♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Uno)

What with having 4 books in a row just be beyond stinkers, I’m taking a break from reading for a week.

I used to be a huge star wars fan. But that fandom began its death back in ’12 or so and its death throes happened when I watched The Force Awakens. I had been collecting Star Wars books ever since the 90’s though and continued to buy them in hardcover from the Science Fiction Book Club up until I bought  Kenobi near the end of ’13.  I have accumulated a lot of Star Wars novels, with most of them being in hardcover. They take up 3 shelves, double stacked, on one of my book shelves and honestly, it is time for them to go. Mrs B wants to keep the X-Wing books as they are just good adventure stories, star wars or no star wars.

I don’t know what to do with them all now. So before I make any decisions, I’m just going to do a couple of posts showcasing them all so if I ever feel regret once they’re gone, I can simply look at these posts and be all good.


From the very failed Old Republic video game novel tie-ins



Darth Bane Trilogy


Prequels leading up to Episode One aka The Phantom Menace


All 4 variant covers for Episode One.


Prequels leading up to Episode Two, aka Attack of the Clones




I’ve tried to group my books together by Era, which seems the best way. I believe it is all chronological, but with them no longer being canon, who knows.  14 books, with about 90+ more to go. Hope you all like Star Wars covers 😉


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25 thoughts on “♪How do you solve a problem ♪like♪ Star Wars♪? (Parto Uno)

    1. They were on the level as the forgotten realms books. I suspect a gamer like yourself would enjoy them more because of knowing more. The Old Republic books was a (failed) attempt at getting the star wars gaming community into the book side of things.

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    1. Holy smokes Monkey! I just checked my notification and whammo, there’s like a bajillion icons from you 🙂

      Anyway. This stuff needs to go. I’m afraid I’ll turn into a hoarder if I don’t start practicing simplicity now…


    1. Yes, Traviss wrote a whole bunch of Star Wars books. She started a whole sub-series about the clone troopers and the Mandalorians (the people who Boba Fett was one of) but the storyline got the axe after 5 or 6 books and ended unresolved. She also wrote in several of the later longer series. She hates the Jedi (or what they stand for) and really lets them have it with both guns. It was almost uncomfortable to read at times.

      If you want some of her non-SW stuff, she wrote a 7 book series called the Crown of Stars series. Those were big books though!

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  1. I was a fan of old Star Wars, and read quite a few books set in the universe, but I mostly stuck to Luke timeline and from those I only really enjoyed Zahn’s trilogy and Anderson’s Tales from Mos Eisley Cantina. Sigh… those were some good times 😉

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      1. Yeah, the Tales were pretty decent. And Zahn’s trilogy I would have kept it, but sadly I gave it away years ago when I got fed up with SW books – most of those that I’ve read were just a waste of time, unfortunately 😉

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        1. Giving away books, what a strange habit 😛 I’ve read a few SW books in my youth, but I only really remember Zahn… and he was good, I wish I had his trilogy, but sadly it was a library copy…

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            1. I do understand, on some level, just find it hard to accept 😉 But the time will come, and soon, I actually did give away 20-30 books lately, mostly reference books from my schooldays and some random novels that came into my possession accidentaly and I was sure I’ll never read them 🙂

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  2. Oh yes, the very failed SWTOR. It was good while it lasted though, and I made a lot of friends in my guild that I still game with today. Of the three, I think only Deceived was really worth reading. Revan, the one I’d looked forward to most, was a huge disappointment. Doubly so because it was by Karpyshyn, whose SW stuff I usually adore. And wow, you went all out with the Phantom Menace covers. I only got the Obi-Wan version. I was a tween at the time with the biggest crush on Ewan McGregor.

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    1. Yeah, Karpyshyn’s stuff was usually quite readable.
      When I bought the Phantom Menace when it came out, the only one available was the darth maul. Took me a few years to collect them all 🙂


  3. Wow, so many books! Haven’t read a single one… I quite liked the movies, but can’t say i’m a fan. I’m just someone who enjoys them from time to time, but i wouldn’t go out my way to be first in the cinema, haha 😀

    I did play the Star Wars Old Republic MMO though. That was fun!
    I never really got into the MMO/groups stuff though. Just went through the story lines cuz they were cool.

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  4. I wish someone could force you to check out The Last Jedi. I mean… It was pure garbage with pretty visuals as sprinkles on top, but if I thought it was so… I can only imagine what your reaction could hahahahaha

    But man… It’s always so sad to hear you let go of your HUUUUGE hardcover book collections. I’d have totally taken those pretty things in if you didn’t live on the other side of that border!

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    1. The thing is, I don’t want to see Luke the way the *profane* director showed him. That shouldn’t be the way anyone sees him going out.

      Even with book rates, shipping here in the US would be over $100, so I can only imagine what it would end up being to Canada.

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  5. Oh nooo, this sucks!! But happens too often when you just overdo it with a series and try to squeeze out as much of the fandom as you can.

    I never read any Star Wars novels, but have a couple of friends who are really into them..

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