UP (2009 Movie)


Oh, boy. I watched this with Mrs B when it came out on bluray back in 2009 and while we both enjoyed it, we haven’t watched it since. We’d been married about a year at that time and how the movie starts hit a little too close to home.

However, 10+ years seems like enough time and after AVP I needed something good, which Pixar has always delivered.

Synopsis is that we see how Carl and Ellie meet, fall in love and grow old together until Ellie passes away. The movie really starts with Carl being a grumpy old man and refusing to sell his house to a developer while massive construction is going on all around him. A boy scout comes to Carl’s door, Russell, and Carl sends him on a snipe hunt to get rid of him. Carl has an altercation with one of the construction people and a court orders him to a retirement home. He uses a million balloons to sail the house away to South America to fulfill the dream that he and Ellie had but never realized.  The complication is that Russell is along for the ride. They make it to the place that Carl wants to go, find a bird that nobody believes exists and meet Carl’s childhood hero, a world renowned adventurer who has been hunting the bird all these years and has intelligent dogs who can speak through electronic collars. It turns into a fight between Carl, Russell and Doug (one of the talking dogs) against the Adventurer and his dogs.  The bad guys are defeated and Carl becomes the male authority figure in Russell’s life. A Happy Ending.

This movie starts out with Carl and Ellie meeting because of their love of adventure. It is done in this colored style that is reminiscent of a black and white movie. Once past the initial meeting, there is almost no dialogue but we see how Carl and Ellie’s life goes on.  I have to admit, it was the most gut wrenching thing (again) and when Ellie passes, I was just sobbing. I was glad no one could see me. I was astounded how Pixar could pack so much intention into scenes lasting only seconds with no dialogue.

Then the movie goes into the main part and we see grumpy old man Carl meeting Russell and it turns into a Buddy movie. I enjoyed the rest of it, but after having my emotional guts torn out in the beginning the impact just wasn’t the same.

I was glad to watch this but suspect it will be another decade before I watch it again.  Not as good as Toy Story or Monster’s Inc, but a solid movie in the Pixar line up.


With my reading of the Lord of the Rings ending soon, I’ve decided to watch the extended edition dvds that I own. However, when I was looking at my shelf, I also saw the 10th Kingdom, a miniseries that Mrs B introduced me to.  It is 5 episodes long and would take about 3 posts as well. So your vote for the next three months. Choose wisely (for your own sake!).


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45 thoughts on “UP (2009 Movie)

      1. I hate to ruin the movies for you, but you asked…

        I did NOT mind that they left Tom Bombadil out. That is fine with me.

        What really bothered me, was a troop of Elves marching up to save the day in ‘The Two Towers’. That shit did not happen. In ‘The Return of the King’, all the elves ARE supposed to come to the rescue, but guess what? There is only Legolas. :-/

        These things never seem to bother anyone else, but they bug me.
        I hope you can still enjoy these movies.

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        1. Oh, I’ve watched the movies and really like them. Most of the issues you mention simply aren’t big enough to bother me 😀 I guess you’ll have suffer alone 😉

          Not trying to make fun of you, mind. It is just I’m not a big enough of a purist. Now, the Hobbit on the other hand, that stuff really bothered me…

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    1. Gotta disagree with your assessment based off of my read of this Slashdot article:

      I’d certainly be glad to hear some counter-articles though. Just be aware that if you include more than 1 link I’ll have to mod the comment as Akismet automatically calls anything with multiple links “spam”. So let me know if you include a bunch of links and I’ll go find it in the spam folder and approve it 🙂

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      1. Unfortunately, I am no longer prepared to get into this debate even though I still believe there were things done wrong in relation to the short. I just thought I would draw your attention to this issue.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this film! I agree, though, that the first ten minutes where Pixar rips your heart out and tears it to shreds makes the rest of the film a little less impactful especially the whole dog storyline. BUT I love the film for Russell and Carl’s relationship. The development is phenomenal.

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    1. Yeah, the relationship between Carl and Russell is a great one. Every time Russell reveals a little tidbit about his life you can see Carl realizing he has no idea how kids are surviving.

      I’m not a dog person but even I found the whole Doug storyline pretty funny 😀

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  2. Sheesh, yeah, Up has got some killer emotional moments. We usually start rewatching it because we remember that we liked Doug, then get to THAT bit you mentioned and both start sobbing. At which point we have to turn it off and find something else to watch! 😀

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  3. I’ve never seen Up. I did finally bite the bullet and signed up for Disney+, so I look forward to catching up on my Pixar movies (although no-angel isn’t quite to where she will let us really watch a movie).

    I vote LotR, obviously, although I think the ideal combination is the extended version of The Fellowship of the Ring followed by the theatrical versions of The Two Towers and The Return of the King.

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  4. Up is a pretty cool movie, and I like how it introduces an older character – a rarity in animations. Wouldn’t have guessed it would be so emotional for you, though!

    I can’t stand LotR movies and never heard of the other one, so I vote for 10th Kingdom 😉

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  5. I do enjoy Pixar films! But they all make me cry. The question is never “will I need a tissue” but “how many tissues will I need”…

    I’m pretty sure I’ve seen 10th Kingdom, but I forgot everything about it, so it’s my choice. That way you can remind me about the thing I forgot. 😉

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    1. If they had toned down the beginning or upped the connection between Carl and Russell I think it would have seemed less uneven.

      Not sure I could have handled a movie that was as intense as the beginning though 🙂


  6. Yeah, I agree this is really an emotional one. My husband and I watched it in the theater.

    Seems like it’s generally agreed that the 10 or so minutes showing Carl and Ellie’s back story can stand by themselves as a work of art. But for me, the emotional impact went on after that because the whole movie seems to be about loss. Like when the house is floating away and enters a storm, and Carl’s precious pictures and other remnants of his life with Ellie are getting smashed. So symbolic of what age has done to him.

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  7. I really like this one- but, yes, I hear you about how it’s hard for the rest of the movie to live upto the fact you’ve had your emotional guts pulled out in the beginning. And I watched this a few years back- as good as I thought it was, I’ve no desire to be reduced to a sobbing mess rewatching it any time soon!!

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  8. Recon i am a bit late to the party but Up will always hit me in the feels. It was the last animation i watched with my dad before he passed away further. That opening scene will always hit close to home. Regarding which of the two choises, i guess i am gona find out who won the vote in the coming posts🙂. Prepare for incomming likes and comments in the next few days…

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