♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Cuatroo)

These books show some of the best of the EU and some of the worst. Writers, while not quite having a blank check, did not have a lot of backstory to worry about or future story to worry about. It was a wide open range and they wrote with all the vigor of a herd of buffalos. Some of the writings smelled like a herd of buffalos had camped too. Win some and lose some I guess.

We’re keeping the X-Wing books.
Stackpole wrote well….
…and Allston wrote funny
One of these books wa a real stinker. Hint- it wasn’t the one where Han woos Leia…
Anderson wrote a hack trilogy
Before there was Mara Jade, there was Callista. She was supposed to be a love interest for Luke. Didn’t work out.
Only a Star Wars Completist would read either of these!
Thus the taming of Star Wars was complete


After these books, the Star Wars EU entered into real Franchise territory, with large storylines being plotted out by editors and multiple authors taking up the mantle. Honestly, the Powers that Be wanted Star Wars to be edgier, grittier and darker. I feel that these books here, no matter how badly written, still captured the spirit of hope and redemption that was showcased in the original movies. Prepare yourselves for dark times ahead.


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29 thoughts on “♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Cuatroo)

        1. If you like the first 4 X-Wing books by Stackpole, then I highly recommend “I, Jedi” by Stackpole. It is the continuing story of Corran Horn. He’s a great character…


  1. “I feel that these books here, no matter how badly written, still captured the spirit of hope and redemption that was showcased in the original movies.”

    I agree. No matter how messy and/or poorly written they were, these books honored the original film trilogy by maintaining its time and themes. Sadly, it was not to last. But at least we still have these particular stories. It’s not a total loss.

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    1. Thankfully, I read these as they were released, so it was never a flood of “Star Wars” but a steady stream that I could handle. I couldn’t imagine someone exploring the EU (now under the “Legends” monniker) now. They’d be lost 😀

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  2. I liked Zahn’s trilogy a lot – even though couldn’t care less for Mara Jade, these books were well written, and Thrawn had been a really cool character. It all went downhill from there, sadly, what with the twins and all those stupid storylines about young Solos and Skywalker… 😦 It was about that time I ended my adventure with SWU, and never regretted it 😀

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  3. I only read a few of the older Star Wars books. I do feel like I missed out on a lot but at the same time now I don’t have the attachment to the old storylines that many fans have now that the official canon has changed. It’s been an easier transition for me.

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    1. Anyone who wasn’t attached to the old EU is definitely lucky in regards to the new canon being shoved down our throats. I suspect if Star Wars survives as a franchise that a whole new generation of fans will have to learn this lesson in the future when Disney sells it off to somebody else…

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  4. I really liked the X-Wing series, and the Allston series was a lot of fun. I think “I, Jedi” was my favorite Star Wars book ever – I re-read it several times.

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  5. What was so bad about the KJA trilogy (honest question; I think I read it many years ago but all these stories blend together now for me)?

    Was that the one where Luke has that weird retreat-into-a-cave-and-become-a-pacifist phase?

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    1. KJA wrote so pedestrian’ly that everybody was a cardboard cutout instead of the characters we loved. He also introduced Kyp Durron and the “Sun Crusher”, a weapon able to super-nova a star. Except it wasn’t used smartly, but more as an excuse for KJA to move his characters around where he wanted them since he couldn’t write himself out of a brown paper bag.

      I’m not sure. It would make sense that this is where that happens, as Kyp was supposed to be his apprentice and he ends up destroying a solar system full of people. But authors always over-use that idea when they don’t want him in the story and can’t think of a good way to present it. Like Luke has to be at every Big Event, Because…. *insert huge eye roll*

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      1. haha no- the new movies don’t believe in redemption- they believe in making all the heroes villains! (*sarcastic yay*) I’ve made no secret I’m not averse to that arc- but I mean it in the Dorian Grey sense- NOT making every great character suck!

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