Superman III (1983 Movie)


So, Superman III with its boring as all get out bluray cover. That barely looks like Christopher Reeve anyway!

This was released in 1983, has no “directors cut” and as far as I know generated ZERO controversy.  Let’s look at an alternate cover, shall we?





Now THAT cover does a MUCH better job of showcasing just what kind of movie this is going to be.






Richard Pryor is an out of work bum whose unemployment benefits have been denied. He sees a computer programming training course on the cover of a book of matches and next thing we know he is working at a computer coding computer. Oh, we get sequence from his training where he makes his computer do something that even the trainer thought was impossible. Thus is set the stage for Pryor’s genius as a computer programmer. He gets his first paycheck and sees that 1/2cent is missing. He wonders where all those 1/2cents goes and programs the computer to put them all into his account. Next payday he gets an extra paycheck for $85K. Of course, this doesn’t go unnoticed by the Big Evil Capitalist running the company but they have no way of tracking who did it. Until Pryor screeches into work driving a new ferrari.

A lot of silliness ensues. Trust me, it isn’t worth typing out. But needless to say, a secret government satellite that can control the weather is involved.

Pryor, under the direction of the Evil Capitalist, creates a supercomputer capable of destroying even Superman. It attacks Superman, Pryor has a change of heart and rescues Supes. Supes gets some super acid and one little canning jar’s worth sends the entire computer system (about a large cave’s worth) crashing into a fiery, lava’y pit of destruction.

Yep, one little canning jar destroyed all of this!


Supes fixes all the problems his silliness caused (synthetic kryptonite was involved) and is once again the world’s hero. The movie ends with Lana Lang moving to Metropolis and working at the same paper as Clarke and Lois, as a secretary.

Now, I had memories of this being silly, campy and almost stupid. I definitely got the silly and campy part right. I think the “stupid” would depend more on just how mean you were feeling at the moment. Pryor was supposed to be comedic and in many ways he was, but it was over the top, rub most people the wrong way funny.

There was one scene where Superman has to fight himself, as he’s possessed by the kryptonite. I thought they did an excellent job and that Reeve did an absolutely fantastic job of showing a mean, brutish, 5 o’clock shadow drunk Superman. He looked mean and animalistic. I’m not one to usually notice an actor’s ability, but between Reeve making Clarke Kent and Superman truly different people and this time around portraying a good and bad Superman, I have to admit that the man was an ACTOR! It was also pretty fun to realize that the actress who plays Lana Lang is the same actress who plays Martha Kent in the tv series Smallville.

This was definitely the campiest of the movies so far. I thoroughly enjoyed watching this but I’d only recommend this to others if they are a huge Superman fan or like watching the acting skills of Christopher Reeve.


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26 thoughts on “Superman III (1983 Movie)

  1. The bloody time change here in the United States has really buggered up my scheduling and the WP feed. I had to re-schedule this post just to get it to show up. I wonder if I’ll have to do that for each post I’ve scheduled, sigh…


        1. You didn’t like the Truman Show? That was probably my favorite of his. Mask was funny enough, but I actually ended up liking the cartoon tv series that came out after it 😀


  2. Yep. I think the silliness is what led to such an odd perception of what Superman is in pop culture. I sort of put this and Adam West’s version of Batman in the same bottle since I was a kid but I definitely need to rewatch these for myself and see how “bad” it actually is hahah

    By the way, have you ever… actually… followed the Smallville TV series? Since I know you and TV series don’t exactly go hand in hand, I’m still curious to know if you actually tested it out of curiosity or love for Superman.

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    1. Yep, these movies were definitely closer to Adam West’s style of Batman. That campy, almost silliness that relied on a 1950’s style of humor.

      As for Smallville, yes. I followed it from start to finish. I started buying the dvd’s and then stopped around season 7 when I realized it wasn’t something I wanted to own for a lifetime. Then I just borrowed the rest from the library. I enjoyed the whole series but was glad they ended it when they did.

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        1. Since I don’t mind spoilers, I have to ask. Is Superman IV as campy, or campier, than this? I have to watch it to complete my Christopher Reeve as Superman kick but I never watched IV before and I have no idea why.

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  3. This might be the Superman movie I’ve never actually seen… when I’ll be in a mood for sth that campy, I’ll remember you review 🙂

    I really don’t like the time change… but I had a nice week – I work for an American company, and you change your time a week later than we do, so last week I had a 6 hour difference, not 7, and it was easier to communicate with your compatriots 🙂 Still, European Union pushes towards the end of yearly time changes, and they have my full support.

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  4. Kind of funny that you should post this because I just received the first four Superman movies on Blu-ray to add to my movie collection. Decided that it was a unacceptable omission to not have them.

    Now I have to re-watch them as well. My memory of them, especially the sequels, is definitely a bit fussy. Getting older and all that.

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