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Real Men Read Books

The problem with reading books is that a lot of the time that leads to ACQUIRING books. For those of us who don’t live in McMansions this can lead to inevitable space issues. Mrs B & I live in a sub-1000sqft condo so space is at a premium. That leads to things like Book (un)Hauls.  A Book (un)Haul doesn’t mean that suddenly you have more general space, oh no! It means you have more space for MORE BOOKS! As a dedicated bookworm, I take that responsibility seriously. 



This would be the first book I now recommend to those looking into the roots of foundational Science Fiction


Books, Vertigo & Tea did an audio review of The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume One about 3 weeks ago and I immediately ordered it, used, from Amazon. I got the trade paperback copy because it was only $4. I just started it today as my work lunch read and if it keeps up to its promise I’ll be buying it in hardcover.


Now I present my pièce de résistance.  Loose Logic put me onto the fact that the 35th Anniversary set of Akira was in hardcover. I am a big Akira Manga fan so I was pretty ecstatic about finding out about such a find. However, it was out of stock on Amazon and all the 3rd party sellers priced it WAY out of my price range. I was bemoaning this on Loose’s post when he informed me that it was in stock at Amazon Canada and below msrp. I grabbed it!


Big Box Set. Sentenced to Prism is a massmarket paperback, for scale



It folds open, almost like origami!



Hardcover on the left, my original Softcover on the right

I turned the book around on the hardcover so the spines were facing the same way, but the hardcover is now right to left, the way it was meant to be. 



An artbook with concept drawings, original magazine covers, etc. 




An example from the artbook. Colored and glossy. Tetsuo using his new psychic powers for the first time.

This photo also highlights why I don’t recommend this manga to just anybody. There are some caveats. 


So there you have it. All that room I made by getting rid of Terry Brooks’ books? Gone.

And once again, a big thankyou and kudos to both BVT & LL for bringing these to my attention.






33 thoughts on “Book Haul & Kudos

    1. It was wicked quick! The initial shipping time wasn’t until the beginning of April and arrival was the middle. So I’m pretty happy with it 🙂

      Did your box set arrive in a cardboard box or just shrink wrapped in plastic? Mine was only plastic and was dinged up. If I was a collector I’d be pretty annoyed..

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      1. I read a review before I ordered it where someone mentioned the same thing, just a plastic covering that didn’t prevent damage. I’m not sure why, but mine did come boxed. No idea why some would and others wouldn’t come that way.

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  1. That Akira box set does look pretty great! I was never interested in it, but if some of my faves are coming out like that, I would sure buy as well 😀 (Although.. A Dragonball collection? Let’s just build another room for it haha)

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      1. I am not sure if there ever were any nice fancy versions like anniversary boxes and such. But I remember that the shelves in German bookstores were full of Dragon Ball and DBZ. It was really popular for a while, they even showed the DBZ anime version on TV. Big channel at 7pm in the evenings. Those were manga/anime crazy times.. I loved it!

        All of our music channels (MTV, Viva etc.) started showing animes. So we got Inuyasha. Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop. Hellsing. Golden Boy and tons more.

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    1. I’m beginning to sounds like Amazon’s dealer, but I did notice the other day when I was looking up Akira that there are two Dragonball box sets. One has 16 volumes and the other 30, I think? I believe they were just the regular books in a nice package, though, not hardcover special editions or anything.

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  2. That is an awesome purchase dude! I actually have it on my wishlist and have been gazing at the price since forever in case it ever drops any lower than it already is hahahah I feel like I’d end up falling in love with the series for some reason though. Soooo looking forward to reading them. Do you plan on re-reading these though?

    And that HoF book featured by Danielle? Epic!! Glad to hear that it’s actually pretty good thus far. Hopefully it keeps it up till the end for you.

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    1. The only reason I could afford it was because I filed my taxes in February and had my refund by the beginning of March. I certainly couldn’t have afforded it using the 3rd party sellers. Some of those jomokes wanted over $400 for the set. Aye yi yi.
      I will say, probably after this year, it will start going up. I doubt they produced a ton of them or will produce more, so limited stock. You just never know when the tipping point is 🙂

      I will definitely be re-reading them. Like I told Rob over at LooseLogic, I reviewed them back in ’14, so it’ll probably be a couple of years before I get back to them. He’s currently going through them, for the first time I think. I enjoyed his review of the first volume and am looking forward to the rest.

      There are actually 2 more HoF books featuring novellas picked from the same era by the same people. Just looking through the authors names is a Who’s Who of classic SF. If this short story collection is enjoyable, then I’ll be picking up the 2 novella collections as well.

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      1. Fuggedaboutit. No way I’d drop 400$ for that hahah Right now I’m thinking of investing into Absolute editions of some comics because of the quality of those paper, extra content and all that (they’re real pretty too). I see them as a nice investment for a nice collection (long term stuff), and am only willing to put up to 100$ each for now (haven’t yet started this project though).

        4 years so far. Not bad. 😀 I’d be curious to see in a couple years what you’d think about it all then.

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        1. I just checked out those Absolute Editions. Man, they look nice! Definitely not for me though.
          If you do go for them, I want book haul posts with pictures!

          Once I finish OMG I might do them, as they are only 6 books. 6 BIG books mind you, but still, not 50 volumes 😀

          Liked by 1 person

          1. I used to say the same about them too hahah but man, they’re so pretty and because of how exclusive they are to DC comics, I felt like it was my calling to get them all or something! 😛 I’d definitely make sure to go through a whole photo session with them if I do get any someday.

            True, true. Maybe by the time you do those rereads we’ll also see an Akira movie adaptation in the works? 😀 —— Oh snap, I just looked up if they planned on doing that and apparently the director of Thor: Ragnarok is in talks to one. 😮

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            1. Well, in regards to an Akira movie. It can’t turn out any worse than the original anime movie did. That was a real mess of a piece of crap.
              I haven’t seen thor:R yet, so I can’t say if that is good or bad. I’m guessing from your “snap” though that you think it is bad?

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    1. I’ll definitely be linking to you again when I do my review of the SFHoF.

      The only downside of the Akira set is that the pages aren’t the glossy smooth ones. They feel about the same as the big paperback copies.


  3. I’m glad there’s a table between me and the computer–my drool puddle over that hardcover Akira collection would’ve shorted the thing out by now. I never knew that existed–I was just going to concentrate on getting the paperbacks…now, I will have to save, save, save for 2019, when I plan to read and review the books.

    Wow–I’ve been an an Akira binge for two weeks, and now I see this…I think either I’m nuts or the universe is trying to tell me something cool.

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    1. I didn’t know this existed either until I was searching wordpress for “Akira” and came across LooseLogic’s post. How fortuitous!

      And it helps that I now follow his blog.

      So I definitely encourage you to save. But don’t wait too long. This type of thing goes out of print pretty quick and the 3rd party sellers really hike up the prices then 😦

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      1. My impulsiveness will probably force me to pull out the credit card much earlier than anticipated. That’s why I have all these bookshelves and no more space on them (I lost count after 1200 books), but maybe if I read and clear out a few I can make space. That’s the real priority for me…get rid of books I know I don’t like once and for all and make room for ones I do (or will).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. That is what happened to me 😀

          And that is a LOT of books. I should go through and count ours. I tend to count by bookshelves now though 🙂

          Book (un)Hauls are a good thing. Kind of like pulling weeds in a garden!

          And thank you for the follow and the comments. I love it when someone new feels comfortable enough to jump right into commenting.


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