A Quote From: Target Rich Environment, Vol 2

tre2 (Custom)

“I’m looking for information.”
“You a cop?”
“Do I look like a cop?”
“Not really. They’ve usually got some department-mandated physical fitness and grooming standards. what is going on with your hair?”
“It’s my man bun.”
“So you’re like a special-needs samurai or something?”

~ Page 344


Hahahahaha, couldn’t have put it better myself. “Man buns” are what women used to have. You know, back when young guys used to actually have a pair?

Correia is rocking with this book, yet again.


And just because, here’s a picture of a man who really knows how to rock a full head of hair! #Afro-Samurai would kill you as soon as look at you if he caught you wearing a so-called man-bun.



bookstooge (Custom)

10 thoughts on “A Quote From: Target Rich Environment, Vol 2

  1. LOL! I know it’s early in the year but this should be in contention for”post of the year”

    Nearly belly laughed and disrupted children’s choir practice.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, just to let you in on a little secret, this book is getting the “best book of the year” tag. I wish I had a lot of Correia books to quote from, but until I start my MHI re-read sometime in the future, that’ll have to wait 😀

      And thanks for commenting. Glad to know I could almost interrupt choir!


    1. Well, both of the Target Rich Environment covers have Larry Correia as the model. His face and body, stylized into an SF setting (the first book) and this one into a fantasy setting. I think he had several options and allowed the readers of his blog to vote?

      And manbuns, ugghh indeed.
      “Get a haircut you hippy punk!” 😀 😀 😀

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