The Deaths of Tao (The Lives of Tao #2) ★★☆☆☆ DNF@67%

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Title: The Deaths of Tao
Series: The Lives of Tao #2
Author: Wesley Chu
Rating: 2 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 464/DNF’d at 67%
Format: Digital Edition



Four after the previous book, Roen is married to Jill and has a 3 year old son named Cameron. Unfortunately, under the urging of Tao, Roen has pretty much abandoned his family to fight against the Genjix and find out what their master plan is. Tao is convinced that the Genjix no longer wish to return to their homeworld and have nefarious plans for Earth and humanity.

This appears to be the plan and the Prophus, now very much decimated due to botched leadership, must play catchup, if at all possible.


My Thoughts:

I gave up on this book so late in the game because I was realizing I simply didn’t care. I didn’t care about stupid Roen Tan. I didn’t care about the miserable alien Tao. I didn’t care about the idiots at the top of the Prophus. I didn’t care that the aliens were attempting to terraform earth to their own standards.

For phracks sake, I am more competent at command than those idiots in the Prophus. That really annoyed me. Not my can of energy drink at all and I’ll be avoiding anything by Chu in the future. 3 tries is enough.

This book gave me the exact same vibe that I got from Time Salvager. So nothing particularly wrong with this book and I can’t point to something specific and say “I don’t like that” but it’s just apparent that I don’t like Chu’s books and writing style and choice of protagonists.

I feel rather generous giving this 2 stars, but honestly, there is nothing wrong here to take it lower, I simply didn’t like it.



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15 thoughts on “The Deaths of Tao (The Lives of Tao #2) ★★☆☆☆ DNF@67%

  1. I liked it 🙂 both the first book and this one. Cool idea,protagonist I rather liked, digestible writing…The finał book was a disappointment, I gave it 6.5/10 in my review, but it should have been 5, 5.5 max. All the problems you mention here get really annoying in book three 😉

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    1. I am consciously trying to dnf more. Not just hold the books I read to a higher [entertainment] standard, but myself so I maximise my enjoyment. I would still be miserable about this book even if I finished it. So why finish? On to the next one!

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  2. Oof, it’s always so disappointing when a series fizzles out like that. I know what you mean when you say you can’t point to anything specific as to what you don’t like though, sometimes it’s just an overall feeling of malaise and ambivalence, or “meh”. Sorry it didn’t work out for you.

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    1. yeah, the whole fizzling thing is almost worse. I don’t feel righteous anger that allows me to shield myself from the pain of stopping something.
      It’s like walking through deep mud. You don’t realize how exhausted you’ve gotten until you stop 🙂


  3. I struggled with this one for a lino, but thought it came together in the end – and justified all the things I didn’t like about the first 60-75%. But that’s a problem right there (Chu earned a lot of good will from me from Lives of Tao, which he spent almost all of before I started liking this one). But yeah, some writers just aren’t for everyone. Feel bad for encouraging you to stick with this. (not very, but a little)

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    1. That’s ok, I’m a big boy and take responsibility for myself. Until I need a good reason to let loose on you, then all bets are off! 😉

      I think I just have to admit that Chu’s not for me. He should be, as I like the ideas presented in his books, but something about his style simply doesn’t mesh with my taste.

      Well, off to try some other books by some other author…

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  4. You know, after your positive review of the first book I felt encouraged to try it, despite my misgivings after the failure that was Time Salvager. Well, I’m sorry to report that I did not go further than midway with The Lives of Tao: after what was an interesting beginning, the story seemed to run in circles, and I could not connect with Roen Tan as a character – my, what a whiny creature! The story itself was not all that gripping as well…
    I guess that Wesley Chu’s works are not for me either…

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    1. Sometimes how an author writes is simply incompatible with our personality. But since this is my 3rd Chu and I’ve basically struck out, I’m done swinging.
      Live and learn 🙂


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