A Catechism of Quantum Cosmology – A Quote from “The Devil’s Delusion”


“The argument that Hawking has offered may be conveyed by question-and-answer, as in the Catholic catechism.   A Catechism of Quantum Cosmology

Q: From what did our universe evolve?
A: Our universe evolved from a much smaller, much emptier mini-universe. You may think of it as an egg.

Q: What was the smaller, emptier universe like?
A: It was a four-dimensional sphere with nothing much inside it. You may think of that as weird.

Q: How can a sphere have four dimensions?
A: A sphere may have four dimensions if it has one more dimension than a three-dimensional sphere. You may think of that as obvious.

Q: Does the smaller, emptier universe have a name?
A: The smaller, emptier universe is called a de Sitter universe. You may think of that as about time someone paid attention to de Sitter.

Q: Is there anything else I should know about the smaller, emptier universe?
A: Yes. It represents a solution to Einstein’s field equations. You may think of that as a good thing.

Q: Where was that smaller, emptier universe or egg?
A: It was in the place where space as we know it did not exist. You may think of it as a sac.

Q: When was it there?
A: It was there at the time when time as we know it did not exist. You may think of it as a mystery.

Q: Where did the egg come from?
A: The egg did not actually come from anywhere. You may think of this as astonishing.

Q: If the egg did not come from anywhere, how did it get there?
A: The egg got there because the wave function of the universe said it was probable. You may think of this as a done deal.

Q: How did our universe evolve from the egg?
A: It evolved by inflating itself up from its sac to become the universe in which we now find ourselves. You may think of that as just one of those things.

This catechism, I should add, is not a parody of quantum cosmology. It is quantum cosmology.”  ~ David Berlinski, page 89 of The Devil’s Delusion


While the tone is definitely biting, Berlinski simply shows that those great high priests of Scyenze like Hawking, Dawkins, Harris, etc, must make greater leaps of faith than ANY person of religious persuasion of any kind.


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14 thoughts on “A Catechism of Quantum Cosmology – A Quote from “The Devil’s Delusion”

    1. Basically, Berlinsky is mocking Quantum Physicists and other theoretical scientists who deride Religion every chance they get. He’s mocking them by putting what they believe (theoretical scientists) in the same formatted statement as how religious people state their beliefs.

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    1. I deliberately used the word “greater” because of the internal consistency of Faith and Religion vs the convoluted pretzels men like those mentioned must go through to claim that “scyenze says” whatever their favorite theory of the year is.

      I’ll definitely agree that God is a mystery, but only so far as that we don’t completely understand Him because of His very Nature (ie, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent) but not that He is a Mystery BECAUSE He’s unknowable. That is the whole point of the Bible, God making himself known to man kind.


      1. In that light, true. But given the fact that religious debate within religions is numerous (let alone debates among different religions), I’m not sure if the internal consistency is that much more solid as that of whatever single scientific theory.

        Very interesting point about mystery, hadn’t seen it in that light before. Correct me if I’m wrong, but imo the main mystery not made clear in the Bible is the origin of God Himself.

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        1. The Bible very clearly addresses the origin of God. He has none. He always has been and always will be.

          Shoot me an email at Bookstooge at gmail dot com. This is the kind of discussion that needs a bit more “elbow” room than the comment section of a blog 😀

          And thanks for replying. I like this kind of back and forth.

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