♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Treso)

Ok, it is only Wednesday and I’ve already watched way more Youtube than I ever want to for the rest of my life. I feel like my brain has inhaled whole bottles of spray cheese.

Poodles are to Dogs what Easy Cheese is to Cheese

Ughh. How do people DO this? I think I’m ready to read just about anything, even a romance! *shudder*


Ok, now we are moving on to books immediately surrounding the first movie trilogy, with Luke, Han and Leia taking centerstage, as they should.

A treso of trilogies. Han Solo Adventures are WAY better than the Han Solo Trilogy


The Han Solo Adventures in individual hardcovers. Written in 1979 and 1980. Awesome baby!


Yoda was BLUE in the novelization. Weird huh?


I call these the Miquels, as they take place in the Middle of the trilogy between the main events


These “Tales” books were good, except for the Bounty Hunter Wars. That was bad.


Quite possibly the worst Star Wars book I ever read.  Tied with The Crystal Star, which will be in another post

Alien reptiles in robot bodies that eat the Force. THAT is the quality of story you got in one of these books. I doubt you have to guess very hard which one. You can’t fake this folks, it really was written about and worked into the now defunct EU canon. This was the beginning of the Wild West Era of Star Wars. Luke smashed moons together, Han flew the galaxy. Leia, well, honestly, she didn’t do a whole lot yet. But don’t worry, her heyday is just around the corner.


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21 thoughts on “♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Treso)

  1. Oh, goodness, I did read The Truce at Bakura – that was the book that cured me of reading all other SW books 😉 That’s a traumatic experience you just dragged out from the forgotten recesses of my memory! 😛 The Tales were cool though 🙂

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    1. And Truce was near the beginning of the EU run too. I think it lowered the bar so much that almost anything after that was considered “good” and hence why so many fans put up with such sub-par books for so long. Blehhhh.

      Glad I could help make you be miserable too. Always glad to help spread the misery…


    1. I “think” it was either Truce at Bakura or Crystal Star? Might have been “asteroids” but whatever they were, they were huge. The only reason I remember it is because of in one of Zahn’s books he has Mara Jade reference it in regards to overusing the Force. It was Zahn’s way of making fun of other authors who just totally overpowered Luke with “Force Powers”…

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    1. I’ve always wondered why the novels went the route they did instead of trying to follow the comics. The comics seemed like they were successful (I never read them but always heard about them) so I could never understand why the novels went the NJO path…


  2. The dangers of Youtube, turns your mind into a mushy mushroom xD I remember reading Alliegance a while back, Timothy Zahn has always been my favorite Star Wars authors. Honestly poor Leia didn’t do anything since Jabba caught her, it’s PTSD probably…

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    1. Nobody seemed to know what to do with Leia. One book she’s a diplomat, another she’s a jedi in training, the next she’s an overworked mother, etc, etc. She definitely got the rough end of the deal.

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