Gattling’s Big Guns Part I & II (Silver Sable & the Wildpack #2 & 3) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Gattling’s Big Guns Part I & II
Series: Silver Sable & the Wildpack #2 & 3
Author: Gregory Wright
Artist: Steven Butler
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comics
Pages: 64
Format: Paper Edition



Silver and Co are hired to protect a televangelist who has been targeted after publicly saying he was pro-choice. We are introduced to 2 new members of the Wildpack, Crippler and Battlestar. The Wildpack also get new uniforms (thank goodnes for that!!!).

Silver runs into the assassin, name of Gattling, who can turn invisible, fly with a jetpack and has 2 huge gattling guns. She also runs into her ex-husband, the mercenary/assassin The Foriegner and he reveals that the Evangelist is in cahoots with a druglord and that that is what eveything is about. The Foriegner kills off another televangelist who is also in the drug trade and Silver and the Wildpack take down Gattling. Silver then turns her client in to the FBI as he was the one who hired the Foriegner to kill off the other televangelist.


My Thoughts:

Ok, several things really stood out with this. First, comic book writers are as preachy, ham-handed and obvious as any social justice warrior today. Christianity, rascism and sexism, all dealt with in this book, with all the finesse of a lumberjack using a sledgehammer to knock a tree down. I don’t have a highly developed sense of tastefulness but this just hurt! Second was the ads. Targeted to the 12-16 age group for sure.

The only really good thing about these 2 comics was the expansion of the Wildpack (we see more besides just Sandman and Powell) and the uniform change.


We get the addition of Crippler, some badass hydra bounty-hunter to Battlestar, a black Captain America knockoff who is augmented in some way or another. We also see Chen (that is her name I believe) for the first time and we hear some other “names” that I’m sure will be part of the main team.

Silver is just an incredibly bitchy jackass. She is also drawn in some of the most outlandish dinnerware styles that are so revealing that I had to roll my eyes. Once again, subtly was not aimed for.

The artwork is pretty rough too, with Silver being more identified by her white hair and white/silver outfit (whether dinner dress or battle uniform) than in any uniformity of face or form. This was done quick and dirty and it shows.

Overall, this is the quintessential 90’s comic that shows every trope and stereotype possible in its effort to sell another magazine. And I can remember thinking how awesome this comic was. Awww, the sweet innocent naivete of youth 😉


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16 thoughts on “Gattling’s Big Guns Part I & II (Silver Sable & the Wildpack #2 & 3) ★★★☆☆

  1. A walk down the memory lane can be painful 😉 It doesn’t look even those 3 stars you gave it… 😉 But in general, 90s seem a tough time for anything comic book-related (certain Batman movies come to mind :P)

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  2. Sort of laughed out loud at the dinner dress comment hahahh Do you own or read anything from The Amazing Spider-Man run that included Silver Sable by any chance or your younger self only wanted the Silver Sable stand-alone stuff? 😀

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    1. I own a bunch of Amazing Spiderman and Web of Spiderman, (like the sweet 375 issue with its gaudy gold cover and venom) but the only other Silver stuff I have are the 2 issue What If where Parker doesn’t marry Mary Jane, or something, and he ends up with Silver Sable.

      I think I got into Silver Sable because I was thinking “collectible”. After her run ended, I pretty much stopped buying individual comics.

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  3. Way back in history I had a few Spiderman comics. In the back pages advertising the next edition – not the ads for x-ray specs and bodybuilding courses – one of them proudly announced the introduction of Silver Sable. Clearly, she was designed to be a big deal as a character.

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    1. I think part of it was she was one of the main female characters to get her own line. Besides She-hulk, I can’t think of any other female character that wasn’t part of a team.
      And, to be honest, the early 90’s saw an almost literal explosion of comics and they were selling like hot cakes and the companies were pushing it like crack 🙂

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