A Day in the Life of…

Dear Manly Journal,


Today, I write about the trials of my life. This week has just been so hard, it’s not fair.

Take Sunday for instance. I went to church early to start learning the audio visual. Well, apparently not only movies have gone digital. The whole soundboard was digital and I hardly recognized anything. It was pretty discouraging. I’ve been doing sound for 20 years and now it’s all changing?


Aye Captain, your starship is ready to go now


Bah humbug! We should just get rid of all A/V and tell the pastor to speak up really loud, that is what I say!


Monday it was wicked hot. I ended up drinking 8 of those 1/2liter water bottles just at work, besides what I had at home.


I didn’t even realize how tired I was until I got home and collapsed on the couch.  I’m only 40, I shouldn’t get that tired yet. I’m not old!


Today was easy and fun, but I totally deserved it after yesterday. Worked on a lake, got out early, chatted up the office staff (Mrs Perl might be a grandmother, but she’s not old either! but that PuddingPop, what a lazy punk. Just sits at that computer and does engineer’y stuff. Phhhh, kids these days, right?)

PuddingPop photobombs this post!

Then I went to the gun range with W.C. Bombfunk and broke in my new Sig P938. Shot off 50rounds of 9mm, a whole box and my hand wasn’t even the tiniest bit sore afterwards.

So you can see, this week has been nothing but pure misery. I wish I was dead. Not even a reeses peanut butter klondike icecream bar could comfort me right now. Ha, I’m so miserable, not even TWO of them could help.



I don’t know how much more I can take. I love my job, I have so many books to read. everything just seems to be going my way. So how am I supposed to deal with being tired and hot? It’s just not fair!




bookstooge (Custom)

27 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of…

  1. 40. Man! You’re old!!! lol

    I suspect that because older people (like me) generally no longer compete for status in society we no longer have that social governor whirling around inside, or at least not so fast. Without that governor double checking, nice people tend to be even nicer when old, and nasty people even nastier. The upside is that once you get older you won’t feel so compelled to put up with offensive people, even if they are relatives.

    I enjoyed your curmudgeonly input, often patently tongue in cheek. You provide much hilarity with your skill of puncturing the egos and winding up those who irritate you. Long may you post, and long may you be irascible. LMAO!!!

    I love your posts such as this one!

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    1. The whole “old” thing is because I was realizing Mrs Perl was younger than me when we both started work at this company. Now she’s a grammy Xmultiple. Time waits for no man :-/

      I often worry just what kind of person I’m going to be when my governor fails. But since I’ve seen people get more “X” or those who completely switch to being mellow/uptight, I’ve realized there’s not a lot I can do 😀 I guess I just have to sit back and watch the show!

      I’m glad you can enjoy my posts. Sometimes I wonder if I’m being entertainingly eccentric or just plain odd. A little bit of odd is good, but not too much.

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    1. Was the day over for you when you wrote this? It was roughly 8am and my workday was just beginnning. I don’t particularly care for soccer, but if I could still get paid, I’d watch it 😉

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  2. Bookstooge, I am truly sorry you have to put up with such deprivation. I wouldn’t want you to slip into a black depression, so I’ve come up with some ideas to make your life better.

    – Rebuild your church so the acoustics carry the pastor’s voice to everyone in the audience simultaneously. Sounds difficult, but I’m sure there’s an engineer or an architect somewhere who’s figured out how to curve ceilings or whatever so sound flows right where you want it. Tell the builder it’s a church, so they should build it for 10%, no make it 5%, of their usual fee.

    – Have the government and/or a large corporation build a giant sunshield over your location. It should probably be at least 100 miles in diameter, and of course powered by remote control. You don’t want to block the sun on pleasant days, just the hot ones.

    – As far as your fatigue goes, just hire some manservants to ease your numerous burdens. Everyone should be willing to work for you for a low wage, right? Give them two days off a year to keep them happy.

    All of these ideas are totally feasible and not oppressive to anyone. I see people on Twitter demanding stuff all the time! Why not you? The squeaky wheel gets the grease, you know.

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    1. This has got to be the best comment so far this month and if I kept track of such things, the year.

      I do like the sound of cheap labor, the government doing things for me for free and free servants.

      Maybe THIS will be what drives me on to Twitter to demand my rights! 😉

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  3. Gimme some of this heat & those peanut ice cream thingies!

    You think you’re suffering?! You are not living in Australia and have your car doors frozen shut in the morning!

    All the poisonous spiders, snakes & bugs will freeze to death! How should we keep up our reputation as hottest & most dangerous country in the world?!


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    1. Hahahaha! Yeah, I have to wait for 6months for the whole cold/frozen door thing to happen. Sending warm thoughts your way
      * warm, warm, warm *

      That’s ok, the little critters will just go on a walkabout 😉

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    1. Nope, it’s always been for church. I’d probably go nuts if I had to deal with crowds of people every day 😉

      That picture isn’t the one we use, not even close. Ours is MUCH simpler and easier, I just wanted something hyperbolic to put in 🙂

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    1. Klondike bars now come in about 50 eleventy billion flavors now. We shop at walmart, so we never know what they’ll have in stock, so I’m always happy when we end up with these 🙂

      And thank you for your sympathy. I know you can’t really understand the agony of being hot and tired, but thank you for trying!


    1. They’re just initials to make “Bombfunk” more personalized. I guess it is kind of like how some rapstars will add their initials to some stupid and/or outlandish monniker.

      Thankfully, this is a new week. So here’s to hoping it is an easier one 🙂

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