t get a happy ending in real life so that is why I like it to be a staple in the stories I read.

Overall, I’m glad I’ve re-watched this but I don’t really think I’ll be watching this again. At least not on my own. Maybe some day if Mrs B wants to watch it with me, then I’ll entertain the notion. But if I do, we’ll definitely be splitting our viewing up into the proper episodes instead of a disc at a time.

Of course, now that I’m done with this mini-series, I have to choose what to watch next.

I’m leaning towards either The Returner, a live action asian movie that might as well be an anime or an anime movie called Karas: The Prophecy, The Revelation. Let me know if either one looks more or less interesting to you.

returner (Custom)karas (Custom)









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16 thoughts on “The 10th Kingdom, Disc 3 (2000 Mini-Series)

    1. I WAS happy with how it ended, thankfully. Nothing worse than investing a large amount of time into something only for it to flop miserably ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Glad to hear how quickly to finish this one up and wasn’t compelled to destroy your collection by the end of it! ๐Ÿ˜€

    For the first time, I have no idea what either of those two options is so I’m going with the one that has an intriguing cover: Karas! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. I seem to have a ton of TV shows to get through-DVD box sets, cookery competitions, athletic gameshows, drama series…at the moment it is Great British Menu and I’m enjoying it. I hope you enjoy whatever you plan to watch next!

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    1. You watch cooking shows so maybe you can help. Mrs B likes cooking shows but can’t stand screaming or outright rudeness. Can you recommend anything without that aspect?


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