Silver Sable & the Wildpack (Silver Sable & the Wildpack #1) ★★★☆☆

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Title: Silver Sable & the Wildpack
Series: Silver Sable & the Wildpack #1
Author: Gregory Wright
Artist: Steven Butler
Rating: 3 of 5 Stars
Genre: Comics
Pages: 32
Format: Paper Edition




Silver is testing out a bunch of recruits and only 1 makes the cut. That night she learns that the school where her niece Anna is attending has been taken over by Hydra.

Since it is not a paying mission, Silver goes on her own to rescue Anna. Sandman, now apparently a good guy (?) is concerned and puts together a Wildpack team and goes after her. Spiderman is also on the scene and between him, Silver and the Wildpack, Anna is rescued and the Hydra agents taken down.

Silver tells off Sandman and docks everyone’s pay and fines them as well.


My Thoughts:

Well, the Spiderman 2099 comics really weren’t working for me, so I decided to try something else. And after Oh My Goddess failed as well, I wanted something I could bail on easily. Silver Sable ran for 35 issues, approximately 3 years. She had one or two crossover events with other small time comic characters and like many of the small characters in the 90’s was eventually folded back into a big time character’s book as a side character.

I was 14 when I picked this up. I picked it up because it was a Number 1 and comic collecting was really starting to take off. It also didn’t hurt that I was beginning to work and had some money in my pocket. I figured with that shiny cover and being a number 1, that in a couple of years it would be worth so much money. I practically shook my own hand at just how clever I was being. Of course, since you can still buy it for less than the cover price over 25 years later, I guess I wasn’t as clever as I thought.

First off, let’s talk quality, eyes, colors etc. This is the very definition of pulp paper. I read one of the copies I own and my goodness, the paper is so rough and yet so thin. The whole book is so thin. It is really easy to forget that these were made as cheaply as possible. The second thing that struck me was just how hard it was to see things. My being 40 might have something to do with that, but the color schemes and the font types, it was meant for maximum wowey zowey’ness, not old eyes. The colors, oh my goodness. Hydra goons were dressed up in bright green and yellow hazmat suits with bug goggles and the Wildpack had purple jumpsuits with orange armor stuff. Garish doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Green & Yellow, Purple & Orange? My eyes, MY EYES!!!

This was meant to introduce Sable on her own, as previously she’d been a minor character in various Spiderman comics. You get a little about her history and what drives her and are introduced to 2 of the Wildpack, Sandman and the new recruit Powell.

For 32 pages, with maybe ¼ of that being ads, this does it’s job of introducing her very well. I don’t have high hopes for this, but really, it’s not meant for that kind of expectation. This was meant for a 14 year old boy.



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17 thoughts on “Silver Sable & the Wildpack (Silver Sable & the Wildpack #1) ★★★☆☆

    1. She was always a very minor character in the Spiderman universe and she never made a big splash even with her own comic. It’s really no surprise you haven’t heard of her.
      If you named some minor character from “Hero X” comic there is an even chance I’d never have heard of them 😀

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  1. LOL revisiting old comics is one the funniest thing I’ve ever done so I completely understand you when you fell on those amazing graphics and font 😉 Silver Sable appeared on the Spiderman animated series heheh that is where I know her 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I do hope the Silver Sable and Black Cat soon-to-be movie will.. well.. come to life and won’t be a flop.. like Catwoman was. I honestly love revisiting comics with this style of art. It has a nostalgic touch to it and also showcases some of the original designs for so many characters!

    Currently going through this special volume they released in honor of Superman’s 80 years and it has some of the key stories in his Action Comics series and I’m having a blast seeing the Man of Steel in all his glory before he was modernized hahah

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    1. I don’t hold out much hope for Black and Silver. I have a bad feeling it is either going to be nothing but Grrrrrrl Power or a complete T&A fest. I’m not ok with either.
      And any story, I hold zero hope for it being good. If Fox can’t even get a Venom movie off the ground, how are they going to handle some minor characters?

      That volume sounds like a lot of fun. Will you being including some pix when you review it?

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  3. I totally hear you on the garish colors in 90’s comics. Still, any time I’ve re-visited old comics and compared them to the newer offerings, I’ve enjoyed the storylines enough to overlook the colors. I hope you enjoy!

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