I NEED Questions, Advice, Etc!


I just found out that I am doing my first Author interview next month. Since me and authors aren’t exactly on the best of terms in regards to me thinking of them as people, I really need some help from you all.  If you’ve ever done an author interview, what do you ask? If you haven’t done any author interviews but have some thoughts on what I should do, please,  let me know!

I won’t say that I’m panicking, as I’m just too suave for that, but doing something new for the first time is always hard for me. I can’t say who it is but I can say that one of his best selling books has the words Guerrilla Tactics, Jungle and Survival in the title.

Any advice is wanted at the moment. Don’t be afraid to be silly either, as you know me and how seriously I take authors.  I’ll ask again at the end of the month but I sure could use any input.



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49 thoughts on “I NEED Questions, Advice, Etc!

  1. Oooh, an author interview! Never done one of those before but maybe something related to the author googling themself? What’s the most interesting/incorrect thing they’ve found online?

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  2. I have no advice for you because my reaction would be some combination of running for the hills, cutting off all internet access, and hiding in a very isolated spot for a year or two. 😉

    But best of luck on the interview! I’m confident you’ll do fine. After all, interviewing an author can’t be any worse than interviewing crazy people who want to be the World Book Czar, right?!

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    1. I never thought I’d do an author interview, but I guess if I can switch companies for my job, I am capable of this!

      I hadn’t thought of it like doing a World Book Czar, but that actually helps a lot…

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  3. If you’ve read the book, a couple of questions relevant to themes, world building or characters to help settle in. Maybe ask questions about their writing process, and/or how they got into writing, who their heroes are, that sort of thing. I like to put them on the spot to pay the attention forward and ask what they’ve recently read and enjoyed or what they’re looking forward to

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  4. Firstly, kudos! This is a very cool thing! I’d be terrified, so I think you’re handling it super well.
    Secondly, I always like to know stupid things like: do authors have routines/rituals to get them in the zone and what their favourite thing about an average day is. That kind of thing. I don’t know if this really helps, but best of luck! 😊

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  5. I always like to read the book before I interview the author. I just feel like that gives it a personal touch if I can relate the questions back to the work itself other than the soulless Q&As you usually see that ask really generic questions like “what do you do when you get writer’s block?” or “When did you find out you wanted to be an author?”

    By relating it back to the work, I find the questions are more interesting too. Just for example, off the top of my head: “What was the coolest thing you can across while researching _____ for your book?” Questions that excite the author will also get you a much more enthusiastic answer in return!

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  6. Interesting title words. If it’s a prepper NF book I’d be asking which SHTF scenarios he/she thinks is most likely and how they prepared for it, which prepper authors they read for fun or instruction…but if it is a self help book to guide the reader through surviving the business jungle, then I’m coming up short! I would go with less obvious questions rather than when did you want to be an author etc, like Mogsy says.

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  7. I think any questions that let them open up and talk about themselves and their work would be best. Plus anything that could lead to some kind of anecdote to give the interview a bit of life.

    Questions like: ‘what is your writing process?’ might be better expressed as ‘What are your favourite and least favourite parts of the writing process?’ Instead of ‘which is your favourite character?’ try ‘Which character did you most enjoy writing?’ things like that.

    Hope that’s a little helpful

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  8. The library where I work does occasional author interviews for a series called “Book Love” and here are the questions from the “script”. Since I just copied and pasted I apologize for some overlap with previous suggestions. Anyway good luck with the author interview!

    1. What was the first book you fell in love with?
    2. What made that book special to you?
    3. Have you reread it? If so, how do you feel about it now?
    4. What book captured your imagination as a reader before college? Why?
    5. Is there a book that set you on your professional path? What impressed you about this book?
    6. In your work, what book influences you?
    7. Is there a book you share with friends, family, coworkers?
    8. Tell me about a gift book that you remember.
    9. What are you reading now?
    10. Which three writers would you invite to dinner?
    11. What will you read next?

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  9. As a baby author myself, one of the questions I am usually most interested in when reading author interviews is “what advice do you have for writers just starting out?” or “what do you wish you had known before you started writing / before you started this project?”

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  10. Who’s your favorite character? That’s always the question I want authors to answer, usually because I want to see if they love the same character(s) I do!

    (On the fun side, you could also ask him what brand of toothpaste he prefers. 😜)

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    1. I’m definitely going to be asking at least 2 to 3 silly questions, because this is me who is giving the interview 😀

      Thanks. You all have been absolutely fantastic in supplying questions. I never would have thought of all this on my own, not in a million years.

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  11. Congratulations on your first author interview! It’s something I have done only a couple of times, so I understand very well your concern (see? I didn’t use the word “panic” – so very diplomatic of me… 😛 )
    Previous posters have already given you much useful advice, so I can only add: make them talk about themselves, that always works well and gives you insights on their work. Once you see something in their first replies that looks interesting, you can start from there for another batch of questions.
    Looking forward to the post!!! 👍

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  12. I have a question for you. How did a grouchy, cynical book reviewer like yourself get this sweet gig?

    As a person reading the interview, I’d be interested to know how the author got the book published (independent, small press, etc.), how big he thinks the audience for his book is, whether he’s been surprised by the kind of people who enjoy it, and how he gets the word out about it.

    But given the key words you mention, maybe you should challenge him to a pushup contest.

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    1. Misanthropes, even while hating each other, can understand each other better than the plebes ever will 😉 To answer your question honestly, it is all about who you know.

      Publishing questions, good call. I can ask that.

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  13. Who would’ve thought the great Bookstooge flipping over and doing an author interview. Soooo… If things go well, will you accept more of these kinds of posts on your blog? 😉

    You could ask them about their writing process, inspirations, what they enjoyed or hated most about writing the book, their favourite recommendations, their tips and tricks to other writers or readers, why they write, etc. 😀

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    1. This is strictly a one time deal. There is a personal connection and that’s about the only reason it is happening, in either of our cases. But after that, I’m right back to “Authors aren’t people, people are people” attitude 😉


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  14. Oh, congratulations! That’s very cool, I’m looking forward to your interview!

    Most questions I thought of have already been mentioned, but something I personally am interested in, cause authors’ opinions seem to vary a lot on the topic:

    – How do you feel about fanfictions based on your works?

    Also some other thoughts:
    – Where do you write best? (at home, at a cafe, on the couch, on top of a mountain… xD )
    – At what age did you realize that you wanted to write stories?
    – Pineapple on Pizza – Yes or No?

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  15. What type of food do you eat in a jungle survival situation?
    What types of animals do interact with and how?
    What are your thoughts about the “concrete jungle” of America?

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