February ’19 Roundup & Ramblings



Raw Data:

8 Books

2815’ish  Pages

Average Rating – 2.06


The Bad:



The Good:

The Black Pearl – 5 Stars

The Tiger and the Wolf – 4 Stars



RED was a great movie.  But with a cast starring Willis, Freeman, Mirren and Malkovich (and some others), it would be hard for this movie to have gone wrong.


Miscellaneous And Personal:

Well, no manga this month. The Crippled God kicked my legs out from under me, which I knew it was going to do. What I didn’t expect was that the next several books would then proceed to kick me in the ribs while I was down and stomp on my fingers. I just couldn’t bring myself to go read manga in that condition. Thankfully, the month started well and ended well. It was just a pig excrement sandwich in the middle.

That did lead me to writing up a storm but it was just drivel. What else can you call 25 years worth of Star Wars Covers?

Did a Tag of Rage and then calmed down with a nice #6degrees post.

While the month just stank for reading,  on a personal level things went swimmingly. Had enough work, had enough fun and had enough good food. Oh, speaking of food, did the  Survival Saturday post. Sadly, not a very good time.

I was totally attacked by spam comments this month  60-100 “doxycycline” spam comments almost every day. Considering that every single one was aimed at the World Book Czar Intro post, I am wondering if I’ve stirred up a hornets nest among the Powers that Be. I wouldn’t put it past them to hound me with their pet spambots! #thetruthisoutthere #tinfoilhatswork


WBCI: (World Book Czar Initiative)

Had the first successful interview with potential World Book Czars. Czar Nicholas II was very friendly and genial but by the end seemed to lack a certain something that a World Book Czar needs, namely, a complete skull without any bullet holes in it! Poor Nicky…

Just remember, in March I’ll be interviewing Lex Luthor, so ask those questions you’ve always had!



For those of you who follow me through email, I am starting the process of creating all new posts for my old reviews that were lumped together in monthly or yearly posts. I’m starting in 2000 and working my way forward. Please be aware this is happening and take appropriate steps. That is all.



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20 thoughts on “February ’19 Roundup & Ramblings

    1. Thanks. When things started to slide readingwise near the beginning of the month I was halfway expecting real life to follow. Thankfully, that stayed just fine. Which made the bad reading tolerable. Not enjoyable or fun, but besides getting me into a week long reading funk, nothing bad came of it.

      Onward to March!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  1. Was the sandwich made from the horrible pig from your favorite gif? (Shudders)
    On a different note, sorry for your reads, but there’s an upside to it – it can’t get much worse 😉 And you ended Feb on a high Tchaikovsky note, so that’s promising 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes!

      And my mind has been mirroring those same exact thoughts. It can only go up and ending with Tchaikovsky IS good 😀 And as long as nothing happens in real life to make March bad, it should be good 😉

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey, I kinda liked your Star Wars roundup! I could kinda tell when you decided to stop reading them, though I have to say some of the new canon stuff isn’t bad. I’ve noticed that a lot of the new SFF authors they’ve tapped are crap with their virtue signaling, but some of the authors from the legends days have really stepped up (Christie Golden, Luceno, and even Zahn with his new Thrawn).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If I hadn’t found the movies so distasteful, I’d probably give some of the old standby’s a chance. But with how the movies have turned out, the books don’t stand a chance with me, not even Zahn 🙂


  3. Happy to hear most of the food adventures went better than that sad potato soup 🙂
    That average rating just hurts my soul… hope you find some better books for March!

    Liked by 1 person

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