[Manga Monday] Northern Pride (Shaman King #15) ★★★☆½

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Title: Northern Pride
Series: Shaman King #15
Author: Hiroyuki Takei
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: Manga
Pages: 200
Format: Digital Copy



Volume opens with Dr Faust VIII watching over Manta who had fainted at the brutality of the last battle. Faust tells Manta that Team Funbari (Yoh’s team) is up next and Manta gets all worried. Next we cut to Team Funbari who are letting off steam at a restaurant in various ways. Yoh reveals that he’s confident enough in the training they’ve done that he thinks he can take the next team single handedly. Team Ren then has a little run in with Team Icemen, who are Yoh’s next opponents. The Icemen show off a bit and then leave the restaurant.

The battle begins and Yoh reveals his big sword. Ohhhhh myyyyy. He tries to be friendly but the Icemen are having none of it and immediately attack Faust as the weak link. Faust shows how he’s powered up by calling forth a gigantic demon version of his beloved Eliza. Team Icemen then attack Yoh but Ryu steps in and shows the burning power of friendship and literally melts their ice attack.

Eventually Yoh sets his team mates aside and lets the Icemen attack him directly. When he survives, they realize they simply don’t have a chance. Yoh invites them to try again, not to win but so that they can lose with the pride of knowing they gave it their all. They accept and Yoh unleashes the new Amidamaru against them and destroys their attack. The connotation being that the Icemen used up all their mana in their final attack and since it didn’t work, they lose.


My Thoughts:

This was a much shorter battle than I was expecting. It felt more like a showcase for the new and improved powers of Faust, Ryu and Yoh. The pride of the leader of the Icemen kept them from realizing how friendly Yoh was trying to be. It wasn’t until the very end that the truth sunk in. Which was what Yoh was trying to do. He didn’t want to create enemies as he climbed up the ladder to become Shaman King so he does what he can to show his opponents that they are not truly his enemies. Thankfully, the Icemen got the message. I suspect other teams later on won’t care or won’t believe it.

I think the fight is over, but it didn’t explicitly show the Icemen officially losing. So I’m holding off judgement until the next volume. With only 32 volumes Takei can’t stretch the fights out into Dragon Ball Z territory, thankfully!



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5 thoughts on “[Manga Monday] Northern Pride (Shaman King #15) ★★★☆½

    1. I watched the first season of Dragon Ball Kai a couple of years ago (Kai being a re-release with all the filler cut and the story streamlined) and it STILL was just too long! I didn’t bother with any more 😀

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