Odysseus Awakening (Odyssey One #6) ★★★★☆

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Title: Odysseus Awakening
Series: Odyssey One #6
Author: Evan Currie
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 318
Format: Digital Edition



The Empire sends out another expeditionary force and they head out to a small Priminae system to gather information. A small Priminae fleet with the new hybrid human’priminae technology attempt to stall the fleet in hopes that more reinforcements will arrive.

Commodore Weston and the (very) small Earth fleet make a rescue run and eventually drive off the bigger Imperial fleet, but not before the Imperial Fleet gets a data core dump from a captured Priminae ship.

And at the very end of the book, Odysseus manifests.


My Thoughts:

My goodness, such pulpy spaceship and space marine fun! Obviously, from having read about the Priminae world consciousness and Weston learning about Earth’s world consciousness, I was not at all surprised when a ship consciousness happened. I just don’t know how it will impact the storyline in later books.

Earlier in the month I complained about Croma Venture and the whole Spiral Wars series by Joel Shepherd being a never ending series. As I was reading this book I had to stop and question myself as to why I didn’t feel the same about this Odyssey One series. One part is that each book in the Odyssey One series is at least 25-35% shorter than in the Spiral Wars. I don’t feel like I’m “investing” my time in these, I’m just having a short fun read. Secondly, each book here is an almost self-contained story. While we learn little bits about the Empire or the Priminae, etc, Currie is NOT trying to setup galaxy spanning Empires and boring me to death with politics between them all. Thirdly, the focus of each book is on itself instead of feeling like nothing but super long setup for the NEXT book, which then repeats. I feel satisfied with each of the Odyssey One books where I really didn’t with the later Spiral Wars books.

If you want romance, look elsewhere. If you want deep characterization where every thought and possible permutation is hashed out inside a character’s mind, look elsewhere. If you want a grand space opera with a good balance of ship to ship fighting and ground pounder action, then look here.

I don’t ever plan on re-reading this series and usually that means only a 3.5 rating. However, after realizing just how stingy I am with my ratings, (3.31 average in 2018 for goodness sake) I’ve decided that if I enjoyed the heck out of a book, then it deserves 4 stars. So 4 stars with the caveat that this is not great literature. It also isn’t a waste of time. So decide which is more important to you and choose.



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19 thoughts on “Odysseus Awakening (Odyssey One #6) ★★★★☆

  1. And thus you’ve given the powers that be great marketing information. Spot on, that if you’re going to have a series don’t make the reader feel they’re spending all their time with your books because no matter how good the book is, you don’t want to be reading one author all the time. That’s why Dickens only gets a read from me now and then. Wonderful stories but TOO long. Great name they chose for this book though …. Odysseus …. 😉

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    1. Curry has really done a good job of keeping his works interesting (for the most part). Between different series and keeping them short, he’s basically telling stories like Louis L’Amour did, but for SF instead of westerns.

      Dickens I can handle about every 2 months. Because yeah, that man liked to write!


    1. Huh, you know, I hadn’t really thought about that. Good point.
      * goes off to think *

      I don’t think so. Mainly because I have given the previous two books 4 and 4.5’s. However, I am thinking that I might need to revisit my Star Rating post and address the “enjoyment” level as a field modifier.

      Also, looking at my 4star description, it requires that I “might” re-read a book/series. I am thinking that enjoyment trumps that requirement and that a possible re-read is required for a 4.5.

      Does that make sense? I’m kind of rambling by the seat of my pants right now.

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      1. Ok, so you need to include the enjoyment factor in your rating, equaling at least .5 😉

        That does make sense – especially because rating books is a struggle for me as well – and I’m not half as organized at it as you are 😀 I come back to some titles and would gladly chop off a star or two from their rating, while considering adding some to other… The ones I’m 200% sure about are usually the ones and tens… well, maybe from 8 up 😉

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        1. I usually try to look at my Star Rating post once a month just to keep it fresh in my mind, other wise my ratings turn into “whatever I feel like at that moment”, which while it has its place, makes for a rather uneven and capricious rating system.

          I think I took close to a month to create my rating system back in ’15 or so. I realized I needed some kind of steady metric. Have you thought about trying to quantify your rating system? Since you do 1-10, that gives me some hard lines to measure yourself by. I figure my half stars give me some leeway to work such intangibles as “enjoyment” into the rating. As this whole comment is proving 😀

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          1. Oh, but I do half-stars as well 😉 Take into account that Piotrek’s and mine rating can vary – significantly, at times.

            So we need to have a very general outline – in addition to our 1-10 we have the categories of rare/medium/well done to indicate how much we like the book. These are not evenly spaced – I’d say a book below 5,5 is “rare”, and a book equal or above 7,5 is “well done”. Within these borders, however, it’s more of a “feel” than “science” 🙂

            Hence, the enjoyment factor is very much included – just not as quantified as in your case 😉

            Damn, I guess we need to make a short note about our rating system 😉

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    1. Jack Campbell and the Lost Fleet Series.

      That is the first book and since I read/wrote that back in ’09, it isn’t spoiled as all get out. Overall, spaceship battles aren’t my thing, as I prefer space marines and ground pounder action.
      If you have the time, Per Jonsson likes that kind of stuff more than me and he might be able to give you a better staring place:

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  2. When i read space marines i can only think of warhammer! This does sound like something i could like tho. If it is like Eve blew me away last year this will also be able to win me over. Great review.

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