Torchship Captain (Torchship #3) ☆☆☆☆½ DNF@10% w/ Extreme Prejudice

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Title: Torchship Captain
Series: Torchship #3
Author: Karl Gallagher
Rating: 0.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 354 DNF@10’ish%
Format: Digital Edition


My Thoughts:


Things were going along really well. The Fusion was starting to fall apart and that threatened the union between the Fusion and the Disconnect against the AI threat. Michigan Long is now captain and running her own ship. She has a friendship with one of the Fusion leaders, the young girl they rescued back in the first book. When the capital world of the Fusion falls to revolution, the young girl becomes part of it to save her life, as she was one of the ruling class.

Then the girl comes aboard the ship to touch base with Michigan and her husband. She’s helping run the new council, as she has some experience, but she’s definitely just staying ahead of mob rule. So she’s complaining about how inexperienced she feels and her biggest complaint is that she is sexually inexperienced. Seriously. Trying to run a world on a council that is just as likely to kill her as take her ideas into consideration and she is thinking about how her sex life is zero.

So Michigan offers to teach her and right there, kneels before her husband and starts sucking him off. She then tells him to show the girl what sex is like and watches as her husband has sexual intercourse with the young woman. I believe I literally said out loud “what the fuck” and closed my kindle in complete and utter disgust.

I really don’t know what to say. It wasn’t erotic, it wasn’t smutty. Gallagher made sure to write in such a way that it wasn’t explicit but that the reader still knew exactly what he meant. But it was revolting. It had no place in this story and it completely destroyed everything. I don’t know if Gallagher has ever written anything else but I abandoned this with Extreme Prejudice and I’ll never read another word by him, or even CONSIDER reading anything by him.



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26 thoughts on “Torchship Captain (Torchship #3) ☆☆☆☆½ DNF@10% w/ Extreme Prejudice

    1. It really just did come out of left field. The main character had used sex as a weapon when she was a espionage agent/spy, but that was before the trilogy started and was only referred to. This though, yeah, it ruined it all for me.

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    1. I tend to save the no star rating for books that I hated personally but there was nothing actually wrong with. The kind of book that you realize you don’t like but it is all on you. Almost like it’s not the books fault.

      Half stars show my utter contempt. It’s the only way to really show my despite…

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  1. Of wow, that is bad. I mean clinically bad. Everyone’s entitled to their little sexual fantasies, but honestly, I don’t want to read about them in a SF book. There’s probably several whole sub-genres for it, if one’s so inclined, so why do that in SF/F?.

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    1. It just came out of no where! Usually you get some hint that the writer is going to go in that direction earlier in the series, but nope, he waited until the last book.

      I went over to Devilreads and checked out reviews. Only ONE person noted this incident. Everyone else sounded like schills for an advertisement :-/

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    1. And this is why God created editors. I wish more indies would have someone who hates them read their book just to tear it apart. At least that way the rest of us get a decent chance of getting a good story :-/
      And no nasty surprises like this!


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