A Quote From: Lightning

lightning (Custom)

Maybe this is above your head right now, and maybe you’ll have to do a lot of thinking before you understand, but it’s important you realize there’s a way to live that’s in the middle, between killers and pacifists. You try to avoid violence. You never start it. But if someone else starts it, you defend yourself, friends, family, anyone who’s in trouble. When I had to shoot those men at the house, it made me sick. I’m no hero. I’m not proud of having shot them, but I’m not ashamed of it, either. I don’t want you to be proud of me for it, or think that killing them was satisfying, that revenge in any way makes me feel better about your dad’s murder. It doesn’t.”

(Laura to her 8 year old son Chris after assassins from the future try to kill them)

~Lightning, 55%


And little things like this are why I keep reading Koontz. This book feels like he was at the top of his game when writing. I’m enjoying the ever living daylights out of it so far.


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21 thoughts on “A Quote From: Lightning

    1. Overall, I’ve had more hits than misses with him, but he’s definitely a writer who writes the same story a million different ways. As long as you don’t mind that, it’s all good.


            1. That is a tough call. I watched the movie first and really, really enjoyed it. However, there is a spoiler involved that once you watch or read, you know is coming, so it will lessen the impact for the other medium. The movie works better as a standalone while the book should have been a standalone.

              If that helps at all 😀


    1. So far, this is a great one. I also recommend Odd Thomas. I watched the movie before reading the book and the movie was good enough that it got me into the book, which has led me into Koontz in general.

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    1. Absolutely. In many regards, the main character as an adult reminded me of Sara Connor in her “I’m going to prepare for the worst” kick butt attitude.
      I am a huge believer in that principle. It all comes down to each person being an inviolable entity. I believe that because of the rights I believe God Himself has given us. Obviously that is a different post though 😀

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