#6degrees – from Fight Club to ….

I’m sick of reading after having 3 books in a row really let me down. I’m taking a break.

After spoiling my last #6degree post (and you all know how much I HATE spoiling things for anyone who reads a post or review of mine), I realized that I wouldn’t put the Final Destination (ha!) into the post title. Just to keep things interesting.  Of course, if a mob forms and demands my head for such a course of action, I will gladly hand over the lackey who thought up such a terrible idea and let him take his justly deserved punishment.





Fight Club. I’ve only ever seen the movie but when I googled for the book cover, there were a bajillion different ones and this one stuck out to me.  That cubist representation look is just so odd.








Kim, on the other hand, has that old time classic look. I chose this version for my calibre library because I just love how it looks. Now, if you didn’t know,  Kim takes place in India when the British Empire was at its height.






Son of the Black Sword by Larry Correia takes place in a Fantasy India-like place. This is a start of a new series by Correia and book 2 is coming out and book 3 is in production, so no chance of this series not being finished. However, so that I don’t forget the storyline, I’ll be waiting until it is finished to continue on.






A whole series of books that I started but didn’t finish because I forgot about them while waiting for new books, was the Left Behind series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. These books were a fictional account based on what some Protestants believe the Book of Revelation means in regards to the End of the World. The writing was just ok and while I disagree with some of the theology/speculation, I know enough about both men to know they have mapped out why they believe the way they do directly from the Bible.




Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing for The New Age Movement and the Illuminati: 666. This was tinfoil hat, conspiracy theory,  “turn a letter sidewise and it means this…” kind of book. It would have been hilarious except for the fact that a new christian I knew had been given it and she thought it was all as true as the Bible. She came to church in tears one Sabbath, so I borrowed it from her and wrote out about 2 pages of issues just from the intro to help her understand what a piece of garbage this was and how it had nothing to do with the Bible.  It made me pretty angry!





Another piece of trash book, that DIDN’T make me angry was Carlton Mellick III’s Warrior Wolf Women of the WastelandI knew I was getting into trash territory just because of the cover, but my goodness, it was bad. Never was tempted to even LOOK at another book by the author.






So there we go. From Fight Club to Warrior Wolf Women of the Wastelands. No that crazy really, if you think about it.



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26 thoughts on “#6degrees – from Fight Club to ….

  1. That’s not too crazy a place to end up based on the starting book! Interesting way you got there, though.

    Also: I agree that the Left Behind books were very meh in the writing style. I read more of them than I would have on my own because my now-ex was willing to read them. Since I think that’s the only non school book series I saw him read, I thought it would be a good connection between us. As the “ex” would imply, though, it wasn’t nearly enough.

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  2. The cover for the Wolf Warrior Women should have been enough warning about the trashy content! 😀 😀
    And on a side note, that kind of cover always makes me thing about damage to the spine or other troubles for those scantily-clad heroines set in what look like very, very uncomfortable positions… 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep, one of the other issues with ebooks. Covers are such a smaller part of the experience. I didn’t even look at the cover until AFTER I’d read it. Sigh.

      All I can think about is balance. If the girls are going to be swinging around, that’ll completely destroy any fighting effectiveness the woman might have had. Even guys wear jockstraps, for goodness sake 😀

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  3. I’ve got Son of the Black Sword on my shelf, but haven’t been able to work up sufficient motivation to start on it. MHI disappointed me and I’ve just got so much Vance et all to read..

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    1. If that was your reaction to MHI, wait at least for book 3 in his fantasy series. I found Black Sword to be very different from MHI. And not in it’s favor. But I happened to like MHI 😀

      So keep on reading that Vance 😉

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  4. That sucks that so many books in a row have let you down. Yeah that cover for fight club is unusual (I’ve only seen the movie too). hahaha yeah warrior wolf women does look like trash! (and I’m genuinely surprised anyone took a book literally titled the illuminati seriously)

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    1. This has been a B-aaaaaaaaaaaaad month readingwise. Pretty bummed actually.

      The thing with the illuminati is, if you’ve lived your whole life in a spiritual vacuum and then become a christian and realize that there is a spiritual aspect to life, it can get confusing. Whole new vistas open up and without experience or knowledge, how is one supposed to know?

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