To My Recent Followers…


If you’ve started following me in the last year, and you get my posts by email, you might have noticed there are times you get a TON of emails. Short story, I’m working on Phase II of my Blog Construction plan.

Here’s the post I originally wrote in 2018 that goes into more detail than you really ever wanted to know. But it adequately explains what is going on and what to expect:

Bookstooge Under Construction


bookstooge (Custom)

11 thoughts on “To My Recent Followers…

  1. Wanting to do a big blog construction project like this can be so time consuming. I’ve had my share of similar projects, and sometimes it feels like they take forever. Kudos for continuing to work on yours! (I have given up on some of my blog renovations in the past…)

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    1. The nitty gritty work is what I’m starting in on now. I’m trying to think of this as a 5 or 10 year project and not something to be rushed. WordPress has a much smaller chance of turning into something like Devilreads or being abandoned like Booklikes, so I think it’s safe to really work here. And if we have to go into self-quarantine in the next month, well, I think I’ll be happy to have a project 😀

      I do suspect that I won’t be doing any other big blog jobs besides this though. And I want to make sure it gets done before I even think about going dotcom…


    1. I’m guessing you’re staying wicked busy though, right? Me, I’m going down to 3 days next week and the next 5 weeks will be on a day to day basis.
      I have a feeling I’m going to get a LOT of stuff done on my blog and around the condo 😀

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      1. My kind of research work/PhD is easy to do from home, which means that I’m not affected much in that regards but not being able to physically go to work does make work form home far less exciting…

        Oh man, I can see how your lifestyle is about to get that dose of refreshment! 😛

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