Bookstoogedamus Predicts The FUTURE!



You know what? I saw that picture while googling for one of the tag posts, grabbed it, thought up the title of this post, saved it as a draft and now I have NO idea where I was going with this. I mean absolute zero idea. Not even Kelvin could get anymore zero’ey than me at the moment.

Which means I’m going to have to put my brain into gear and work at this post! So what I have been trying to predict? Let us explore…



I predict there will be some rain this year and sunshine. Also, some snow for variety’s sake. Temperatures will get really hot and also really cold. As completely accurate as I know that is going to be, it just doesn’t seem what I was aiming for.


bruh-fight-me-27954658I predict that I will get in a fight with somebody on the internet this year. Wowzah, I bet THAT comes as a shock to everybody.  Peaceful ol’ Bookstooge who wouldn’t hurt a fly (unless it was a COMMUNIST FLY!!!!!!!!) predicting he’ll get into an altercation of opinions with somebody else? I give this prediction a very low chance of happening, but just in case, you know?




I predict I am going to watch some movies this year and some of them will be so bad they are good. Well, as long as Rifftrax keeps putting out their lower tier releases on Amazon Prime, I don’t see how I can go wrong with this prediction, especially that bad part.



I will read at least “some” books this year! If THIS prediction doesn’t come true, you, me and the whole planet are bloody screwed and I do mean royally.


Well, that is pretty much it. Besides lottery numbers, what else is worth predicting? (and seeing as how I don’t gamble, it’s a moot point) And even after all that work, I still have no idea what my original intent was. Talk about a disappointment, eh? Yeah, me too. You all should probably buy me consolation prizes so I feel better about myself.  I’m very sensitive on the inside, as this picture shows:





Welp, until next time, Bookstooge out…


bookstooge (Custom)

30 thoughts on “Bookstoogedamus Predicts The FUTURE!

  1. I’m lousy at making predictions unlike my friend Bookstooge who’s always right on the money…What I always do is put forth some new year’s resolutions:

    1. Donate more to charity. There is no perfect strategy for this. You’re either a sticker, a random respondent or an embrace all kind of donor.
    2. Take up less room in the bed. It probably won’t hurt me and will improve my partner’s mood.
    3. Share less of what I think. Sometimes I open my mouth because I have a thought. It’s like the thought is propelled by a belief that its existence means it has a right to be aired. Well not all of them do and I can see clearly looking back – and looking forward – how helpful it might be for thinking to sometimes remain an internal activity.
    4. Share more of the driving. That’s a tough one. One the one hand I love driving, on the other hand, I’m often tired and enjoy being driven. The concept of “balance” in couples is probably just another epistemological error that needs retiring.
    5. Share more vision. That of others and my own. How to do it? Tricky. Tea talk? Naive. Arrange trans political meetings locally or set up an Imagine Togetherness project? People want to feel heard. That’s probably why they vote so badly. I really need to think more about this.
    6. Fill my cupboards with tinned food and other preserves and buy euros and leave as little money in the bank as possible (The euro is still up on the pound since the conservative party’s Brexit fiasco began and that is before Brexit day.)…
    7. Continuing being as stupid in 2019 as I’ve been in previous ones.

    Well there’s a start…

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    1. If your comment wasn’t sounding so serious, I’d be making a LOT of fun of it 🙂 But to respond in kind:

      1) We tithe, so that is a monthly thing that just is. Plus, whenever things like food drives come up each month, we donate to that too.
      Honestly, pick either a specific amount or a specific percentage and do that first, before anything else. Learn to live on what you have after and don’t make giving come from the “leftovers”. There is never leftovers 😀

      2) OR…
      buy a bigger bed 😀 (ok, sorry, couldn’t resist)
      With all the walking you do, I’m surprised that this is an issue. Of course, I just realized from your food related posts that maybe they balance each other out. Do you think you’ll go the exercise routine or the cutting of food route?

      3) This is exactly why I have a paper journal. Some things need to be gotten out of your system but NOT broadcast to the whole world. I’ve thought about a private blog, but putting pen to paper is just therapeutic.

      4) Bravo to you for that! I find that I have a wicked hard time with this and it doesn’t help that Mrs B doesn’t mind letting me drive. More power to you to get this happening.

      5) That is a real toughy, Everyone seems to screaming out online so everyone is drowning out everyone and being drowned out. I think it comes down to personal connections. You can influence the people you know. Go with that I guess.

      6) ALWAYS good to have more food and hard cash on hand. We keep a couple of months supply of both squirreled away, just in case :-/

      7) Hahahahahahaa. I’ll join you in that one! 😀 😀 😀

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  2. Oh wow, Bookstooge! You can predict the future?

    Are you a witch? Should I get the pitchfork??

    (No meteor shower lol.. But it was raining ash at my father in law’s place on Friday.. They had a fire nearby – living almost in the bush in Australia + 40 degrees and wind will do that -.- )

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    1. Well, I didn’t choose this particular avatar for nothing! 😉

      That is one thing I really like about where we live, there is green almost year round and we don’t have to worry about forest fires…

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  3. You got into internet fights this year and I missed it? Most the time I’m out for drama, but I do love a good popcorn moment when the outcome is predictable!

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    1. Thankfully, I am now simply walking away if it happens on someone else’s blog. If it happens on mine, I am now leaning towards blocking them and deleting their comments.
      This is supposed to be fun, not stressful 😀

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  4. hehehe I love how this post starts! I think your weather report is about as useful as the one that airs on TV 😉 (also it reminds me of my favourite ever weather report from the journalist Jeremy Paxman- who was forced to do a weather report by his producers- and just said “it’s April, in the UK, take an umbrella”) hehehe I wish I had a chance of watching “so bad they’re good” movies- cos I seem to only get plain old bad movies these days 😂 hahaha well I hope the prediction you’ll read some books happens! 😂

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  5. I like how a picture got your brain all sparked up and then had no idea what to do with. I can totally see you do these kinds of posts just from picking up random pictures off Google hahaah I also can’t stop being fascinated by your “love” for communists. And I totally agree with “so bad they’re good” movies. I actually put Schwarzenegger’s movies in there. 99% of them. 😀

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    1. Yeah, when I’m on the hunt for the perfect pix I always come across other good ones and sometimes this kind of post happens 😀

      And sometimes a bit of pure randomness is what I need to do to shake myself up.

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