Quote: Gods of the Mountain

…he dreaded being turned on suddenly by one of them.

~Chapter 33

page 186 of Gods of the Mountain


I realize the author means “attacked by”, but that is some really awkward writing. So of course, this is what sprang to mind:




Pure sweet monkey love. Now that’s what I’m talking about!


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17 thoughts on “Quote: Gods of the Mountain

    1. And what’s better, the guy is supposed to have a BA in English Lit. This example is not about story editing or anything. It is about the old fashioned use of grammar to make your point clear and not ambiguous in any way.
      Sigh. This is why a good indie will have someone other than their mother or sibling proof their work.

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  1. Hahahahah “getting turned on” is actually something I use/hear in the gaming world too. Especially first person shooters where you’re getting shot at from behind and then turn around fast enough to kill that person before they finish you off: they got turned on. 😀

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