Count to Infinity (Count to the Eschaton Sequence #6) ★★☆☆½

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Title: Count to Infinity
Series: Count to the Eschaton Sequence #6
Author: John Wright
Rating: 2.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 321
Format: Digital Edition



Montrose survives for another 18+ billion years and he and Rania see the Universe become perfect through outside influence.

The End of the Series. THANK GOODNESS!!!!


My Thoughts:

This book went from a very few really cool sequences to me skimming 10+ pages at a time as the author whacks off to his own words. If philosophy wrapped in a hard sf container is your thing, this might be for you.

Wright is a Roman Catholic and that shows through so strongly here. In many ways, his theistic evolutionist outlook and how he reconciles that to Scripture takes over this book and I actually enjoyed reading his viewpoint (while being in total disagreement). But that wasn’t what this series started out as and it really shouldn’t have ended that way.

However, like I mentioned previously, the plot is burdened by stretches of description that bored me to death. Really, this could have been a short story and been more appealing for it. I would have dnf’d this at the 10% mark but I wanted to see how Montrose and Rania finally get together and since that didn’t happen until over the half way mark, I figured “in for a penny, in for a pound” and finished it.

However, I have NEVER skimmed so much of a book as I did here. I deliberately skipped huge swathes until I saw key words that were action words. Sadly, they were few and far between. While book 1 intrigued me greatly, each successive book got progressively more descriptive, less action’y and more boring. I’m going to have to think long and hard about if I want to try any of his other series.



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17 thoughts on “Count to Infinity (Count to the Eschaton Sequence #6) ★★☆☆½

  1. I hate when I have to skim books. I feel as though I might as well DNF it but then I’ve made it *this* far so I might as well finish it. Ugh. Descriptions upon descriptions are painfully boring. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Was Montrose and Rania’s meeting worth it?

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    1. Montrose and Rania’s meeting did NOT make the whole book worth it. They meet and then eleventy-bajillion years go on and they become galaxy sized intelligences. It just didn’t work for me.

      I really did think about dnf’ing. Honestly, I should have, several books back when the focus went from action/plot to philosophy. Well, hopefully this will help me to dnf earlier now…

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    1. If the reader happened to like speculative physics paired up with catholic philosophy, they’d probably love it. But I was in it for the action and adventure and I did not get that 😦


    1. That is a very relevant question. Honestly, if this had been any other book by any other author I would have dnf’d the series a couple of books ago.
      I’d normally dnf a book that I skimmed this much. So I guess this is the exception to the rule?

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