Death Becomes Her (Kurtherian Gambit #1) ★★★☆½

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Title: Death Becomes Her
Series: Kurtherian Gambit #1
Author: Michael Anderle
Rating: 3.5 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 271
Format: Digital Edition



Michael, the Father of All Vampires, is awoken after one of his children is killed. He sets out to find a replacement but there is only 1 candidate that fits Michaels very exacting standards. He contacts General Reynolds to setup the interview.

Bethany Anne Reynolds, a black ops of black ops agent, has been diagnosed with an incurable blood disease that will kill her in less than 6months. She has only told 2 people, neither of them being her father. So when she is summoned to her father’s base, she assumes one of the two spilled the beans.

Bethany Anne is recruited by Michael. She is now officially dead and her record of existence has been closed. However, Bethany Anne was not recruited to simply be a new child of Michael’s, but Michael’s own replacement as he realized that events in the world were moving faster than his 1000 year old brain could handle. New blood was needed (I think I made that pun all by myself!).

It turns out that what turned Michael into a sunwalking alpha vampire a millenia ago was an alien scout sent to change any sentient races it found into beings capable of fighting an enemy that the aliens, the Kurtherians, were no longer able to fight. Now with an alien computer in her head, Michael disappeared and the kickass attitude that has gotten her through life so far, Bethany Anne must face down all of Michael’s children plus all the residents of the Unknown World (what the supernaturals refer to themselves as collectively).

The book ends with Bethany Anne forming a new proto-team of her own and taking down of Michael’s grandchildren who had gotten out of line. But with the Forsaken, children of Michael who have rejected all his strictures, life, or death, isn’t going to be easy for Bethany Anne.


My Thoughts:

My first impression of Bethany Anne (you have NO idea how sick to death I became of that two name nomeclature by the time this book was done) was that I hated her guts. She was piss and vinegar with a bad attitude. Thankfully, once she is made over by the alien machine, and starts acting like an alpha vampire, it’s more palatable. I still don’t particularly care for her, but I stopped actively disliking her by the end.

There was a lot of setup in this book, what with introducing vampires, the shape changers and then the whole “alien” thing. That took this from a “so stereotypical urban fantasy that I want to gag” to a much wider scope of story that could be, and will be, told. Also, Bethany Anne didn’t have any love interest in this book at all, so that was nice.

The action scene where she destroys the werewolves and then goes after the vampire that set them on her was nice and I wish there had been more of that. But at under 300 pages, Anderle had to really choose what to include in this and honestly, I think he did a good job of balancing everything.

This was another book that came across my radar because of PG’s Ramblings. He was dead on about the profanity too, so be aware of that. It only took me a year to get around to reading this. So take that into consideration if I ever tell you that your review has inspired me to read Book X. It’ll be a while

* grin *



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39 thoughts on “Death Becomes Her (Kurtherian Gambit #1) ★★★☆½

    1. ‘I’ve seen this website regularly doing this kind of thing and when I visited their site, it is nothing but links. A parasite, someone who isn’t actually creating content. An unoriginal dolt who will use other peoples hard work for their own gain. Running over the person who controls that website with a bus is too good a death for them.


        1. I’ve left comments on their site and have removed the “share” button here on WP, but when they hard link, there isn’t much one can do. I see that scumbag all over and it just pisses me off in general…


    1. It actually worked really well. It probably helped that I’ve been following PG as he’s been reviewing them so I’ve got some idea of where the overall storyline is going.

      But we’ll see if “I” like the storyline as I explore it 🙂


    1. I tend to have a hard time when I don’t like the main character too. I’m hoping she improves in the next book or two, or else it’ll be too much for me as well.


    1. I’m not a huge fan of vamps either, but considering that in this case they’re more aliens than cuddly wittle wuv interests, well, it didn’t turn me off.
      Not quite the alieness of the Necroscope series by Lumley, but not your typical UF either.

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Same! Up to book 3 was ok, book 4 lost me and I never went back. Thumbs recommended them to me when we first met so I guess I was mostly trying to impress him by reading them … 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

              1. Beg your pardon. Thumbs is my husband (affectionately called such because he plays A LOT of PlayStation, thus his thumbs are most used part of him … and I think I’m very funny, obviously)! 😀

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Well, with an online monniker like that, I certainly will remember it now! 😀

                  And since you’re married, I’m guessing your clever plan of reading Necroscope to impress him worked like a charm 😉

                  Liked by 1 person

  1. I’m so used to friends saying they’ll watch x after I strongly recommend it, only to never get around to it anyways hahahah

    Curiously, what was your favourite vampire-oriented story ever? I seem to always see people giving vampire-related urban fantasy stories an average score, but rarely hear about the “exemplary” ones that just nail the character.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dracula is my gold standard for vampire books. I also enjoyed quite a few of the Necroscope books by Brian Lumley, he portrayed vampires very well.
      Honestly, nothing else immediately springs to mind.

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      1. I’ll definitely schedule Dracula for a near-Halloween read & review this year. It’s about time that I finally get around to that one hahha I’ll definitely look into Brian Lumley’s series too. It’s nothing like Interview with the Vampire.. or is it in the same vein?

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        1. I HIGHLY encourage a read of Dracula, even if you end up hating it.

          As for Lumley, no, his vampires and books are really bordering on the horror. Horrific beings of evil that want to kill, steal and destroy. There is not one shred of good in them. So it makes you cheer all the harder when they are killed 🙂

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  2. The plot on this one does sound different than the usual UF, but it also sounds like it takes an awful lot of time to get there. Hmm. Maybe future books in the series will be better.

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    1. It is a LONG, ie, no end in site, kind of series. Plus lots of spin offs and other things with other authors. PG has faithfully gone through them all but we’ll see if I can or not.

      I’m usually not that good with Series That Never End.


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