Honour Under Moonlight (The God Fragments 1.5) ★★★★☆

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Title: Honour Under Moonlight
Series: The God Fragments 1.5
Author: Tom Lloyd
Rating: 4 of 5 Stars
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 79
Format: Digital Edition



Lynx and the Cards are taking the winter off, thanks to the money they earned in Stranger of Tempest. However, Lynx gets shanghai’ed into attending a Costume Ball with Toil. When he goes to pick her up at her place, he finds 2 dead assassins, one live assassin and no Toil. Thus begins Lynx’s night.

He tracks down Toil using clues she has left behind. Unfortunately for Lynx, Toil is using him to draw out the leader of the assassin group Lynx found in her home. After some good old fashioned torture, there is a showdown in a graveyard and Lynx, Toil and a mysterious stranger in a gold mask take down the assassins.

Lynx is left wondering just what the Cards have signed up for in working for Toil.


My Thoughts:

I’m usually not a fan of short stories taking place between books but I wanted to stretch this series out, as book 2 was only released in March. I’ll have to wait at least a year before book 3, so lets make the fun last, you know?

Also, my last 2 High Priority reads were real downers. Algorithm of Power and Gods of the Mountain both left me holding an empty dried out husk when I really wanted a juicy watermelon. Thankfully, Honour Under Moonlight gave me a splatterific watermelon of a time!

Encompassing 8hrs or less, Lloyd packs a lot of goings-ons into one story. This relies upon the reader knowing what happened in Stranger of Tempest, so this would not be a good starting place. But as an appetizer between main courses, it is delightful. Lynx is as brave, snarky, pragmatic and relatable as ever. It really helps that he’s getting older and fatter. Both of those things I can totally relate too, sadly.

I gave the first book the “profanity” tag, as most of the mercs swore like sailors. This time around, only Sitain, who was drunk for most of the story, was the mouthy one. It wasn’t enough to warrant that tag. I have a feeling the next book will return to form though.

The action is intense and since this is less than 80 pages, the non-action scenes don’t last very long before we’re up and running again. Or fighting or being tortured. I’d call it High Octane. I have the next book, Princess of Blood, already in the next High Priority slot and I’m hoping to get to it by the end of this month or the beginning of next.


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17 thoughts on “Honour Under Moonlight (The God Fragments 1.5) ★★★★☆

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I’m really looking forward to book 2 and can’t wait until I cycle through to it.

      I tend to base my idea of how popular a book is on how many times I can find a review for it on WordPress using the wordpress search. 🙂

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  1. While short stories can go either way, those that complement an ongoing series do usually prove very helpful in highlighting some narrative threads, or characters, that the main events could not linger on. It’s what happened for me with Brian McClellan’s stories from his Powder Mage series, and it seems as if this one follows the same trend 🙂

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    1. McClellan’s stories were actually what made me so hesitant. It can become a nightmare of figuring out what story goes where when there are a bunch and you have to play catchup.
      It helps that I’m getting in on the ground floor on this series 🙂

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      1. I believe that after the first book of the Powder Mage trilogy, you can safely read most of the short stories, since they tend to be prequels to the main storyline. Anyway, the small blurbs on GoodReads should help you place each story in its correct temporal frame.

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        1. Goodreads. I only go there, even with google searches, under duress!

          Really, I think more of it has to do with that I didn’t care enough to do it. I enjoyed the books and McClellan’s writing, but not enough to search out little short stories.

          Unlike this series. I’ve already bought the next short story, which takes place after book 2 😀

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  2. Oh, interesting! I didn’t know the author was writing short stories as well. I will probably skip this one though – I only ever read the extra short stories if I am really into a series. Like Brian McClellan’s 😀

    But I will read book 2 of this series. It’s just not high priority at the moment.

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    1. Hehehehee. I suspect I feel about McClellan’s stories the same as you feel about Lloyd’s.

      Lloyd has definitely moved up to my high priority list though. I’ll probably start digging through his back catalogue once I catch up with this Gods Fragments series.

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  3. I know some fantasy authors LOVE putting out .1, .2, .3, .1231231 of their series in a digital format, but I have yet to feel like they should all be picked up. It’s definitely nice to hear that they’re sometimes worth looking up though. It can definitely help manage that wait-till-release-for-a-sequel.

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    1. Thankfully, Lloyd seems to be putting out just one short story between books. I say “short stories” but at just under 100 pages, these really are novellas. I can handle that 😀

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