Terrorist Dispatch (The Executioner #448) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Terrorist Dispatch
Series: The Executioner #448
Author: Don Pendleton alias
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Action/Adventure
Pages: 196
Format: Digital Edition



A terrorist group makes an attack at a memorial in Washington, DC and no one is sure if it was Russian terrorists, Ukrainian terrorists or somebody pretending to be the other. Mack Bolan doesn’t care. With information from the Stony Man intelligence farm, he goes after the local russian and ukrainian mobsters and then heads to the Ukraine to do the same to both their bosses.

Hitting both sides equally, Bolan pits them against each other, thus allowing them to wipe each other. Scratch two bad guys form the list of the world’s badguys.


My Thoughts:

I read the original 30 some Executioner books by the real Don Pendleton a couple of years ago. Vigilante Men’s Action/Adventure perfectly sums up these books. Mack Bolan was a driven man, capable, rational and unafraid of blood and violence against those who deserved it. Planning, action and guts were the characteristics of his moves.

This book, written by a ghost writer mentioned in the end credits, is produced by Gold Eagle, a division of Harlequin. What bodice ripping romance books are for women, Mack Bolan books are for men. Sadly, the character of Mack Bolan as depicted originally isn’t the same guy portrayed here. Some of the same “words” are used, but the man portrayed in this book uses the word “whatever” a lot. The Executioner doesn’t use the word “whatever”, that implies a lack of caring about planning and intel gathering. Considering he uses it at least three times in this book, it makes Mack Bolan feel very caricature’ish here.

I am glad that I read this but it has put to rest my curiosity about how the franchise has proceeded. Simply put, it has been simplified even more, to the point that I don’t want to read more. Not recommended unless you need a serious brain break for a day or two.



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8 thoughts on “Terrorist Dispatch (The Executioner #448) ★★★☆☆

  1. Ah yes, modern Executioners.

    I’ve only read a few of them, but they’ve made my appetite for other later Gold Eagles kind of underwhelming. To me they’re kind of like the literary equivalent of Twinkies-not just sugary to excess (you know that) but processed to a point that’s strangely dull.

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  2. I remember the original Mack Bolan books but haven’t read any. I remember when I was younger liking how each title had a different location in it, and the cover art. Lots of assorted mayhem. 🙂

    Sorry to hear this didn’t live up to the originals. I see this one is #448. Wow! They’re really keeping this thing going aren’t they??

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    1. The original 37 were awesome. The titles and covers were very eye catching 🙂

      In regards to being 448, they’ve turned him into a franchise. I think a new book comes out every 3-6 months and has been since the 70’s or 80’s?


    1. 😀 He’s usually front and center from what I can tell on the recent releases. Usually with a big gun or piece of mass killing machinery. I think I saw him with a bazooka/missile launcher on one?

      Glad to know. I was pretty worried for you because you seem like the prime target for Harlequin Romance books 😀 😀 😀


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