Elektra (2005 Movie)

elektra (Small)Ok, this was just as bad as I remembered. I actually watched this with Mrs B as she had seen years ago and remembered liking it. I think that is why I actually own it, it was in the bargain bin at Walmart for $5 and she wanted it.

Our consensus was that this was the “Poor, Sad Puppy” movie.

Audiences were introduced to Elektra in the movie Daredevil in 2003. She was a romantic interest to DD but apparently died at the end of the movie.

This movie starts out with a lot of BS about an eternal war between the forces of good and evil and that each generation a Chosen One arises and whoever gains control of said Chosen One helps their side get ahead. We then get a 2minute crash course in the good guys and the bad guys and that the good guys can see the future and raise the dead. Cue Elektra being raised by Stick, the blind cranky man who gives Daredevil such a hard time. Elektra trains under the good guys but is too filled with anger, etc so Stick kicks her out. She becomes an assassin of Legend and hunts down the Hand (the bad guys) whenever she is on a job. Why, I have no idea.

Her assassin agent gets her a gig and she has to go to some remote island where she supposed to wait further instructions. There she meets a 13 year old girl who has broken into her house and stolen some items and has a MAJOR attitude. She meets the father and they all have dinner together and “bond”. Then Elektra gets the package outlining her newest target. I wonder who that could be? Probably the butcher on the next island over? Nope! It is the father and daughter, surprise! She refuses and then the Hand try to kill the father and daughter and Elektra defends them and takes them to Stick. Stick, for no apparent reason, tosses them all out on their asses where they become the target of the Super Hand, ie, super lame villains with “powers”.  It is revealed that the brat is the Chosen One and so then Stick gives them all sanctuary. Elektra contacts the head of the Super Hand to have a one on one duel for the fate of the Chosen One, even though she is already safe with Stick.

Elektra heads back to her house where her mother died and starts fighting lot of badguys. The Brat shows up and she and Elektra take down the Super Hand and it turns out it was all planned out by Stick to show Elektra that she really was a good person on the inside with a heart of gold. *cue hugs and “awwwwws”*

The movie ends with Elektra going off to be a “Good Assassin”.

There were a lot of flashbacks to Elektra’s childhood and how she sees her mother die and how the head of the Super Hand was the one to do it. You could tell that the intent of the director was to humanize Elektra and make the audience sympathize with her. Unfortunately, it just made Elektra look like a sad puppy for 3/4 of the movie, a puppy that got beat with a stick. Instead of a kickass assassin who could hold her own against someone like Daredevil, we get a hurt little girl with mommy issues.

There were so many things that didn’t make sense with this movie. At the final fight, how did the Chosen One get from Stick’s compound to Elektra’s abandoned mansion? She’s 13, can’t drive and I highly doubt the city bus runs by the abandoned country mansion.  One of the badguys is called “Stone” and takes a shotgun blast to the chest from 5feet away but when a tree falls on him he collapses into green dust (all the Hand did this, why?).  Why isn’t Daredevil kicking the ass of the Chosen One’s father since he’s putting the moves on Elektra? WHERE is Daredevil period? He should have had at least a cameo.  Elektra is only dressed in her red suit for about 20minutes out of the whole 100+ minutes. She wears boring black for most of it. Garner was a beautiful woman and they should have kept her in her signature red suit. I also think they botoxed her lips as they looked big enough to eat an elephant! One of the villains reveals that she used to be a Chosen One. How did that happen since the Hand talks about losing the last couple of Chosen Ones to the good guys?

This wasn’t a superhero movie, per se. The villains dealt more in the supernatural (stone, poison, tattooes coming to life, etc) but Elektra just struts around killing things with her little sai’s. Except when she’s helplessly weeping and making pouty faces because she remembers how mean her daddy was to her and how upset she is about her mommy’s death.

This was not the Elektra I was introduced to in Daredevil. THAT Elektra was badass.  This movie needed a badass Elektra and didn’t get it.  So sad puppy faces for everyone. Boohooohoooo….

At the end of me writing this Mrs B said “In Elektra’s first life she was badass. In her second life she was a sad puppy.  “Martha!“”    hahahahahahahaa!

