Sandworms of Dune (Dune 7 #2) ★☆☆☆☆

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Title: Sandworms of Dune
Series: Dune 7 #2
Author: Brian Herbert & Kevin Anderson
Rating: 1 of 5 Stars
Genre: SF
Pages: 628
Format: Digital Edition



Duncan and the crew of the Ithaca, along with several gholas, have adventures and get caught by Omnius. Duncan, as the best Kwisatz Haderach EVAH!!!!!, is the apex of humanity and does some kinky stuff with Erasmus, the thinking Robot. Then Erasmus dies. But not before Norma Cenva, the Oracle of Time, has saved the day with her Guild and using her magic powers makes all the versions of Omnius go poof.

Murbella singlehandedly forces the known forces of humanity to band together, only to have it all fall apart due to the machinations of the face dancers. But Norma Cenva, Oracle of Time, saves the day with her guild!

Before Erasmus dies, he kills all the face dancers across the whole universe using “technology”, ie, magic. And Norma Cenva, the Oracle of Time….oh wait, not this time.

Now Grand Poobah Duncan, more powerful than any human who has ever existed, must guide humanity and the rest of the thinking machines, into a future where they all get along while singing kum by ya and roasting smores around a campfire.


My Thoughts:

Back in 2007, I read and reviewed Sandworms of Dune. Overall, I was wicked happy with it, giving it 4stars. That was, unbeknownst to me then, simply due to the finishing up of the storyline of Dune.

This time around I read as a more mature Dune fan and I have to say, I felt like throwing up at this juvenile, facile and stinking putrescence of a book. I didn’t even take notes of all the things I found abhorrent as it would have given this way more attention than I wanted to give it.

Trained Bene Gesserit Sisters being ambushed in plain sight by what amounts to no more than farmers. Duncan ignoring everything that came before about the dangers of prescience and claiming that he was better than both Paul and Leto II and so the dangers didn’t apply to him. Everything that Frank Herbert wrote about, using Paul, as Paul Muad’dib, as the Preacher of Arrakeen, Leto II as the Tyrant, simply flushed down the toilet like it was a huge stinking turd so that that mediocre jackass authors could do what they wanted with this story. I want to blaspheme it makes me so angry.

The writing was just atrocious with its utter banality. Frank usually didn’t write about the Great Big Events either, but he always used the small stuff afterwards to show how the GBE affected everything around it. His writing was masterful in that regards. Anderson put his stamp of complete mediocre writing on this book very heavily. Ham handed and dull, what a combo.

Normally, a bad book like this gets me raving and writing up a storm. This time, I’m just disappointed. Really disappointed. The kind of disappointment that makes a father disown his only son. I’m giving this my “worst book of the year” tag I’m so disappointed.

I now declare:

Henceforth, let it be known amongst the nations, to all peoples, kindreds, tribes and tongues, that Bookstooge, whose works the mighty look upon and despair, shall only read Dune as a standalone. Paul Muad’dib shall live happily ever after and his reign shall be long, prosperous and fair. The known universe shall benefit, from the lowliest servant to the mightiest lord and all shall love Paul and call his named blessed.

Bookstooge thus declares it and thus reality shall alter to his will.

All Hail Bookstooge, Emperor of the Known Bookiverse!


bookstooge (Custom)




44 thoughts on “Sandworms of Dune (Dune 7 #2) ★☆☆☆☆

  1. Okay,this is a far more accurate review 🙂 I laughed so hard while reading.
    And I definitely agree that Dune should be read as a standalone.

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    1. I think the first time around I was so enthused to finally finish the story of Dune that I wasn’t aware of anything else.

