Dark Sky (Keiko #2) ★☆☆☆☆ DNF@5%

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Title: Dark Sky
Series: Keiko #2
Author: Mike Brooks
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 352/DNF@5%
Format: Digital Edition


My Thoughts:

Captain Ichabod Drift and the crew are on a Federation world enjoying the money they got from the hidden accounts in the previous book. Ichabod is approached by the Business Man/Crime Lord of the world and hired to pick up some financial data from another world in the system.

When the Crew arrive, they find out the contact is being blackmailed to do the Crime Lord’s dirty work. He threatens the crew with withholding the info unless they take him and his husband offworld to a safe world.



bookstooge (Custom)


20 thoughts on “Dark Sky (Keiko #2) ★☆☆☆☆ DNF@5%

    1. This is a trilogy, so just one more book after this one.

      It wasn’t that it was bad writing, but the inclusion of a deviant lifestyle. There are a few things I won’t let slide in my fiction reading and that is one of them.

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        1. Glad to. I’ll do the “short” version and if you want to discuss it more indepth or anything, I’d suggest we move over to email.

          I don’t know how conversant you are with Christian theology, so forgive me if I go over ground you already know. God created the world perfectly. Adam and Eve disobey Him and from this disobediance Sin entered the world. We call this The Fall, because the entire creation “fell” from the perfection that God had created to what we have now. This Fall affected everything, including sexual morality. God’s purpose was for one man and one woman to become one unit and support each other and have kids (ie, become a family).

          I use the word “deviant” because it deviates from the plan that God has set out. The Bible expressly forbids a homosexual relationship and goes so far as to call it a perversion. That use of language is very strong and deliberate in the Bible and that is why I take this subject so seriously, especially in a hobby, where I am choosing to spend my time.

          I hope that helps explain where I am coming from.

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          1. Yes, 100%. I can fully sympathize with your point of view. It’s a miracle you survive in the SJW blogosphere.

            What I’m curious about it why you draw the line there. If I’m not mistaken, the New Testament especially is just as clear on murder or other sins, yet lots of what you read is full of that too.

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            1. It is part of why I’m on wordpress. I have more control of my posts so if some ree’ing sjw comes along I can delete their comments and block them. It is amazing how fast people ignore you once they realize you’re just ignoring them. As for surviving, I had my trial by fire on GR back in ’13 when I became listed on the now-defunct Stop the Goodreads Bullies website. After being listed as “A Horrible Person on the Internet”, well, everything else isn’t quite as weighty, Plus, I try to not go out of my way to pick fights about said subject. And it is usually very apparent when people want to fight about it instead of discussing it

              What you’re curious about is something I had to wrestle with for quite some time. It comes down to the fact not that the subject matter is a sin, but that the popular culture is now claiming it is something good. I guess you could call it a reaction on my part? Humanity still thinks that murder is a bad thing. If SF started writing, in general theme mind you, about how killing people was GOOD, then I suspect my stance in regards to the violence in my SF would change. Actually, now that I think about it, that is part of why I’m not a reader of Grimdark except here and there.

              So to sum up, when something the Bible calls sin emphatically is presented as something good, then I take issue with it. And the more it is presented as good, the more pushback I have.

              Hope that all makes sense. I wrote a LOT more than I set out to. 😀

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    1. Yeah, at some point I get tired of repeating the whole thing and just let the circumstance in the story be enough detail.

      I know what I mean and in 10 years I’ll still know what I mean. So you all will just have to suffer with trying to read reviews that live more in my head than on paper 😀

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    1. Yeah, with the glut of sff out there, authors don’t just have to tell a good story and write decently. They have to tell a great story and write excellently. And they have to do that just to stay in place. To get ahead, well, Tchaikovsky, Sanderson, etc spring to mind.

      Best of luck in whatever you decide on the trilogy.

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  1. I get where you are coming from when you say ‘There are a few things I won’t let slide in my fiction reading’. We all have things we just don’t want to read about. I will also DNF if I don’t like the subject matter.

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    1. I’ve talked about this very subject with a friend of mine. He joked about me eventually having to stop reading SFF. I agreed, but I wasn’t joking. It is part of the reason I’m starting my foray into non-fiction. It is something that I keep in the back of my mind as something that IS going to happen, I just don’t know when 😦

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