Kneel or Die (Kurtherian Gambit #7) ★★☆☆½

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Title: Kneel or Die
Series: Kurtherian Gambit #7
Author: Michael Anderle
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 336
Format: Digital Edition



There is one son of Michael left, one final Forsaken, who is defying Bethany Anne. He begins the process of a multi-prong attack based on what he learned from the last attack in the previous book. However, BA and Michael teleport in and Michael simply kills him. Bam, Forsaken are no longer a problem.

BA has been pushing for space worthy vehicles and her crew is really pushing themselves to get this project off the ground. BA needs a moon base to get out of the control of Terrestrial Powers. The team uses the new and improved vehicles on several missions and being able to get from one point on the Earth to another in a matter of minutes makes them even more deadly.

ADAM continues to grow and confronts a group of chinese government hackers. Now some part of the world knows it exists.

At the same time, the Team begins going after some terrorists that had struck in France. They begin hooking one member after another and working their way up the food chain. BA simply disappears each victim into the Etheric. No body, no mess, no evidence. This does lead to a lowly analyst at a small government agency discovering the disappearances and she begins tracking them. She realizes that “somebody” is making raids into foreign countries and killing people. So she sets out to track down this mysterious group of blacker than black operatives.

The clock is now ticking. BA must get her defenses in order: militarily, politically and technologically, as she is about to be discovered by the world at large.


My Thoughts:

The profanity has reached stupid levels now. It’s not all the time. It’s almost like Anderle has a checklist and there is one scene or two exclusively written so BA or one of her teams can simply swear in the ridiculous manner that Anderle has plotted. It simply is annoying and trying to figure out how I can just skip over it in future books.

I felt like the whole Forsaken problem was wrapped up way too easily. It was like the Forsaken were setup as bowling pins and then between BA and Michael, the author knocks them all down with a spare. It was rather anti-climactic. Hard to believe the Forsaken were such a problem if they were taken care of so easily.

Unfortunately, at the end of the book the author felt the need to include pages and pages and PAGES of reviews of previous books. Even more tactless and stupid was the fact that he RESPONDED to those reviews in the book. I believe most of them came from Amazon, so I’m not sure how he legally did that(Anderle being an indie I suspect he just did whatever he felt like without giving 2 figs for anyone else). Who the feth does he think he is doing something like that? If I found out he’d done something like that with one of my reviews without permission I’d buy a plane ticket to the nearest metro area, gear up and hunt him down for being the sick son of a bitch he is. This was completely inappropriate to be included in a book, without even going into the legal side of things. I knocked off a whole star for this section. Things like this are why I detest indies in general.

Other than those 2 major items, this was fun, just like all the previous books. There are some real kick butt action scenes and the little bit we get to read about TOM and ADAM and their interactions are fun. Anderle also pulls no punches about terrorists and what religious group they mainly come from. Of course, he soft peddles it with some pretty Politically Correct appeasement language but considering how blinded the West is to Islam, that really isn’t surprising, even if just a bit disappointing.

I really liked the whole Analyst figuring stuff out. It wasn’t that she was a super character but the implications are pretty important. Of course, Anderle will probably deal with that in the same way he dealt with the Forsaken. He seems to be much better at setting up cool scenarios than in writing them out with the right balance of tension and “the good guys win”ness.

There are 15 or 18 books in this particular series. I was sure I was going to be able to work my way through them all when I started but after this one, I don’t know. Him including and responding to reviews really undermined the enjoyment I had experienced. It tainted everything.



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21 thoughts on “Kneel or Die (Kurtherian Gambit #7) ★★☆☆½

    1. I skipped most of them. There was one where a reviewer criticized “something” and Anderle explained, in what I felt was a very patronizing manner, how that was all “explained” in a previous book. Then he goes all false humility about looking at said section to see if he can make it clearer for future readers.

      It came across as someone interacting with people on their personal website. Which would have been perfect. But NOT on reviews from Amazon, that were included in the book.

      After that particular review/answer session I just skipped right to the end and fumed 🙂

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  1. I’m ok with authors using a line or two of my review to promote their book but I would take exception to an author using the whole thing without permission and especially answering back! Not good at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s really weird. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an author include and respond to reviews IN their book before. But then again, I don’t read a whole lot of indie authors. I can see how it would taint everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Every time I read a good indie author book, they end up doing “something” to make it obvious that they’re an indie.

      I have to admit, I wish more authors were like Michael Sullivan…

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  3. Maybe he had comissioned too many pages in his book and had to fill them up with something?? 😉 Though I don’t see how he could legally do it without permission from the reviewers… Anyway, that just confirms my initial assumption about the series – not going to read it 😉

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    1. I was wondering if he was part of the Kindle Unlimited program where the author gets paid per page read. So puffing up the numbers can get you some extra money.

      Before this, I would have recommended this if you needed some brainless fun. Now, not so much even though I’ll be reading another book at least.

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  4. WHAT?! He responded to reviews in the back of his book?? That’s just plain weird. Not only is there the legality issue, but it also comes across as incredibly petty. Bit disappointing about the politically correct aspect, but that’s really nothing compared to the inclusion of reviews and responding to them. I don’t think that’s the place or the way to respond to respond to reviews (if you even should respond to reviews- which is highly debatable- especially since the only successful attempt I can think of came from Oscar Wilde in his preface to Dorian Gray… and my guess is this author is no Oscar Wilde!)

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    1. These were all in the kindle unlimited and Anderle is the very definition of indie success (in terms of money). All the covers are consistent though, so they’ve never bugged me 🙂

      I wouldn’t have picked these up either on my own but after following someone who read the whole series, I was hooked.

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  5. I’m with Lashaan above – can’t read this book because of the cover. Can’t read any of these books because of the covers. I have a strong dislike for females in leather packaging looking ‘badass’ and/or grumpy.
    But the responding to reviews thing is too weird …

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    1. Girls in leather has never done it for me, so maybe I just pass over the cover? Honestly, it just didn’t come across my radar but that is because I wasn’t browsing online and found these. I got a recommendation and saw a review of the series, so that is probably why.

      But the review thing IS just weird. Not professional either.

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