♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Fiveo)

In the deep depths of space, there is only war, continual war…


Oh wait, wrong franchise.

Sadly, someone should have told that to the editors crafting the next series of Star Wars books. The New Jedi Order was 20+ books long and was nothing but the Star Wars Galaxy fighting off an alien invasion. It delved deeply into grim territory. Back in the Correllian Trilogy and other books, Luke and Mara had a son named Ben. Han and Leia had 3 kids, Jacen, Jain and Anakin. These series were meant to pass on the story torch to a new generation. Sadly, hardly one author could do so and the storylines after NJO became even more convoluted and outlandish. The Star Wars torch began to gutter out.


The Yuuhzon Vong invade. They worship pain and are outside the Force
Also, they are a complete culture of warriors. And Chewie dies.
Jaina begins her training as Sword of the Jedi while Jacen begins flirting with the Dark Side
Anakin sacrifices himself and Luke brings the Yuuzhon Vong into the Force
Bugs and a wicked bad storyline


Folks, there was simply nothing good about these books. Redemption was swept aside and carnage, on a planetary scale, was the name of the game. Surely things will get better from here every fan asked…


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16 thoughts on “♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Fiveo)

  1. NJO is the series I just don’t think I have an interest getting into. It just seems so far away from where things are going now. Not that I don’t have minor issues with the current storyline, but NJO is a huge divergence.

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    1. NJO and later really tried to forge a path for Star Wars post Big 3 (Luke, Leia and Han) and it didn’t work out very well.

      Of course, the new movies seem to be doing even worse, so whatcha gonna do?


  2. Would you like some afrikaans counting words?
    1. Een
    2. twee
    3. Drie
    4. Vier
    5. Vyf
    6. Ses
    7. Sewe
    8. Ag
    9. Nege
    10. Tien
    Dont know why i just did this. But thought it’ be interesting seeing as i am learning new numbers from this SW posts🙂

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  3. Thankfully, these came after I decided to dump SW franchise for good 😉 I did keep tabs, so I know what happened after, and it was a kind of very rewarding Schadenfreude to see I didn’t miss a thing I could call good in all the successive kilometers of bad prose 😛

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  4. Hmm, let me go through my thoughts on the list of books in the NJO series here – trash, trash, junk, trash, crap, trash, crap, crap, more crap, even worse crap…and that’s about where I stopped, around 10 or 11 books in. Looking back, I want to weep at the amount of time I wasted with this series. They really milked the Yuuhzon Vong for everything they had. And like you said, the story just got increasingly more convoluted to the point where I just gave up and stopped following everything after NJO until I decided to dive back in when the Fate of the Jedi series came about.

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    1. Salvatore can’t write characterization for crap. I realized this with his drizz’t/forgotten realms books. He writes great fight scenes but his characters have as much life as my table chairs. Decent reads but nothing I ever wanted to own.

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