A Book (Un)Haul – The Terry Brooks Edition

I have had some of these books in my possession since the late 90’s and haven’t read them since then either. So when my cousin told me her step-son was participating in a fund-raiser that used the weight of the item to generate funds, I knew I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone. Get rid of almost 25 books and since they are hardcovers, they are bricks and should generate some serious money.

I’ve got an actual Book Haul post coming in the next couple of days (yep, those books never stop coming in) so I figured why not do an Un-Haul post? I’ve mentioned Terry Brooks and his plethora of books to several of you so I know you’re deeply interested, hahahahahaa.

Here we go!


The Word and the Void trilogy. It was Brook’s first Urban Fantasy and everyone thought it was a standalone, until he decided to tie it into his Shannara series. Very filled with his Dualism philosophy.



The original Shannara trilogy with its after the-fact prequel.  Sword was a Tolkien clone. I enjoyed Elfstones the most of these four.



This tetralogy cemented Brooks’ plot formula. Adventure, stop the bad guys, the decay of some long standing authority structure. It’s all downhill and bleh.






And this is where Brooks tied his Word and Void directly into the Shannara world.



I can’t even tell you ONE THING about this trilogy  *shoulder shrug*



Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold.  Another series by Brooks and I really enjoyed this first book. Thank goodness for ebooks though *wink*



Each book gets progressively less appealing.



Then they get bad. There’s another book after these that I read but didn’t even bother to buy. It was that bad.



And here are all the books stacked up, with Earth: Final Conflict playing in the background.  I’m going to have to load these up into cardboard boxes and cart them downstairs. 3 flights of stairs, sigh. Well, better doing this little lot now than in another 10 years when there is 10 times as much.

And that’s what I call a serious Book (Un)Haul. I will leave you with this suitable quote from Vash the Stampede because I just love you all so much *wink*






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40 thoughts on “A Book (Un)Haul – The Terry Brooks Edition

      1. I tried re-reading Elfstones a couple years ago, as I loved it in the 90s. It was unreadable.

        I really liked his Word and Void series on audiobook. As an interesting side note, I once attended Christmas Eve Midnight Mass with an old man who was a dead ringer for John Ross – complete with a long crooked staff. Pretty awesome, I thought.

        I never got past book 3 of the Magic Kingdom series.

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        1. Good to know about Elfstones. I’ll take that under advisement if I ever feel like I “have” to read it again 😀

          I hated W&V. It depressed me so bad. Thankfully Jeff Turner was around to talk me up but man, it was not good. And yet, I still bought it. Pretty sick huh?

          You didn’t miss anything by not going any further…


  1. I only read 3 of his books lent to me by a rabid fan who insisted that I had to read them. It was a trilogy. I no longer remember which one. I didn’t hate them but they seemed derivative. Those were enough. So personally I understand why they were unhauled. Arrr!
    x The Captain

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    1. Derivative. That is the perfect term for the majority of his work. Which is why I don’t think it’s necessarily bad and I would recommend it to teens who are looking into getting into fantasy. But I’d never recommend him to mature readers 😀


    1. By this time in your life, I suspect you might have moved past them.

      I never watched the show, but from what I heard, it was a pretty good bet that if you liked the books you’d like the show and vice-versa.

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    1. He actually did a creditable job with the novelization for Episode One. I actually ended up reading the book before watching the movie. I don’t know if he ended up writing any other SW books either.


        1. I actually own all 4 versions 😀
          Of course, that was back when I was a dyed in the wool Star Wars fan. Me and Luke, both farmboys at heart. And now, we’re disillusioned, bitter old men

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    1. Well, I’d recommend giving the original trilogy (Sword, Elfstones and Wishsong) a try. If you like them, then continue on. If you’re meh, just know it doesn’t get any better.

      Now, the Word and Void is a bit more mature and as long as you can handle his dualistic philosophy, it shouldn’t be an issue.


        1. I don’t have any reviews from when I read it so I don’t remember specifics. But considering that nothing stands out, I’m guessing it was exactly like the others 😀


    1. Yes, I started buying his stuff when I was in highschool and bought my last book of his back in ’06.
      This is a perfect example of how tastes and perceptions change without the books themselves changing. It’s certainly a good reminder to me now about hording current books I like 😀


  2. Wow, that’s a lot! 🙂 Hope your cousin’s step-son will get a lot of money for that fund-raiser! And finally, Terry Brook’s book will serve a decent purpose 😉
    I’ve never ever read even a single one of his books and surely won’t start now – the word “derivative” is a red alert for me in any book, and I’ve already been warned off Brooks’ novels more than once 😉 I intend to heed the warning!

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    1. I ended up filling up 2 cardboard boxes with them and taking 2 trips to the car, so I hope he gets a bunch from them 😀

      Considering that you’ve already gone through Tchaikovsky, then Brooks is not for you anymore…

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  3. I remember reading the first Shannara book not long after having fallen deeply in love with Tolkien’s LOTR: I hoped to find something equally engaging and I ended up not reading fantasy for a long, long time, such was my negative reaction to what I considered a blatant copy of LOTR.
    So, I can only applaud your decision to turn a “bad thing” into something useful – heavily useful… 😀 😀
    Well done!

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    1. Hahahaha. In regards to blatant copying, you should try, if you want brain agony, the Iron Tower trilogy by Dennis McKiernan. That lifted things wholesale.
      I think part of it was the resurgence of interest in LoTR in the 70’s and people wanted “more” of the same thing. So young obliging authors obliged 😀

      And now, future generations must suffer, hahahahahahaahaha!

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        1. To be fair, McKiernan does a better job of fleshing out his Mythgar world in later books. It becomes a truly unique place. I didn’t like them, but they’re original, unlike Brooks even now 😀

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