Next month I’m taking  a break from most of my regular non-review posts to write some silly stuff that’s been percolating through my head. So no choices for you!


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36 thoughts on “Elektra (2005 Movie)

    1. That is correct. No movie review in May. Going to be taking a break from all my weekend post things (tags, 6degrees, movies, world book czar, etc) and just writing whatever pops into my head.

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        1. Oh, I’m counting on it to be dangerous. I will either write some of the most brilliant posts ever seen on this blog, or I will fall flat on my face.
          I have a presentiment which one it will be 😦

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    1. The only people I’d recommend this to would be super diehard fans of the Ben Affleck Daredevil movie. Everyone else should just steer clear.

      Thankfully I had fun watching this as Mrs B helped me get my inner critic into the open.

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    1. She was a good Elektra in the Daredevil movie but there wasn’t enough material to make her her own thing. Some characters really do need to be side characters.

      Have with with ol’ Soph 😉

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    1. My reviews are, both of books, movies and anything else, are deliberately filled with spoilers. My review policy is to review for myself so that in 10 years I can read my review and not have to watch/read the movie/book over again. Saves me a huge amount of time, or in the case of this movie, lets my future self know why this was so bad. The fact that others read my reviews is incidental. Plus, before this year, I reviewed maybe 2-3 movies a year? I’m a book blogger 🙂

      As for following you, there is a couple of things. I am extremely picky in who I follow. You just started your blog it appears and in my years of blogging, I have found that a lot of new bloggers burnout within months and it seems that over 50% just stop within a year. I don’t know that you have the “staying” power and investing time in a blog that might be gone in 3 months is really tough, especially if it happens over and over and over. Also, like I noted above, I am first and foremost a book blogger. The occasional movie review is nice but a stead diet is like eating chocolates every day, every detrimental to my overall health. Finally, and most importantly, I tend to invest in the person behind the blog and not the blog itself. Hang around here, like and comment, get to know me and if we hit it off, then in a couple of months chances are really good that I WILL follow you.

      One piece of advice, if I may. Invest your time and energy into other blogs that you like without expecting any return following and you’ll be sowing good seeds that will ripen in time.

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  1. Wasn’t interested in Daredevil at the time nor Elektra afterwards, even though Garner was in it. Figured if I wanted to see Garner as a kick-ass character, watching Alias at the time (which I was doing) would be the better bet. History has proven me correct.

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    1. indeed it has! I think I watched the first season but the family llama-drama got too much for me and I stopped. I liked the idea and there were a lot of things I did like, but it wasn’t quite enough.

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      1. Yeah, the overarching “Meta” storyline was abandoned for two seasons before being picked up again in the last and besides that things became all family drama or formulaic boring story-wise.

        On a similar note, I checked out the first episode of NBC’s The Enemy Within because of the cast and the trailer promo, instantly found a big glaring plot hole that made me disinterested. The showrunners apparently attempted to fill the plot hole in Episode 8 but the description of the episode just made it bigger in my view.

        The one downside to reading a lot of books, good and bad, is that you’re able to spot problems with stories quickly whether in books or TV or film. Sigh.

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        1. Yep, one of the problems with having a brain in this day and age, AND being willing to use it. 🙂

          My tv watching has dropped to almost zero except for long running shows on Prime. Well, except for The Tick. I love that show. I wish it wasn’t so binge’able…

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          1. Game of Thrones (obviously), American Gods, NCIS, The Curse of Oak Island, Expedition Unknown (plus anything else hosted by Josh Gates), Doctor Who, and Westworld are the only shows that I’ll find a way to watch aka On Demand (I work 4 am to 1 pm, which means bed at 8pm).

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  2. Botoxed lips hahahah At least you went into this movie knowing that it was going to be a disaster. I feel like rewatching it myself too at some point. My child-self back then probably didn’t have too much of a clue of what was going on and was focused on other things throughout the movie as well hahah

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    1. Yeah, knowing what was coming was a huge help. It actually made me want to sit down and re-watch Ghost Rider just to see what I could dig out of that. Thankfully common sense prevailed. At least for a couple of months 🙂

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