Critical Failures (Caverns & Creatures #1) ★★☆☆☆

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Title: Critical Failures
Series: Caverns & Creatures #1
Author: Robert Bevan
Rating: 2 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 284
Format: Digital Edition



A group of RPG gamers have put an ad out to a Cavern Master, as none of them want to do the hard work. A man shows up at the Chicken Shack, in cape and with all the other accoutrements a Cavern Master could need.

These gamers are jackasses. So they hassle the guy for wearing a cape and take their game playing very casually. This enrages the Cavern Master and has each of the players roll his special dice. This transports them into the game as their characters. The Cavern Master is interrupted by the sister of one of the players and her boyfriend. They too are transported into the game.

Shit happens and the gang gets separated, some in jail, some in the forest, more hijinks, mixups, etc. They all eventually get together, find out that the Cavern Master has done this to other people and trick him into a situation where he has to release them or die. Unfortunately for them, he dies and they’re stuck in the game world with no way to get out.

The end.


My Thoughts:

Swords and Spectres has been reviewing this series and I thought I’d try it. He did warn me about the profanity and folks, he was NOT kidding. These are 20 something losers with the accompanying attitude. Self-absorbed, filthy mouthed, caring about no one or anything but themselves. I was actually rather glad that they got theirs by being pushed into the game. Unfortunately, they are just as horrible in game as they are out of the game.

The humor was right up my alley and I kept snorting and laughing out loud but honestly, it was wicked crass and relied on a juvenile humor about death and body functions.

Even with that, I’l be reading the next book. However, since I’m pretty sure it is just more of the same, I expect to stop the series then.



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27 thoughts on “Critical Failures (Caverns & Creatures #1) ★★☆☆☆

    1. Indeed. The idea is one that I really like but so far, haven’t found a book series that can actually pull it off.
      Heck, I didn’t even like the anime Sword Art Online which is this idea as well.

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      1. Have you seen Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash? They try to be more realistic than SAO…
        I’m still intrigued, after reading your review, one by Swords and Spectres made me put the series on my TBR and yours confirmed it should be there, as a guilty pleasure 😉
        I’m playing some Warhammer Fantasy RPG this week, and that’s a world I wouldn’t want to get sucked into 😀

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          1. It’s fun, we have a straightforward campaign where we exterminate large amounts of goblins, but there are clues our GM has sth more complicated saved for later 🙂

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  1. I’ve been curious about this series, but not enough to actually try it. I think from your review that I’ll pass.

    I enjoyed Drew Hayes’ NPCs (and the other books in that series so far) and I think it does a great job of executing this story premise (with slight twists) so I’ll just re-read that one instead.

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  2. This really is one of those that you either love or you hate. As a Dungeon Master for a D&D game it really tickkes my nerdy little heart.

    The swearing is literally in abundance. So if you don’t want much of that, this literally gives a hundred times more than you could want.

    Credit to you for finishing it.

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