Quote from “Death Wish”

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Your guts said one thing, your head said another, and your guts usually won; ….

…..the head made it crystal clear it wasn’t enough to let blind rage sweep over you…

….lunatic rage was no match for a gun. The only match for a gun was a gun of your own.

`Death Wish, page 84



Goodness, I’m loving this book. I’m already looking forward to writing a review of it. Wish I could find an edition that wasn’t a “movie” version with Charles Bronson’s face on it. I guess even the 70’s had to endure the scourge of “movie success” and books. But at least they had cool music…


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19 thoughts on “Quote from “Death Wish”

    1. Back on Booklikes I’d do them once a month or every couple of months. Since moving full time to wordpress I’ve only done it once in ’18 and I believe this is the first time in ’19? I’m thinking about trying to make use of the quote tag more often now 🙂

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    1. I didn’t pay attention to it either just because of Charles Bronson 😀
      I guess this is one time a reboot had a net positive for me! I watched the reboot, liked it, watched the original and found out it was based on a book. I wish that would happen more for people…


    1. I actually already have. I actually watched the reboot with Willis, the then one with Bronson and THEN read the book. I’m going to be doing a side by side comparison of all 3 next weekend instead of just a standalone movie review.

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