♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Seiso)

After the NJO, Jacen Solo, aka Darth Cadeus, becomes head of the Galactic Alliance and begins to secretly recruit Ben Skywalker as his apprentice. Ben is having none of it though. Cadeus openly reveals himself as Sith and begins to follow in his Grandfather’s footsteps. Jaina, as Sword of the Jedi, cuts him down like a two dollar box of cardboard. This is the Legacy of the Force.

Next up was Fate of the Jedi. Luke has withdrawn after his complete failure with Jacen and it is up to the other Jedi to keep the Academy running. Unfortunately, Jedi begin going mad on Coruscant and killing until brought down and sedated. Admiral Daala becomes head of the GA and outlaws the Jedi and institutes a hunt that makes Order 66 look like childs play.

Now if certain ideas sound familiar, that is because the new movies stole ideas left and right from the old EU books. Of course, they stole all the crap and produced crap films.  By the end of FotJ, I was done. When a whole planet of Sith was revealed, I just gave up.  Then Lucas Arts announced that the EU books were no longer canon and everything that I had been following was now just fan-fic. Stabbed in the back by Lucas himself.


Traviss keeps her Mando story going. Interesting, until it was simply shut down. Bleh.
Han and Leia have seen one child die and another turn to the darkside. Oh, and that darksider? He kills Mara, Luke’s wife. What a guy!
Han and Leia now have to watch their daughter kill their son. How much misery does this poor couple have to endure?
The Jedi go crazy and Luke and Ben try to figure out why
Admiral Daala, former Imperial, is now in charge. And a planet of Sith are revealed.
At this point I don’t remember the storyline, except that all the characters who were meant to carry the Star Wars Torch have fallen by the wayside. Bad writing, bad planning, bad ideas
The last 3 Star Wars books I bought. Even as I bought them I knew they couldn’t save my interest. A drowning man’s final desperate grasp onto a sinking straw. In other words, doomed to failure.


So there you have it folks. 6 days of Star Wars covers. What am I supposed to do with them all? I simply don’t want them any more and worst case, I’ll throw them away. Second worst case is I donate them to a fundraiser my cousin’s stepson regularly participates in. Best case is I sell them for free on Craigslist and score some cash.

Well, whatever. I’m over my reading funk by sheer dint of being bored out of my skull.  Tomorrow I am going to read all day and make a Survival Saturday post. A good book by Adrian Tchaikovsky and some “interesting” food, sounds like a perfect way to spend my Saturday.


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29 thoughts on “♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Seiso)

  1. That sounds like a great Saturday plan. I look forward to finding out what survival food you try next!

    Somehow I never got into Star Wars. I watched the first 6 movies at one point and liked them ok, but they didn’t stick with me and I’ve never felt any desire to rewatch them. What little I remember of the characters and the story I think comes more from hearing people talk about them than from my own actual memory.

    I like your idea of taking pictures before you get rid of the books. I had a crazy collection of Star Trek books at one point that I got rid of after both losing interest in them and going digital. I’ve never missed the books, but now I kind of wish I’d thought to take pictures to mark that phase of my life. 🙂

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    1. Going to make the survival food tonight, which will give me time to post about it tomorrow.

      I got into Star Wars with the original films and I think that helped a lot. And nostalgia 😉

      When I was taking pix for these books I realized I’ve got a lot of books on my shelves that I have no intention of ever re-reading. They are from when I had more free money and I tried to buy every book I read. I’ve read a lot of crap 😀

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  2. Nope, as you said in your reply to my comment on your previous post, Fate wasn’t much better. I think I made it three books. That was around the time they were talking about scrapping the EU and starting over so I didn’t bother picking any more up, and was able to feel guilt-free about it.

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    1. The editing team in charge really screwed up. Not one character ever took off and with them killing off famous characters, they set themselves up for failure.

      Crucible was the last official EU book I read and it just kind of died out with a whimper.


  3. How Zahn’s Scoundrels hold up? Never read it, but seems the most salvable of the lot…

    Well, you can see the books get worse by the state of covers – most of those look really bad, like a botched attempt at YA thriller, and only Scoundrels and Kenobi seem all right ;).

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  4. A bit late to the party yet again, by this time youve probly already posted your food blog. What a way to relive your old posts. I am sad you had to say farewell to SW, but i think milou and i are pretty done too. I do still rock my wookie onesie tho.

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        1. I’m giving them all a pass. If the main movies had stayed true, I’d have watched any side movie, no matter how crappy. But with the new trilogy just crapping all over SW, no matter how good some of the side movies might be, I won’t be watching. My fandom is just done 😦

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