#6degrees – In Siege of Daylight to…

Wow, it’s been a while since I did one of those #6degree posts. I really need to setup a reminder or something so I do it more often as I enjoy writing these out.   This was a wildcard and we were to start with the book we ended our last chain with.




Last time I ended my chain with In Siege of DaylightI was drawn to this book by the cover and the story inside did not disappoint (aside from the fact that it ended on a cliffhanger and the author never wrote any more I mean).






valor (Custom)


Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Valor. That book also had a beautiful cover but what was on the inside led me to DNF it instead of enjoying it.









Another book that I DNF’d was Blowback. The main character, Scott Harvath,  was just a jerk and I can’t stand main characters who aren’t cast in the Heroic Mold. I need my Heroes!









Now, Erevis Cale IS a hero.  In Midnight’s Mask he helps prevent the world of Forgotten Realms from being destroyed. And he doesn’t whine about it or complain about how hard everything is for him, boohoo. No, he mans up and does his job.








Another book with “mask” in the cover is Death Masks, starring that darling of millions, Harry Dresden. I didn’t like Dresden from the get-go but I TRIED to like him because everybody else liked him. This was at a time in my life before I was the self-confident, swaggering man of mystery that I am today. I read up through Book 11 and even watched the rather pathetic, short lived, tv show/mini-series.





childhoodsend (Custom)


Another book that was turned into a mini-series was Childhood’s End.  The mini-series and book were different enough that it wasn’t like watching a clone, but the hopeless despair from the book shone through the mini-series like an evil, malevolent dark star.






And that’s a wrap! From In Siege of Daylight to Childhood’s End.

I’ve said it before, but doing this tag/meme/whatever is a lot of fun. I get to go through my old reviews and see things I haven’t even thought about for years, sometimes decades.  This Blogger chooses the book each month so feel free to bookmark that page.


bookstooge (Custom)


29 thoughts on “#6degrees – In Siege of Daylight to…

  1. Interesting! I like this idea, to explore the strange connections you own mind is making 🙂 Mine sometimes does really strange associations…

    From that post, I only read Butcher – and I had similar problems in the beginning, but now it’s my favourite Urban Fantasy, I’m anxiously waiting for the nest volume – and Clarke. And I’m not a huge fan of Clarke’s novels, I admire him, I recognize his importance, but his kind of hard s/f does not always age well. Childhood’s End though, it’s still powerful, “the hopeless despair” definitely, and he did not even need to add a classical alien invasion to achieve it.

    We get humanity progressing to a higher stage of being, and we still get depressed. It’s how I sometimes feel knowing I’ve been born a generation or three too early to achieve physical immortality…

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    1. You should try one of these some month. Let us peek into that soup you call a brain 😉

      I have found that I tend to make negative connections much easier than positive.

      As for Butcher, I really like his other stuff, just not Dresden.

      See, I didn’t see it at all as humanity progressing to a higher stage. Sure, it was “called” that, but the reality was they were being assimilated and losing individuality. That is why I get depressed about it. They weren’t human any more.

      Thankfully, I don’t have your issues, as I don’t believe it is possible for humanity to achieve immortality.

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      1. Yeah, sure, not exactly my idea of a higher state also, that’s my issue with both Clarke and Asimov.

        Not this month, probably, as we’re already working on a tag of our own, and there should be some reviews on a book blog every now and then, not just tags 😉 But I’ve made a note to do this one day 🙂

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        1. Is that what Asimov was writing about?
          Oh yeah, the whole Gaia thing from Foundation. I’d stopped around that point.

          No rush. I don’t do these every month. Heck, every other month would be an improvement for me in that regards 😀

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                1. I was a teen too (surprise!) and I don’t have a problem with teens being teens. But 20 somethings acting like teens? older people acting like teens? It is insidious and devastating.

                  I will say Hurray for 19XX though!

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    1. Yeah, whenever I do these #6degree posts, I always try to get as many obscure or old books as possible. It helps motivate me to do work on my blog and can showcase some stuff I read a long time ago that nobody who follows me ever knew I read 😀

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  2. That’s some zigzagging 😉 Still interested in Valor, though I seem to remember there was a previous book in the series as well? It took me a while to like Dresden, and now… I’m not waiting eagerly for the next book, but I’ll gladly read it. Better than Aaronovitch, anyway 😉

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    1. On this tag, I certainly don’t go in a straight line!

      Valor was book 2. Malice was book 1 and I hated that as well. Gwynne is just not an author for me.

      Isn’t the next dresden the last? I thought I heard rumors that Dresden was winding down anyway. As for Aaronovitch, I gave up on him when his books started getting raunchy.

      So Pio pretty much “promised” that he’d do this type of post, sometime. Would you do it sometime too?

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      1. Huh, I’ll definitely think about it. Maybe we could do the same one with Piotrek and compare our diverging paths and the end results, which would probably be totally different! 😉

        As for Dresden, I’ve heard so many conflicting info that I stopped really caring 😉 if it’s the last, I’m cool with that; if not, I’m ok with that too – just write the damn books 😉

        I’ll give Malice a chance, though probably not anytime soon. Might not enjoy it, from what you’ve written about it, but then I won’t know it until I try 😉

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        1. Oh man, if you guys did a Duo post, that would be a lot of fun to read!

          I hear you about Dresden. Best of luck 🙂

          It definitely is the type of book that you have to try, as how it is setup “should” have been right down my alley. C’est la vie…

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  3. This is a fun list of links! It’s fun to see how you chain them together.

    I was never sure about Dresden either. It seems like a series I should love, but I never got past book 4. Maybe one of these days I’ll revisit it, if for no other reason than to know what it is I like and dislike about the series.

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    1. From personal experience, if you don’t like the first 4, I highly doubt you’ll like the rest. I tried, really hard too!

      I know I didn’t like it because I found Harry to be a whiner and anal rule keeper that no body else was keeping. And obscure, pointless rules too. I kept waiting for him to be a flipping man and act like the guy on the cover looks like, and he never did :-/


      1. I can’t remember what it was that made me stop reading, and that’s really frustrating to me! I initially read it before I took notes on what I thought about books. I’m wondering if I pick the series back up if I’ll remember what I didn’t like about it before.

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    1. Ah ha, you caught me! I start with the first book and then look 3 or 4 years ago in my Calibre library. I glance at covers and titles to see what clicks with the first book.

      Then I skip a year or 3 and see what clicks again 😀 rinse and repeat

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