PSA: Bookstooge Speaks Out….On Narcissism


Before we get into the really deep parts of this post, we here at Bookstooge would like to reassure our readers that we in no way support Narcissism. Depending on how long you have been following us, we are sure you realize our selfless dedication to the eradication of Narcissism. In our eyes, nothing is worse than that yahoo who just keeps blabbing and blabbing about how great and wonderful they are. This post today, with the typical Bookstooge logic, clear sighted analysis and calm, cool & collected proficiency of a true expert, will totally debunk any argument that any narcissist might bring against us.


Y’all better listen to that Bookstooge fella. He done know what he’s talking about!


The first thing is actually identifying a Narcissist. Now, most definitions are of a person who is obsessed with themselves. We deny that statement. A narcissist is someone who is wrongly obsessed with themselves. They think they are handsome/pretty when they’re just average. They think they are smart, when they aren’t even near to Einstein. They think they are clever, when they are actually boring and banal.

Basically, a narcissist is someone who thinks they are right when they are just plain wrong.  That is one of the few reasons that we here at Bookstooge know we’re not narcissists. We are never wrong.  It also doesn’t hurt that we are even more humble than Moses, the “most meek man on the face of the earth”. (Numbers 12:3).

And this is why we wish to speak out on this issue. People often conflate the idea of self-obsession with just plain pigheaded wrongness and this makes them wrong, leading to a vicious downward spiral of self-destruction and recriminations that is almost impossible to escape from. We here at Bookstooge realize that most people cannot break this cycle themselves.  We not only wish to highlight this problem, but would also like to offer a solution.




Seriously, how hard is that? I, errr,  WE do it all the time. Day in and day out. Week after week, month after month, as the years pile up. And you don’t see us with a swelled head or massive ego, oh no!

We do realize that people aren’t just going to stop being wrong all by themselves. After a lifetime’s habit built up, they simply can’t stop cold turkey. So besides our patent pending “Stop Being Wrong” solution, we also offer, for a VERY slight fee, our personalized Bookstooge Opinionator.  Join us and if you ever feel like you “might” be wrong, just send your personal Bookstooge Helper an email with your opinion. All Bookstooge Helpers are trained to the highest degree to detect right and wrong opinions. They will get back to you within 24hrs, often even sooner(!!!!), letting you know if your opinion is indeed right or wrong.

The Bookstooge Opinionator Team: We make sure YOU are always Right!


Studies have shown that those who use this tool experience elation and the complete disappearance of fear in their online lives. This online experience often sublimates into the real world. You’d be surprised how many sports and movie stars, politicians and talkshow hosts have used and benefited from The Bookstooge Opinionator.  Admit it, you probably thought those talking heads on tv were just well informed, intelligent people. But nope, it is all thanks to our wonderful program.

To end this most beneficial of posts, if someone you love, or perhaps even yourself, might suffer, in the slightest, from that most dreaded ailment of Narcissism, it’s ok. We are here to solve your problems and get you back on track of Being Right, All the Time! (trademark pending)


bookstooge (Custom)


27 thoughts on “PSA: Bookstooge Speaks Out….On Narcissism

  1. I just noticed the tags and now I feel like I have to reread all your past posts ’cause I’ve probably missed out on some of your humour. Those tags are downright funny 🙂
    And yes, I know I just rambled on about the tags you used. Great post too. Interesting perspective on narcissism 😛

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    1. Well, me using tags is a relatively new thing. Probably only in the last 2 years? So I’ve got a TON of posts with no tags. This blog needs a lot of work to be brought up to snuff.

      Thanks. I hope you do enjoy any you end up reading 😀

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  2. Ah! What would I do without the Bookstooge opinionator???

    Man, I’m cracking up here!!!

    Yeah, it can be extremely difficult to diagnose. Narcissism is the pathology that hides itself from its possessor, to the point where even the idea of a clinical definition is automatically flawed because whoever writes it won’t be able to include characteristics of their own narcissism. Mix it with psychopathy and machiavellianism and mental health professionals are really going to struggle identifying it…

    NB: I’m not a narcissist, I’m just here for the recommends and see what other people have got to say about this important topic…

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    1. *sings*
      What the world needs now, is Bookstooge, sweet Bookstooge! It’s the only thing there’s just too little of!

      I suspect that just about all bloggers have at least a very mild form of narcissism. We’re in love with our own words 😀

      And you are completely right, you are not a narcissist. Because you aren’t wrong.
      Well, except for that Algorithm of Power book.
      Wait a second! YOU ARE A NARCISSIST!!!
      Quick, get help before it is too late 😉

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  3. My opinions are that Hamlet is the greatest of all of Shakespeare’s plays, that Harry Dresden is the finest protagonist of modern fantasy, and that the Canadians know what they are doing when they put gravy on French fries (mmmm, poutine). Please instruct me as to the rightness of my opinions, oh great Bookstooge.

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    1. Cousin, it is a good thing you talked directly to me and not to my team. You present a unique opportunity.

      First, you are wrong on all accounts. So you are a narcissist. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you but at least you heard it from a caring professional who can help you.

      Henry V is the finest play. Because Kenneth Branaugh made a movie of it. Kenneth Branaugh. Movie.

      Harry Dresden is a whiny loser, otherwise he wouldn’t let lying, cheating, rule breaking hypocrites push him around. He’d fry them. Jake Sullivan, from the Grimnoir Chronicles is a much better choice. Now there’s a tough guy with a heart of gold.

      Canadians also think that curling is sport. So strike three, you are out. Curly fries with a light spice factor beat them solid.

      See, aren’t you glad you had your “opinion” checked? Now you can be comfortable knowing you have the RIGHT opinion 😉


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  4. hehehe you explained so perfectly why Bookstooge is not a narcissist- I was just going to say “but Bookstooge cannot be a narcissist because he is correct in his assessment of his perfection” 😉 😂😂😂 I think the opinionator is a great idea- there are often times in my day when I think I am right in my opinion, but of course I don’t know for sure that my opinion is in fact my opinion- I think it would be great for the human race if we could all stop and think for a moment “what would bookstooge do?” 😉 Then we would never again be in danger of having the wrong opinion. So thank you for this great and generous service to humanity!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Man, you totally get it! I’m the last Great Humanitarian. Move over Mother Theresa! *shove*

      You know what I really like? That other people get my kind of humor. Not everyone, but enough. It’s good for me to vent in these posts but it is also reassuring to know that I’m not 1000% out there, just maybe 100%
      That I can deal with 😀

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    1. Definitely a Closed Source. We’ve spent 40 years getting The Opinionator to work just the way we want it to, so there will be no “sharing”!

      It’s pretty much like Multi-Vac from Asimov’s stories. It’s just too big and awesome and almost all-knowing for one person (excepting myself, it’s creator) to understand it 😉

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