♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Doso)

Since the last couple of reads I’ve had just plain stank, I’m taking a week long break from reading and posting reviews. I’m wasting my time on Youtube, so that I can feel ever so superior once I stop next week and posting book covers to keep my blog alive.

Self-Righteous Nihilism without apology. And anger. Because Star Wars used to be great (even if the stories were terrible, and let me tell you, some of them were B-A-D!!!!!) and now it’s drunk and puking in the gutters, begging for spare change from any passing stranger. Even Forgotten Realms has more dignity these days.

So hearken back with me to the glory days when we all thought Star Wars could be great again.

Traviss could write, but man, did she hate the very idea of the Jedi and she let that hatred shine on through in her writing
Half of these books were pretty good and the other half really stank
The novelization of the Revenge of the Sith was probably one of the best Star Wars books I have ever read. If the movie had been half as good, it would have been the best Star Wars movie anyone had ever seen


And this brings us up to the Infamous Episode 3.  That movie was a dagger in the heart of a lot of fans. Not the story necessarily, but the poor acting, poor writing and poor directing. Lucas is squarely to blame.  It took a lot of “I love Star Wars” for me to buy some of these back in the day.


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21 thoughts on “♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Doso)

  1. Yeah, if you have a future Oscar award winning actress as your female lead and people criticize her for her acting it’s on the director. Lucas needed to delegate in the prequels, I have not problem with Lucas writing the initial script for each film but then he needed someone to come in and “polish” them but there needed to be someone not named Lucas as director.

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    1. Isn’t that the truth? I always assumed it was Ego that made him do this, or a complete lack of his limits. Either way, it ruined a decent story and started Star Wars down its current path of self-destruction…

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      1. So right… On the other hand, look at what happened when he actually delegated – he sold the rights and the new movies are even worse than his prequel trilogy – and that says a lot! 😦

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          1. And so I find myself pining for times when terrible directing skills of Lucas were SW’s biggest problem… 😛
            I actually appreciate the idea behind the prequels – it’s a really solid one; it was just totally dunked by the directing and acting, and the CGI (let’s not forget Jar Jar…)

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    1. Given I haven’t re-read it since the initial read back then, but my goodness, it has stuck in my brain as an excellent book. I might just do a re-read this year or next “just because”, as my final good bye to Star Wars.

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  2. See, this is when I know I’ve spent way too much time reading Star Wars tie-ins because they’ve all started to blend together and I can’t remember which I’ve read anymore. I might have read the Luceno books because I like him…but at this point, who knows anymore. The covers even all start to look alike after a while. Traviss’ Clone Wars and Republic Commando series though, I know I’ve read. She’s not bad at all, but I know a lot of fans were really hard on her, because canon reasons.

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    1. The thing is, in regards to canon and Traviss, she was given the go ahead to write the Mando history and was doing that whole storyline and then out of no-where the frikking clone wars cartoon show took precedence and destroyed her whole storyline. I was pissed when that happened. It was an early foreshadowing of things to come though 😦


  3. Revenge of the Sith… yes, I’ve read it (and not only Zahn) and it was quite cool, I remember now. E-book sadly, I don’t think I own any SW proper(paper)-books…

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