      I don’t know about Brian cashing in on his dad’s name, but I’ll definitely attribute that to Kevin Anderson. I’ll always give the worst motives to that guy…


  2. I have to say that I’ve purchased all of the books set the Dune Universe but haven’t managed to read them all. Dune is one of my favorite all time reads but each book in the series got just a little more tedious for me. By the time I got to the Battle Of Corrin – both the writing and the storytelling had gotten so bad that I just abandoned ship. I suspect that everything after that point is just going to exist on the shelf – collecting dust – a sad testament to my desire to finish collections. Cheers. Brian

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  3. Well, I think I can be happy now, that I decided to not continue and keep my nice memories of reading ONLY Dune 🙂 This sounds like crap. to be honest. Apart from the part with the campfire and smores and the singing.. 😉

    Looks like they made a real mess of it. Mediocre authors trying to milk a successful series for money.

    Go read something awesome now to forget about it^^

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    1. See, that’s the one downside to my “cycle” of reading. I don’t get to “choose” an awesome book. And this time, I didn’t get lucky. I’m reading the next Heart of the World book by Col Buchanan. Reminds me of McClellan and Wrexler…

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  4. “I felt like throwing up at this juvenile, facile and stinking putrescence of a book”- hahaha so I guess you could say you didn’t like it then? 😉 I’m really sorry this didn’t live upto your memories of it though (even if I did snicker at your declaration all mighty bookstooge 😉 )

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    1. The weakness was just so glaring to me this time around. Maybe if I hadn’t praised it so highly back in ’07? Sigh.

      If I can’t be king of the world, I can at least be Emperor of my Blog 😀
      Even though, I AM working on becoming the first ever World Book Czar. It’s really slow going so far…

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  5. As I read your summary of this novel (novel???) and then your comments, I could very distinctly feel poor Frank Herbert tossing and turning in his grave, and I now hope that his wrathful ghost will visit the unworthy son and his accomplice and drive them to utter madness, so they are unable to write another word ever again.

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    1. Sadly, they’ve been churning out a new “Dune” book every other year or so since. I haven’t seen much of a splash recently so I think the mediocrity is finally wearing thin on most other fans…

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      1. And let’s face it: how many narrative threads can the Terrible Duo squeeze out of the original story? Although, reading the synopsis for this one, they don’t seem to be much bothered by consistency and/or faithfulness to Herbert Sr.’s world… 😦

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  6. I haven’t read Dune or any of the others. After reading yer posts about Dune today, I asked the first mate if he had read them. He has and said that I should avoid them as I likely will not like them. The last time I didn’t listen to him this happened:

    And yer reviews make me feel better to safe me time and energy. Arrr!
    x The Captain

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    1. Ahhh, if you haven’t read Dune, then these are definitely a no-go.

      And I just read that post. Sounds like the man knows what he’s talking about when recommending or not stuff for you. You’ve made a good choice in First mates!

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      1. Haha each to their own I guess! One of the best parts of Dune for me was the writing which gets a bit lost when transferred to the big screen.

        I actually did like the first sequel to Dune if I’m being honest. Can’t remember the title but I always thought those Ixian eyes were cool.

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  7. Ugh, that sounds like a horrible way to continue a series… but it’s good for me to know before I start Dune to know that I should consider it a standalone! 😉 Thanks for doing the dirty work for me.

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  8. Clearly sounds bad. It’s why those series where other authors take on the mantle of the original one have always made me cringe. Except the Wheel of Time series since it’s Brandon Sanderson after all. 😀 That one has me more pumped than anything to check out the series.

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    1. Sanderson was masterful in finishing that series up. Jordan had done a good job of bloating it up pretty bad and yet Sanderson was still able to wrap it up and please just about everyone.
      What a guy!

      What I don’t understand about these Dune fanfics is WHY Brian Herbert ever thought they would be a good idea. This is his father’s legacy here, being destroyed. I can understand KJA, as he’s just a money grubbing jackass, but Brian? maybe he really hates his dad?
      But having his, Brian that is, name associated with these subpar offerings seems like a lot to put up with. Heck, I’d spit on the man’s shoes and call him pathetic….

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