#WorldBookCzar: Meet the Candidates Intro Post


As I have mentioned over the last 2 years, I feel that the Book Blogging Community needs somebody to tell everyone else what they’re doing wrong and how they ought to be doing things.  In the spirit of not being one of those jackasses who just complain, I have decided that I will DO something about this problem. As such, I have started the World Book Czar Initiative to find that perfect candidate. I plan on interviewing potential Candidates throughout the year. With my keen intellect and razor sharp wit I will ask the questions that nobody else will, so that YOU can decide who to vote for next year! No applause please, I am just your humble servant doing a simple job that others, seeking glory, fame and wealth,  have disdained.

While I plan on asking particularly penetrating questions at each interview, I would like to open the floor up to the rest of the blogging world.  Do YOU have questions you want answered? I will ask those questions for you, shielding you in a cloak of anonymity in which you can feel completely safe. Have no fear, Bookstooge will take the Heat should any candidate be truculent enough to bring it. And if it becomes necessary, I will rain down fiery destruction should any candidate get out of line!

NO candidate is safe from the Wrath of Bookstooge, none!


I have a whole host of interviewee’s already lined up and I feel that they run the gamut that will appeal to the widest possible audience. YOUR candidate will be among them, I promise. You just have to stay tuned to find them.

I would also like to make clear that I do not consider this #worldbookczar my own personal thing. I simply see no one else standing up and addressing this issue. Should the fire take a hold of your soul and a burning desire overtake you, please, do your part. The World NEEDS a World Book Czar.

♪What the world♪ needs now…♪


In February I plan on interviewing the man most think of when the word Czar is mentioned, Nicholas the II of Russia! So please, put your questions as a comment in this post and I’ll pick the most dazzling to give old Nick a headache next month.

Czar Nicholas II. Could he be YOUR czar? Find out next month!!!




28 thoughts on “#WorldBookCzar: Meet the Candidates Intro Post

    1. Britchy, would you like that “stupid man” to be included, or edited out in the final version? I’m fine either way, just want to make sure I’m getting the real spirit of your question 😉

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        1. I really don’t know if I’ll be going too much into the history of this time period or not. Probably going to depend on how zany I’m feeling the Friday night beforehand. These are more of a way for me to let off steam and just be silly. Any actual facts will probably be accidental and/or unintentional 😉

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  1. I really wonder how you adress a dead emperor who abdicated before his death? Semantics I know, but for a question to be dazzling you need the right pronoun/title/name xD. I would ask him if Raspoutine was as scary as he looks in history books ?

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    1. I wouldn’t let mere metaphysics get in the way of finding Our Great Leader!

      I would also like to say that these posts are NOT about me, not at all. If my questions are dull as dirt, I’m ok with that, as long as the interviewee can dazzle us with their answers 😉

      Rasputin seems to be a common theme here. Hmmmm…

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  2. I vote for Attila the Hun! As for Nick, please ask him how long did it take to put all those medals on his chest every time he had to dress up 😉 And what did he use for his moustache to stand up so grandly 😛

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    1. Ahhh, a rebel!

      Don’t worry, the World Book Czar will be nuclearized by the UN and cleared to deal with any and all threats to the Monolithic Book Blogging as created in 2020. So don’t worry, you’ll change 😉

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  3. hehehehe wow- brilliant initiative!! I really wanna know what old Nick thinks of the animated film Anastasia? Does he think the tunes are catchy at least? Also is he a ghost? Does he haunt the Kremlin? (I just want to imagine him stalking after Putin humming “have you heard there’s a rumour in St Petersburg”) So many questions! 😉

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  4. LOL! 😀
    As he’s getting nominated to be World Book Czar, i’d love ask Mr. Moustache what kind of punishment he thinks would be appropriate for all those rebellious adults who read Young Adult books. 😀

    Also, one more vote for Attila! 😀

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    1. Good question! Then we’ll see what kind of actual plans he has in mind or if he’s just posturing.

      Attila seems popular so far. I’ll have to see if my people can contact his people to set up an interview.

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